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1 Brynildsrud, Ola Brønstad; Pepperell, Caitlin S.; Suffys, Philip; Grandjean, Louis; Monteserin, Johana; Debech, Nadia; Bohlin, Jon; Alfsnes, Kristian; Pettersson, John; Kirkeleite, Ingerid Ørjansen; Fandinho, Fatima; da Silva, Marcia Aparecida; Perdigao, Joao; Portugal, Isabel; Viveiros, Miguel; Clark, Taane; Caws, Maxine; Dunstan, Sarah; Thai, Phan Vuong Khac; López, Beatriz; Ritacco, Viviana; Kitchen, Andrew; Brown, Tyler S.; van Soolingen, Dick; O'Neill, Mary B.; Holt, Kathryn E.; Feil, Edward J.; Mathema, Barun; Balloux, Francois; Eldholm, Vegard.
Global expansion of Mycobacterium tuberculosis lineage 4 shaped by colonial migration and local adaptation. Science Advances 2018 ;Volume 4.(10) p. -
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