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1 Catto Lucchino, Elena; Gelesz, Adrienn; Skeie, Kristian; Gennaro, Giovanni; Reith, András; Serra, Valentina; Goia, Francesco.
Modelling double skin façades (DSFs) in whole-building energy simulation tools: Validation and inter-software comparison of a mechanically ventilated single-story DSF. Building and Environment 2021 ;Volume 199. p. -
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2 Catto Lucchino, Elena; Kalyanova Larsen, Olena; Goia, Francesco.
Convective heat transfer coefficients in cavities: a review of correlations for modelling double skin facades. I: 15th RoomVent virtual conference: Energy Efficient Ventilation for Healthy Future Buildings: Proceedings Book. Torino: Politecnico di Torino 2021 ISBN 9788894612301. p. 93-96
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3 Gelesz, Adrienn; Catto Lucchino, Elena; Goia, Francesco; Serra, Valentina; Reith, András.
Characteristics that matter in a climate façade: A sensitivity analysis with building energy simulation tools. Energy and Buildings 2020 ;Volume 229. p. -
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4 Catto Lucchino, Elena; Goia, Francesco.
Reliability and Performance Gap of Whole-Building Energy Software Tools in Modelling Double Skin Façades. I: PowerSkin Conference - Proceedings. Delft: TU Delft Open 2019 ISBN 9789463661256. p. 249-262
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5 Catto Lucchino, Elena; Goia, Francesco; Lobaccaro, Gabriele; Chaudhary, Gaurav.
Modelling of double skin facades in whole-building energy simulation tools: A review of current practices and possibilities for future developments. Building Simulation 2019 ;Volume 12.(1) p. 3-27
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6 Gelesz, Adrienn; Catto Lucchino, Elena; Goia, Francesco; Reith, András; Serra, Valentina.
Reliability and Sensitivity of Building Performance Simulation Tools in Simulating Mechanically Ventilated Double Skin Façades. I: Proceedings of Building Simulation 2019: 16th Conference of IBPSA, Roma, September 02-04. International Building Performance Simulation Association (IBPSA) 2019 ISBN 978-1-7750520-1-2. p. 1-8
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