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1 Aboulfadl, Hisham; Sopiha, Kostiantyn; Keller, J; Larsen, J; Scragg, Jonathan; Persson, Clas; Thuvander, Mattias; Edoff, Marika.
Alkali dispersion in (Ag,Cu)(In,Ga)Se2 thin film solar cells – Insight from theory and experiment. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2021 ;Volume 13.(6) p. 7188-7199
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2 Boström, Mathias; Esteso, Victoria; Fiedler, Johannes; Brevik, Iver Håkon; Persson, Clas; Buhmann, Stefan Yoshi; Carretero-Palacios, Sol; Parsons, Drew F.; Corkery, Robert W..
Self-preserving ice layers on CO2 clathrate particles: Implications for Enceladus, Pluto, and similar ocean worlds. Astronomy and Astrophysics (A & A) 2021 ;Volume 650. p. -
NTNU UiB UiO Untitled
3 Gao, J; Wu, Q; Persson, Clas; Wang, Z.
IRVSP: to obtain irreducible representations of electronic states in the VASP. Computer Physics Communications 2021 ;Volume 261.
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4 Huang, D; Ding, L; Xue, Y; Guo, J¨; Zhao, Y.J; Persson, Clas.
Interface of Sn-doped AgAlTe2 and LiInTe2: A theoretical model of tandem intermediate band absorber. Applied Physics Letters 2021 ;Volume 118.(4)
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5 Iordanidou, Konstantina; Persson, Clas.
Optoelectronic properties of coexisting InGaZnO4 structures. Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing 2021 ;Volume 121. p. -
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6 Gunnæs, Anette Eleonora; Tofan, Raluca; Berland, Kristian; Gorantla, Sandeep Madhukar; Storaas, Thomas Aarflot; Desissa, Temesgen Debelo; Schrade, Matthias; Persson, Clas; Einarsrud, Mari-Ann; Wiik, Kjell; Norby, Truls Eivind; Kanas, Nikola.
Chemical stability of Ca3Co4−xO9+δ/CaMnO3−δ p–n junction for oxide-based thermoelectric generators. RSC Advances 2020 ;Volume 10.(9) p. 5026-5031
7 Esteso, V.; Carretero-Palacios, S.; MacDowell, L. G.; Fiedler, Johannes; Parsons, D. F.; Spallek, F.; Miguez, H.; Persson, Clas; Buhmann, S. Y.; Brevik, Iver Håkon; Boström, Mathias.
Premelting of ice adsorbed on a rock surface. Physical Chemistry, Chemical Physics - PCCP 2020 ;Volume 22. p. 11362-11373
NTNU UiO Untitled
8 Fiedler, Johannes; Berland, Kristian; Spallek, F.; Brevik, Iver Håkon; Persson, Clas; Buhmann, S. Y.; Boström, Mathias.
Nontrivial retardation effects in dispersion forces: From anomalous distance dependence to novel traps. Physical review B (PRB) 2020 ;Volume 101.(23) p. -
NTNU UiO NMBU Untitled
9 Fiedler, Johannes; Boström, Mathias; Persson, Clas; Brevik, Iver Håkon; Corkery, R.; Buhmann, S. Y.; Parsons, D. F..
Full-Spectrum High-Resolution Modeling of the Dielectric Function of Water. Journal of Physical Chemistry B 2020 ;Volume 124. p. 3103-3113
NTNU UiO Untitled
10 Fiedler, Johannes; Persson, Clas; Buhmann, Stefan Yoshi.
Spectroscopy on nanoparticles without light. Physical Review Applied 2020 ;Volume 13. p. 014025-
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11 Grini, Sigbjørn; Aboulfadl, Hisham; Ross, Nils; Persson, Clas; Platzer-Björkman, Charlotte; Thuvander, Mattias; Vines, Lasse.
Dynamic Impurity Redistributions in Kesterite Absorbers. Physica status solidi (b) 2020 ;Volume 257.(6) p. -
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12 Iordanidou, Konstantina; Houssa, Michel; Persson, Clas.
Carrier-mediated ferromagnetism in two-dimensional PtS2. RSC Advances 2020 ;Volume 10.(2) p. 952-957
UiO Untitled
13 Keller, Jan; Sopiha, Kostiantyn; Stolt, Olof; Stolt, Lars; Persson, Clas; Scragg, Jonathan; Törndahl, Tobias; Edoff, Marika.
Wide-gap (Ag,Cu)(In,Ga)Se2 solar cells with different buffer materials - A path to a better heterojunction. Progress in Photovoltaics 2020
UiO Untitled
14 Nyberg, Fredrik.
Ab initio calculation of the coefficient of thermal expansion and the secondary pyroelectric vector. Oslo: Kjemisk Institutt, Universitetet i Oslo 2020
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15 Sopiha, Kostiantyn; Larsen, J; Donzel-Gargand, Olivier; Khavari, F; Keller, J; Edoff, Marika; Platzer-Björkman, C.; Persson, Clas; Scragg, Jonathan.
Thermodynamic stability, phase separation and Ag grading in (Ag,Cu)(In,Ga)Se2 solar absorbers. Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2020 ;Volume 8. p. 8740-8751
UiO Untitled
16 Chen, Rongzhen; Zamulko, Sergii; Huang, Dan; Persson, Clas.
Theoretical analyses of copper-based solar cell materials for the next generation of photovoltaics. I: Solar energy capture materials. Royal Society of Chemistry 2019 ISBN 978-1-78801-107-5. p. 193-240
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17 Guzik, Matylda N.; Schrade, Matthias; Tofan, Raluca; Almeida Carvalho, Patricia; Berland, Kristian; Sørby, Magnus Helgerud; Persson, Clas; Gunnæs, Anette Eleonora; Hauback, Bjørn.
Long- and short-range structures of Ti1-xHfxNi1.0/1.1Sn half-Heusler compounds and their electric transport properties. CrysteEngComm 2019 ;Volume 21. p. 3330-3342
18 Løvvik, Ole Martin; Berland, Kristian; Remonato, Filippo; Sagvolden, Espen; Flage-Larsen, Espen; Schrade, Matthias; Tanusilp, S.; Kurosaki, K.; Tabib, Mandar; Persson, Clas; Shulumba, Nina; Hellman, Olle; Skomedal, Gunstein.
Screening thermoelectric materials with ab initio atomistic modelling and machine learning techniques. Invited Talk at the 17th European Conference on Thermoelectricity; 2019-09-23 - 2019-09-25
19 Ushasree, P. M.; Singh, Amita; Tian, Haining; Unger, Eva L.; Chen, Rongzhen; Zamulko, Sergii; Huang, Dan; Persson, Clas; Gibson, Elizabeth A.
Solar energy capture materials. Royal Society of Chemistry 2019 (ISBN 978-1-78801-107-5) 245 p.
UiO Untitled
20 Berland, Kristian; Shulumba, Nina; Hellman, Olle; Persson, Clas; Løvvik, Ole Martin.
Thermoelectric transport trends in group 4 half-Heusler alloys. Journal of Applied Physics 2019 ;Volume 126.(14) p. 1-15
21 Boström, Anders Mathias; Corkery, Robert; Lima, Eduardo R. A.; Malyi, Oleksandr I.; Buhmann, Stefan Yoshi; Persson, Clas; Brevik, Iver Håkon; Parsons, Drew F.; Fiedler, Johannes.
Ice Coatings Stabilised by Lifshitz Forces Can Induce a Size Dependent Float to Sink Transition for CO2 Gas Hydrate Clusters in Remote Water Worlds. PIERS 2019 in Rome: PhotonIcs & Electromagnetics Research Symposium also known as Progress In Electromagnetics Research Symposium; 2019-06-17 - 2019-06-20
NTNU UiO Untitled
22 Boström, Mathias; Corkery, Robert W.; Lima, Eduardo R. A.; Malyi, Oleksandr; Buhmann, Stefan Yoshi; Persson, Clas; Brevik, Iver Håkon; Parsons, Drew F.; Fiedler, Johannes.
Dispersion Forces Stabilize Ice Coatings at Certain Gas Hydrate Interfaces That Prevent Water Wetting. ACS Earth and Space Chemistry 2019 ;Volume 3. p. 1014-1022
NTNU UiO Untitled
23 David, Denis; Alnoor, Hatim; da Silva Santana, Victor Mancir; Bargiela, Pascal; Nur, Omer; Willander, Magnus; Baldissera, Gustavo; Persson, Clas; Ferreira da Silva, Antonio.
Optical properties from photoelectron energy-loss spectroscopy of low-temperature aqueous chemically synthesized ZnO nanorods grown on Si. Semiconductor Science and Technology 2019 ;Volume 34:045019. p. 1-7
UiO Untitled
24 Fiedler, Johannes; Parsons, Drew F.; Burger, Friedrich A.; Thiyam, Priydarshini; Walter, Michael; Brevik, Iver Håkon; Persson, Clas; Buhmann, Stefan Yoshi; Boström, Mathias.
Impact of effective polarisability models on the near-field interaction of dissolved greenhouse gases at ice and air interfaces. Physical Chemistry, Chemical Physics - PCCP 2019 ;Volume 21.(38) p. 21296-21304
NTNU UiO Untitled
25 Fiedler, Johannes; Persson, Clas; Boström, Mathias; Buhmann, Stefan Yoshi.
The dispersion trap. 699. WEH-Heraeus-Seminar "Levitated Optomechanics"; 2019-07-29 - 2019-08-01
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26 Fiedler, Johannes; Persson, Clas; Buhmann, Stefan Yoshi.
Dispersion forces in inhomogeneous planarly layered media. PIERS 2019 in Rome: PhotonIcs & Electromagnetics Research Symposium also known as Progress In Electromagnetics Research Symposium; 2019-06-17 - 2019-06-20
UiO Untitled
27 Fiedler, Johannes; Persson, Clas; Buhmann, Stefan Yoshi.
Dispersion forces in inhomogeneous stratified media. DPG Springmeeting 2019; 2019-03-10 - 2019-03-15
UiO Untitled
28 Fiedler, Johannes; Persson, Clas; Buhmann, Stefan Yoshi.
Impact of dispersion forces on the release dynamics of dissolved gasses. EGU General Assembly 2019; 2019-04-07 - 2019-04-12
UiO Untitled
29 Fiedler, Johannes; Persson, Clas; Buhmann, Stefan Yoshi.
Spectroscopy of nanoparticles without light. DPG Fallmeeting 2019; 2019-09-23 - 2019-09-27
UiO Untitled
30 Fiedler, Johannes; Spallek, Fabian; Thiyam, Priyadarshini; Persson, Clas; Boström, Mathias; Walter, Michael; Buhmann, Stefan Yoshi.
Dispersion forces in inhomogeneous planarly layered media: A one-dimensional model for effective polarizabilities. Physical Review A (PRA) 2019 ;Volume 99. p. -
NTNU UiO Untitled
31 Grini, Sigbjørn; Sopiha, Kostiantyn; Ross, Nils; Liu, Xin; Bjørheim, Tor Svendsen; Platzer-Björkman, Charlotte; Persson, Clas; Vines, Lasse.
Strong Interplay between Sodium and Oxygen in Kesterite Absorbers: Complex Formation, Incorporation, and Tailoring Depth Distributions. Advanced Energy Materials 2019 ;Volume 9.(27) p. 1-9
UiO Untitled
32 Hood, Samantha N; Walsh, Aron; Persson, Clas; Iordanidou, Konstantina; Huang, Dan; Kumar, Mukesh; Jehl, Zacharie; Courel, Maykel; Lauwaert, Johan; Lee, Sanghyun.
Status of materials and device modelling for kesterite solar cells. Journal of Physics: Energy 2019 ;Volume 1. p. 042004-
UiO Untitled
33 Huang, Dan; Xue, Yang; Zhou, Wentong; Jiang, Jingwen; Ning, Hua; Guo, Jin; Zhao, Yu-jun; Chen, Rongzhen; Persson, Clas.
Ideal half-filled intermediate band position in CuGaS2 generated by Sb-related defect complex: A first-principles study. Applied Physics Express (APEX) 2019 ;Volume 12.(2) p. 021002-1-021002-5
UiO Untitled
34 Malyi, Oleksandr; Sopiha, Kostiantyn; Persson, Clas.
Energy, phonon, and dynamic stability criteria of two-dimensional materials. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2019
UiO Untitled
35 Malyi, Oleksandr; Sopiha, Kostiantyn; Persson, Clas.
Noble gas as a functional dopant in ZnO. npj Computational Materials 2019 ;Volume 5.
UiO Untitled
36 Malyi, Oleksandr; Yeung, M. .T; Poeppelmeier, K. R.; Persson, Clas; Zunger, A.
Spontaneous Non-stoichiometry and ordering in Degenerate but Gapped Transparent Conductors. Matter 2019 ;Volume 1.(1) p. 280-294
UiO Untitled
37 Mjærum, Dagfinn Olaf Øvrevik.
Layer Stacking and Electronic Properties of Hexagonal Covalent Organic Frameworks - A Computational Investigation with van der Waals Density Functional Theory. Oslo: Fysisk institutt, Universitetet i Oslo 2019
NMBU UiO Untitled
38 Olsen, Vegard Skiftestad; Baldissera, Gustavo; Zimmermann, Christian; Granerød, Cecilie Skjold; Bazioti, Kalliopi; Galeckas, Augustinas; Svensson, Bengt Gunnar; Kuznetsov, Andrej; Persson, Clas; Prytz, Øystein; Vines, Lasse.
Evidence of defect band mechanism responsible for band gap evolution in (ZnO)1−x(GaN)x alloys. Physical review B (PRB) 2019 ;Volume 100.(16) p. -
UiO Untitled
39 Olsen, Vegard Skiftestad; Bazioti, Kalliopi; Baldissera, Gustavo; Azarov, Alexander; Prytz, Øystein; Persson, Clas; Svensson, Bengt Gunnar; Kuznetsov, Andrej; Vines, Lasse.
Effects of Substrate and Post-Deposition Annealing on Structural and Optical Properties of (ZnO)1-x(GaN)x Films. Physica status solidi (b) 2019 ;Volume 256.(6) p. -
UiO Untitled
40 Persson, Clas.
Copper-based chalcogenides for ultrathin inorganic solar cells. IEEE International Conference on Nanotechnology 2019 ;Volume 2018-July.
UiO Untitled
41 Sopiha, Kostiantyn; Keller, Jan; Larsen, Jes K.; Edoff, Marika; Persson, Clas; Scragg, Jonathan.
Band offsets, phase decomposition, and grading in (Ag,Cu)(In,Ga)Se2 solar cells. 36th EU PVSEC; 2019-09-09 - 2019-09-13
UiO Untitled
42 Sopiha, Kostiantyn; Malyi, Oleksandr; Persson, Clas.
First-principles mapping of the electronic properties of two-dimensional materials for strain-tunable nanoelectronics. ACS Applied Nano Materials 2019 ;Volume 2.(9) p. 5614-5624
UiO Untitled
43 Thiyam, Priyadarshini; Parashar, Prachi; Shajesh, Kuloth Vayalombron; Malyi, Oleksandr; Boström, Mathias; Milton, K. A.; Brevik, Iver Håkon; Forsman, Jan; Persson, Clas.
Effect of excess charge carriers and fluid medium on the magnitude and sign of the Casimir-Lifshitz torque. Physical review B (PRB) 2019 ;Volume 100.(20) p. -
NTNU UiO Untitled
44 Zhang, Yanyan; Tang, Yuxin; Deng, Jiyang; Leow, Wan Ru; Xia, Huarong; Zhu, Zhiqiang; Lv, Zhisheng; Wei, Jiaqi; Li, Wenlong; Persson, Clas; Malyi, Oleksandr; Antonietti, Markus; Chen, Xiaodong.
Correlating the Peukert's Constant with Phase Composition of Electrode Materials in Fast Lithiation Processes. ACS Materials Letters 2019 ;Volume 1. p. 519-
UiO Untitled
45 Zhang, Yanyan; Tang, Yuxin; Deng, Jiyang; Leow, Wan Ru; Xia, Huarong; Zhu, Zhiqiang; Lv, Zhisheng; Wei, Jiaqi; Li, Wenlong; Persson, Clas; Malyi, Oleksandr; Antonietti, Markus; Chen, Xiaodong.
Cover page: ACS Materials Letters, Volume 1, Issue 5, November 4, 2019. American Chemical Society 2019
UiO Untitled
46 Davydova, A; Eriksson, J; Chen, Rongzhen; Rudisch, K; Persson, Clas; Scragg, Jonathan.
Thio-olivine Mn2SiS4 thin films by reactive magnetron sputtering: Structural and optical properties with insights from first principles calculations. Materials & design 2018 ;Volume 152. p. 110-118
UiO Untitled
47 Huang, Dan; Jiang, Jing-Wen; Guo, Jin; Zhao, Yu-jun; Chen, Rongzhen; Persson, Clas.
General rules of the sub-band gaps in group-IV (Si, Ge, and Sn)-doped I-III-VI⁠2-type chalcopyrite compounds for intermediate band solar cell: A first-principles study. Materials Science & Engineering: B. Solid-state Materials for Advanced Technology 2018 ;Volume 236-237. p. 147-152
UiO Untitled
48 Abu Hamed, Tareq; Adamovic, Nadja; Aeberhard, Urs; Alonso-Alvarez, Diego; Amin-Akhlaghi, Zoe; Auf der Maur, Matthias; Beattie, Neil; Bednar, Nikola; Berland, Kristian; Birner, Stefan; Califano, Marco; Capan, Ivana; Černe, Boštjan; Chilibon, Irinela; Connolly, James P.; Cortes Juan, Frederic; Coutinho, José; David, Christin; Deppert, Knut; Donchev, Vesselin; Drev, Marija; Ehlen, Boukje; Ekins-Daukes, Nicholas; Even, Jacky; Fara, Laurentiu; Fuertes Marron, David; Gagliardi, Alessio; Garrido, Blas; Gianneta, Violetta; Gomes, Maria; Guillemoles, Jean-Francois; Guina, Mircea; Halme, Janne; Hocevar, Mateja; Jacak, Lucjan; Jacak, Witold; Jaksic, Zoran; Joseph, Lejo K.; Kassavetis, Spyridon; Kazukauskas, Vaidotas; Kleider, Jean-Paul; Kluczyk, Katarzyna; Kopecek, Radovan; Krasovec, Ursa Opara; Lazzari, Jean-Louis; Lifshitz, Efrat; Loncaric, Martin; Madsen, Søren Peder; Marti Vega, Antonio; Mencaraglia, Denis; Messing, Maria E.; Murphy Armando, Felipe; Nassiopoulou, Androula G.; Neijm, Ahmed; Nemcsics, Akos; Neto, Victor; Pedesseau, Laurent; Persson, Clas; Petridis, Konstantinos; Popescu, Lacramioara; Pucker, Georg; Radovanović, Jelena; Rimada, Julio C.; Ristova, Mimoza; Savic, Ivana; Savin, Hele; Sendova-Vassileva, Marushka; Sengul, Abdurrahman; Silva, José; Steiner, Ullrich; Storch, Jan; Stratakis, Emmanuel; Tao, Shuxia; Tomanek, Pavel; Tomić, Stanko; Tukiainen, Antti; Turan, Rasit; Ulloa, Jose Maria; Wang, Shengda; Yuksel, Fatma; Zadny, Jaroslav; Zarbakhsh, Javad.
Multiscale in modelling and validation for solar photovoltaics. EPJ Photovoltaics 2018 ;Volume 9. p. -
UiO Untitled
49 Berland, Kristian; Eliassen, Simen Nut Hansen; Løvvik, Ole Martin; Persson, Clas; Schrade, Matthias.
Computational Engineering of Thermoelectric Materials. WFU Physics Colloquium; 2018-08-08 - 2018-08-08
NTNU UiO Untitled
50 Berland, Kristian; Persson, Clas.
Thermoelectric transport of GaAs, InP, and PbTe: Hybrid functional with kp interpolation versus scissor-corrected generalized gradient approximation. Journal of Applied Physics 2018 ;Volume 123. p. 205703-
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