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1 Olaniyan, Oyeniyi Samuel; Iversen, Anette Christine; Ortiz-Barreda, Gaby; Hetland, Hilde.
When your source of livelihood also becomes the source of your discomfort: the perception of work–family conflict among child welfare workers. European Journal of Social Work 2021
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2 Olaniyan, Oyeniyi Samuel; Hetland, Hilde; Hystad, Sigurd William; Iversen, Anette Christine; Ortiz-Barreda, Gaby M..
Lean on me: A scoping review of the essence of workplace support among child welfare workers. Frontiers in Psychology 2020 ;Volum 11:287. s. 1-17
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3 Saksvik, Per Øystein; Færgestad, Margrethe; Fossum, Silje; Olaniyan, Oyeniyi Samuel; Indergård, Øystein; Karanika-Murray, Maria.
An effect evaluation of the psychosocial work environment of a university unit after a successfully implemented employeeship program. International Journal of Workplace Health Management 2018 ;Volum 11.(1) s. 31-44
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4 Olaniyan, Oyeniyi Samuel.
Authentic Leadership, psychological capital, and employees well-being.. I: The Positive Side of Occupational Health Psychology. Springer 2017 ISBN 978-3-319-66780-5. s. 45-64
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5 Olaniyan, Oyeniyi Samuel; Furunes, Trude; Mathisen, Gro Ellen.
Psychosocial risk factors, employees well-being, job satisfaction and the role of a supportive leader within the service industry in Norway.. Enabling Change through Work and Organizational Psychology; 2017-05-17 - 2017-05-20
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6 Olaniyan, Oyeniyi Samuel; Hystad, Sigurd William.
Authentic leadership roles in employees job satisfaction, job insecurity, and intentions to quit the organisation.. Enabling Change through Work and Organizational Psychology; 2017-05-17 - 2017-05-20
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7 Sagoe, Dominic; Severinsen, Ingrid Gesine; Saasen, Svein Erik Hellum; Gracian, Thamara; Olaniyan, Oyeniyi Samuel; Pallesen, Ståle.
Perceived source of anabolic-androgenic steroids and the construal of users' personality. Journal of Substance Use 2017 ;Volum 22.(6) s. 587-591
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8 Anderssen, Norman; Olaniyan, Oyeniyi Samuel; Malterud, Kirsti.
Kartlegging av levekår blant lesbiske, homofile, bifile og transpersoner. Et indikatorsett for ti års oppfølging.. Institutt for samfunnspsykologi: Universitet i Bergen 2016 95 s.
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9 Hystad, Sigurd William; Olaniyan, Oyeniyi Samuel; Eid, Jarle.
Safe travel: Passenger assessment of trust and safety during seafaring. Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour 2016 ;Volum 38. s. 29-36
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10 Olaniyan, Oyeniyi Samuel; Hystad, Sigurd William.
Employees’ psychological capital, job satisfaction, insecurity, and intentions to quit: The direct and indirect effects of authentic leadership [Capital psicológico, satisfacción laboral, inseguridad e intención de abandono de los trabajadores: efectos directos e indirectos del liderazgo auténtico]. Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology 2016 ;Volum 32.(3) s. 163-171
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11 Saksvik, Per Øystein; Olaniyan, Oyeniyi Samuel; Lysklett, Kristin; Lien, Mathilde; Bjerke, Linn.
A process evaluation of a salutogenic intervention. Scandinavian Psychologist 2015
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