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1 Aartsma, Peter; Asplund, Johan; Odland, Arvid; Reinhardt, Stefanie; Renssen, Hans.
Microclimatic comparison of lichen heaths and shrubs: Shrubification generates atmospheric heating but subsurface cooling during the growing season. Biogeosciences 2021 ;Volume 18.(5) p. 1577-1599
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2 Asplund, Johan; van Zuijlen, Kristel; Roos, Ruben Erik; Birkemoe, Tone; Klanderud, Kari; Lang, Simone; Wardle, David A..
Divergent responses of functional diversity to an elevational gradient for vascular plants, bryophytes and lichens. Journal of Vegetation Science (JVS) 2021 p. -
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3 Bokhorst, Stef; Asplund, Johan; Convey, Peter.
Intra-specific variation in lichen secondary compounds across environmental gradients on Signy Island, maritime Antarctic. Polar Biology 2021 p. -
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4 Ellis, Christopher J.; Asplund, Johan; Benesperi, Renato; Branquinho, Cristina; Di Nuzzo, Luca; Hurtado, Pilar; Martínez, Isabel; Matos, Paula; Nascimbene, Juri; Pinho, Pedro; Prieto, María; Rocha, Bernardo; Rodríguez-Arribas, Clara; Thüs, Holger; Giordani, Paolo.
Functional traits in lichen ecology: A review of challenge and opportunity. Microorganisms 2021 ;Volume 9.(4) p. -
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5 Gauslaa, Yngvar; Goward, Trevor; Asplund, Johan.
Canopy throughfall links canopy epiphytes to terrestrial vegetation in pristine conifer forests. Fungal ecology 2021 ;Volume 52. p. -
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6 Nybakken, Line; Fløistad, Inger S.; Magerøy, Melissa; Lomsdal, Maren; Strålberg, Solveig; Krokene, Paal; Asplund, Johan.
Constitutive and inducible chemical defences in nursery-grown and naturally regenerated Norway spruce (Picea abies) plants. Forest Ecology and Management 2021 ;Volume 491. p. -
7 Phinney, Nathan Harris; Ellis, Christopher J.; Asplund, Johan.
Trait-based response of lichens to large-scale patterns of climate and forest availability in Norway. Journal of Biogeography 2021 p. -
NMBU Untitled
8 Roos, Ruben Erik; Asplund, Johan; van Zuijlen, Kristel.
Covered by a blanket of lichens: how mat-forming lichens affect microclimate and ecological processes. A commentary on: ‘Lichens buffer tundra microclimate more than the expanding shrub Betula nana’. Annals of Botany 2021 ;Volume 128.(4) p. i-iii
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9 Solhaug, Knut Asbjørn; Asplund, Johan; Gauslaa, Yngvar.
Apparent electron transport rate – a non-invasive proxy of photosynthetic CO2 uptake in lichens. Planta 2021 ;Volume 253. p. -
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10 Steen, Johanna S.; Asplund, Johan; Lie, Marit Helene; Nybakken, Line.
Environment rather than provenance explains levels of foliar phenolics in European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) seedlings. Trees 2021 ;Volume 35. p. 1555-1569
NMBU NLAH Untitled
11 van Zuijlen, Kristel; Asplund, Johan; Sundsbø, Snorre; Dahle, Oda Sofie; Klanderud, Kari.
Ambient and experimental warming effects on an alpine bryophyte community. Arctic Science 2021
NMBU Untitled
12 van Zuijlen, Kristel; Klanderud, Kari; Dahle, Oda Sofie; Hasvik, Åshild; Knutsen, Maria Skar; Olsen, Siri Lie; Sundsbø, Snorre; Asplund, Johan.
Community-level functional traits of alpine vascular plants, bryophytes and lichens after long-term experimental warming. Arctic Science 2021
NINA NMBU Untitled
13 Aartsma, Peter; Asplund, Johan; Odland, Arvid; Reinhardt, Stefanie; Renssen, Hans.
Surface albedo of alpine lichen heaths and shrub vegetation. Arctic, Antarctic and Alpine research 2020 ;Volume 52.(1) p. 312-322
USN NMBU Untitled
14 Asplund, Johan; van Zuijlen, Kristel; Roos, Ruben E.; Birkemoe, Tone; Klanderud, Kari; Lang, Simone; Wardle, David A.; Nybakken, Line.
Contrasting responses of plant and lichen carbon-based secondary compounds across an elevational gradient. Functional Ecology 2020 ;Volume 35.(2) p. 330-341
NMBU UNIS Untitled
15 Hanssen, Kjersti Holt; Asplund, Johan; Clarke, Nicholas; Selmer, Ruben; Nybakken, Line.
Fertilization of Norway spruce forest with wood ash and nitrogen affected both tree growth and composition of chemical defence. Forestry (London) 2020 ;Volume 93.(5) p. 1-31
16 Olsen, Siri Lie; Birkemoe, Tone; Klanderud, Kari; Asplund, Johan; Roos, Ruben Erik.
Naturen er som en gummistrikk. Plantepressa: blogginnlegg på av botanikere ved Norsk institutt for naturforskning 2020
NINA NMBU Untitled
17 Roos, Ruben Erik; Birkemoe, Tone; Asplund, Johan; L'Uptácik, Peter; Raschmanová, Natália; Alatalo, Juha M.; Olsen, Siri Lie; Klanderud, Kari.
Legacy effects of experimental environmental change on soil micro-arthropod communities. Ecosphere 2020 ;Volume 11.(2) p. -
NINA NMBU Untitled
18 van Zuijlen, Kristel; Roos, Ruben Erik; Klanderud, Kari; Lang, Simone; Asplund, Johan.
Mat-forming lichens affect microclimate and litter decomposition by different mechanisms. Fungal ecology 2020 ;Volume 44. p. -
NMBU UNIS Untitled
19 van Zuijlen, Kristel; Roos, Ruben Erik; Klanderud, Kari; Lang, Simone; Wardle, David A.; Asplund, Johan.
Decomposability of lichens and bryophytes from across an elevational gradient under standardized conditions. Oikos 2020 ;Volume 129.(9) p. 1358-1368
NMBU UNIS Untitled
20 Asplund, Johan; Kauserud, Håvard; Ohlson, Mikael; Nybakken, Line.
Spruce and beech as local determinants of forest fungal community structure in litter, humus and mineral soil. FEMS Microbiology Ecology 2019 ;Volume 95.(2) p. -
UiO NMBU Untitled
21 Hanssen, Kjersti Holt; Asplund, Johan; Clarke, Nicholas; Selmer, Ruben; Nybakken, Line.
The effect of ash and N fertilization on growth and chemical defence of Norway spruce. SNS Nordash workshop; 2019-11-13 - 2019-11-15
22 Ransedokken, Yngvild; Asplund, Johan; Ohlson, Mikael; Nybakken, Line.
Vertical distribution of soil carbon in boreal forest under European beech and Norway spruce. European Journal of Forest Research 2019 ;Volume 138.(2) p. 353-361
NMBU Untitled
23 Roos, Ruben Erik; van Zuijlen, Kristel; Birkemoe, Tone; Klanderud, Kari; Lang, Simone; Bokhorst, Stef; Wardle, David A.; Asplund, Johan.
Contrasting drivers of community‐level trait variation for vascular plants, lichens and bryophytes across an elevational gradient. Functional Ecology 2019 ;Volume 33.(12) p. 2430-2446
NMBU UNIS Untitled
24 Asplund, Johan; Gauslaa, Yngvar; Merinero, Sonia.
Low synthesis of secondary compounds in the lichen Lobaria pulmonaria infected by the lichenicolous fungus Plectocarpon lichenum. New Phytologist 2018 ;Volume 217.(4) p. 1397-1400
NMBU Untitled
25 Asplund, Johan; Hustoft, Eva; Nybakken, Line; Ohlson, Mikael; Lie, Marit Helene.
Litter impair spruce seedling emergence in beech forests: a litter manipulation experiment. Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research 2018 ;Volume 33.(4) p. 332-337
NMBU Untitled
26 Asplund, Johan; Kauserud, Håvard; Bokhorst, Stef; Lie, Marit Helene; Ohlson, Mikael; Nybakken, Line.
Fungal communities influence decomposition rates of plant litter from two dominant tree species. Fungal ecology 2018 ;Volume 32. p. 1-8
UiO NMBU Untitled
27 Asplund, Johan; Strandin, Ola Våland; Gauslaa, Yngvar.
Gastropod grazing of epiphytic lichen-dominated communities depends on tree species. Basic and Applied Ecology 2018 ;Volume 32. p. 96-102
NMBU Untitled
28 Halsall, Karen M; Ellingsen, Vanessa Marie; Asplund, Johan; Bradshaw, Richard H.W.; Ohlson, Mikael.
Fossil charcoal quantification using manual and image analysis approaches. The Holocene 2018 ;Volume 28.(8) p. 1345-1353
NMBU Untitled
29 Nybakken, Line; Lie, Marit Helene; Julkunen-Tiitto, Riitta; Asplund, Johan; Ohlson, Mikael.
Fertilization changes chemical defense in needles of mature Norway spruce (Picea abies). Frontiers in Plant Science 2018 ;Volume 9. p. -
NMBU Untitled
30 Asplund, Johan; Siegenthaler, Andy; Gauslaa, Yngvar.
Simulated global warming increases usnic acid but reduces perlatolic acid in the mat-forming terricolous lichen Cladonia stellaris. The Lichenologist 2017 ;Volume 49.(3) p. 269-274
NMBU Untitled
31 Asplund, Johan; Wardle, David A.
How lichens impact on terrestrial community and ecosystem properties. Biological Reviews 2017 ;Volume 92.(3) p. 1720-1738
NMBU Untitled
32 Ellingsen, Vanessa Marie; Asplund, Johan; Ohlson, Mikael.
Spatial and temporal patterns in seed predation as revealed by reciprocal experiments and video surveillance in neighbouring beech and spruce forests. Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research 2017 ;Volume 32.(2) p. 105-114
NMBU Untitled
33 Ohlson, Mikael; Ellingsen, Vanessa Marie; Olmo, Marta Vázquez del; Lie, Marit Helene; Nybakken, Line; Asplund, Johan.
Late-Holocene fire history as revealed by size, age and composition of the soil charcoal pool in neighbouring beech and spruce forest landscapes in SE Norway. The Holocene 2017 ;Volume 27.(3) p. 397-403
NMBU Untitled
34 Asplund, Johan; Gauslaa, Yngvar; Merinero, Sonia.
The role of fungal parasites in tri-trophic interactions involving lichens and lichen-feeding snails. New Phytologist 2016 ;Volume 211.(4) p. 1352-1357
NMBU Untitled
35 Gauslaa, Yngvar; Yemets, Olena A.; Asplund, Johan; Solhaug, Knut Asbjørn.
Carbon based secondary compounds do not provide protection against heavy metal road pollutants in epiphytic macrolichens. Science of the Total Environment 2016 ;Volume 541. p. 795-801
NMBU Untitled
36 Jonsson, Micael; Snäll, Tord; Asplund, Johan; Clemmensen, Karina E; Dahlberg, Anders; Kumordzi, Bright B; Lindahl, Björn D.; Oksanen, Jari; Wardle, David A.
Divergent responses of β-diversity among organism groups to a strong environmental gradient. Ecosphere 2016 ;Volume 7.(10) p. -
NMBU Untitled
37 Kasin, Isabella; Ellingsen, Vanessa Marie; Asplund, Johan; Ohlson, Mikael.
Spatial and temporal dynamics of the soil charcoal pool in relation to fire history in a boreal forest landscape. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 2016 ;Volume 47.(1) p. 28-35
NMBU Untitled
38 Kolstad, Anders Lorentzen; Asplund, Johan; Nilsson, Marie-Charlotte; Ohlson, Mikael; Nybakken, Line.
Soil fertility and charcoal as determinants of growth and allocation of secondary plant metabolites in seedlings of European beech and Norway spruce. Environmental and Experimental Botany 2016 ;Volume 131. p. 39-46
NTNU NMBU Untitled
39 Bokhorst, Stef; Asplund, Johan; Kardol, Paul; Wardle, David A..
Lichen physiological traits and growth forms affect communities of associated invertebrates. Ecology 2015 ;Volume 96.(9) p. 2394-2407
NMBU Untitled
40 Asplund, Johan; Bokhorst, Stef; Kardol, Paul; Wardle, David A..
Removal of secondary compounds increases invertebrate abundance in lichens. Fungal ecology 2015 ;Volume 18. p. 18-25
NMBU Untitled
41 Asplund, Johan; Ohlson, Mikael; Gauslaa, Yngvar.
Tree species shape the elemental composition in the lichen Hypogymnia physodes transplanted to pairs of spruce and beech trunks. Fungal ecology 2015 ;Volume 16. p. 1-5
NMBU Untitled
42 Asplund, Johan; Wardle, David A..
Changes in functional traits of the terricolous lichen Peltigera aphthosa across a retrogressive boreal forest chronosequence. The Lichenologist 2015 ;Volume 47.(3) p. 187-195
NMBU Untitled
43 Westberg, Martin; Timdal, Einar; Asplund, Johan; Bendiksby, Mika; Haugan, Reidar; Jonsson, Fredrik; Larsson, Per; Odelvik, Göran; Wedin, Mats; Millanes, Ana M..
New records of lichenized and lichenicolous fungi in Scandinavia. MycoKeys 2015 ;Volume 11. p. 33-61
NTNU UiO NMBU Untitled
44 Asplund, Johan; Sandling, Aron; Kardol, Paul; Wardle, David A.
The influence of tree-scale and ecosystem-scale factors on epiphytic lichen communities across a long-term retrogressive chronosequence. Journal of Vegetation Science (JVS) 2014 ;Volume 25.(4) p. 1100-1111
NMBU Untitled
45 Asplund, Johan; Wardle, David A..
Within-species variability is the main driver of community-level responses of traits of epiphytes across a long term chronosequence. Functional Ecology 2014 ;Volume 28.(6) p. 1513-1522
NMBU Untitled
46 Asplund, Johan; Bokhorst, Stef; Wardle, David A.
Secondary compounds can reduce the soil micro-arthropod effect on lichen decomposition. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 2013 ;Volume 66. p. 10-16
NMBU Untitled
47 Asplund, Johan; Wardle, David A.
The impact of secondary compounds and functional characteristics on lichen palatability and decomposition. Journal of Ecology 2013 ;Volume 101.(3) p. 689-700
NMBU Untitled
48 Gauslaa, Yngvar; Bidussi, Massimo; Solhaug, Knut Asbjørn; Asplund, Johan; Larsson, Per.
Seasonal and spatial variation in carbon based secondary compounds in green algal and cyanobacterial members of the epiphytic lichen genus Lobaria. Phytochemistry 2013 ;Volume 94. p. 91-98
NMBU Untitled
49 Asplund, Johan; Sandling, Aron; Wardle, David A.
Lichen specific thallus mass and secondary compounds change across a retrogressive fire-driven chronosequence. PLOS ONE 2012 ;Volume 7.(11) p. -
NMBU Untitled
50 Asplund, Johan; Wardle, David A.
Contrasting changes in palatability following senescence of the lichenized fungi Lobaria pulmonaria and L. scrobiculata. Fungal ecology 2012 ;Volume 5.(6) p. 710-713
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