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1 Cavanagh, Connor Joseph; Weldemichel, Teklehaymanot; Benjaminsen, Tor A.
Gentrifying the African Landscape: The Performance and Powers of for-Profit Conservation on Southern Kenya’s Conservancy Frontier. Annals of the American Association of Geographers 2020 p. 1-19
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2 Weldemichel, Teklehaymanot.
Othering Pastoralists, State Violence, and the Remaking of Boundaries in Tanzania’s Militarised Wildlife Conservation Sector. Antipode 2020
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3 Weldemichel, Teklehaymanot.
BBC Focus on Africa program: On Land Issues in Kenya. [Radio] 2019-02-06
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4 Weldemichel, Teklehaymanot.
Guns, fire and violence in the name of conservation in Loliondo, Tanzania..
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5 Weldemichel, Teklehaymanot; Benjaminsen, Tor A; Cavanagh, Connor Joseph; Lein, Haakon.
Conservation: beyond population growth. Science 2019 ;Volume 365.(6449) p. 133-
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6 Weldemichel, Teklehaymanot; Benjaminsen, Tor A; Cavanagh, Connor Joseph; Lein, Haakon.
Conservation: Beyond population growth: response to Ogutu et al.. Science 2019
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7 Weldemichel, Teklehaymanot; Lein, Haakon.
"Fencing is our last stronghold before we lose it all." A political ecology of fencing around the Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya. Land Use Policy 2019 ;Volume 87.
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8 Weldemichel, Teklehaymanot; Lein, Haakon.
Land division, conservancies, fencing and its implications in the Maasai Mara, Kenya.. European Commission 2019 23 p.
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9 Weldemichel, Teklehaymanot.
Das Ende der Freiheit?. [Newspaper] 2018-02-05
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10 Weldemichel, Teklehaymanot.
Fencing-in oneself: Understanding the fencing crisis in Maasai Mara, Kenya.
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11 Weldemichel, Teklehaymanot; Etana, Mesele Abera.
The Need for Transformation: Local Perception of Climate Change, Vulnerability and Adaptation Versus ‘Humanitarian’ Response in Afar Region, Ethiopia. I: Climate Change Adaptation in Africa: Fostering Resilience and Capacity to Adapt. Springer 2017 ISBN 978-3-319-49520-0. p. 511-529
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12 Weldemichel, Teklehaymanot.
Climate change, vulnerability and adaptation versus ‘humanitarian’ responsein Afar region, Ethiopia..
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13 Weldemichel, Teklehaymanot.
Degradation-Conservation-Degradation: The political Ecology of Environmental Conservation in Lakenay Village of Central Tigray, Northern Ethiopia.. : Norwegian University of Science and Technology 2012 121 p.
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