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1 Kristiansen, Eirik Gaard; Ellingsen, Tore.
Fair and Square: A Retention Model of Managerial Compensation. Management science 2021
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2 Amini, Makan; Ekström, Mathias Philip; Ellingsen, Tore; Johannesson, Magnus; Strömsten, Fredrik.
Does Gender Diversity Promote Nonconformity?. Management science 2017 ;Volume 63.(4) p. 1085-1096
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3 Ellingsen, Tore; Paltseva, Elena.
Confining the Coase theorem: Contracting, ownership, and free-riding. Review of Economic Studies 2016 ;Volume 83.(2) p. 547-586
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4 Ellingsen, Tore; Kristiansen, Eirik Gaard.
Financial contracting under imperfect enforcement. Quarterly Journal of Economics 2011 ;Volume 126.(1) p. 323-371
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5 Ellingsen, Tore; Bergman, Oscar; Johannesson, Magnus; Svensson, Cicek.
Anchoring and Cognitive Ability. Economics Letters 2010 ;Volume 107. p. 66-68
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6 Ellingsen, Tore; Johannesson, Magnus; Tjøtta, Sigve; Torsvik, Gaute.
Testing guilt aversion. Games and Economic Behavior 2010 ;Volume 68.(1) p. 95-107
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7 Ellingsen, Tore; Johannesson, Magnus; Torsvik, Gaute; Tjøtta, Sigve.
Testing guilt aversion. Games and Economic Behavior 2010 ;Volume 68.(1) p. 95-107
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8 Ellingsen, Tore; Östling, Robert.
When Does Communication Improve Coordination?. The American Economic Review 2010 ;Volume 100.(4) p. 1695-1724
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9 Ellingsen, Tore; Johannesson, Magnus.
Is generosity involuntary?. Economics Letters 2007 ;Volume 94.(1) p. 32-37
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10 Ellingsen, Tore; Johannesson, Magnus.
Paying Respect. Journal of Economic Perspectives 2007 ;Volume 21.(4) p. 135-149
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11 Ellingsen, Tore.
Behov och belönning. I: I.H. Söderström (ed.): Decentralisering och incitament i företag. Principiella och praktiska aspekter. Stockholm: SNS Förlag 2006
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