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1 Domingo, Enric; Camps, Carme; Kaisaki, Pamela J.; Parsons, Marie J.; Mouradov, Dmitri; Pentony, Melissa M.; Makino, Seiko; Palmieri, Michelle; Ward, Robyn L.; Hawkins, Nicholas J.; Gibbs, Peter; Askautrud, Hanne Arenberg; Oukrif, Dahmane; Wang, Haitao; Wood, Joe; Tomlinson, Evie; Bark, Yasmine; Kaur, Kulvinder; Johnstone, Elaine C.; Palles, Claire; Church, David N.; Novelli, Marco; Danielsen, Håvard Emil; Sherlock, Jon; Kerr, David; Kerr, Rachel; Sieber, Oliver; Taylor, Jenny C.; Tomlinson, Ian.
Mutation burden and other molecular markers of prognosis in colorectal cancer treated with curative intent: results from the UASAR 2 clinical trial and an Australian community-based series. The Lancet Gastroenterology and Hepatology 2018 ;Volume 3.(9) p. 635-643
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