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1 Carling, Jørgen; Haugen, Heidi Østbø.
Circumstantial migration: how Gambian journeys to China enrich migration theory. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 2020 s. -
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2 Haugen, Heidi Østbø; Angela, Lehmann.
Adverse articulation: Third countries in China–Australia student migration during COVID-19. Dialogues in Human Geography 2020 s. -
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3 Haugen, Heidi Østbø.
The social production of container space. Environment & Planning. D, Society and Space 2019 ;Volum 37.(5) s. 868-885
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4 Niu, Dong; Haugen, Heidi Østbø.
Social Workers in China: Professional Identity in the Making. British Journal of Social Work 2019 ;Volum 49.(7) s. 1932-1949
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5 Haugen, Heidi Østbø.
China?Africa Exports: Governance Through Mobility and Sojourning. Journal of Contemporary Asia 2018 s. 1-19
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6 Haugen, Heidi Østbø.
From Pioneers to Professionals: African Brokers in a Maturing Chinese Marketplace. African Studies Quarterly: The Online Journal of African Studies 2018 ;Volum 17.(4) s. 45-62
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7 Haugen, Heidi Østbø.
Pearls of wisdom hide ugly truth.. Mail & Guardian (South Africa) [Avis] 2018-01-12
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8 Haugen, Heidi Østbø.
Petty commodities, serious business: The governance of fashion jewelry chains between China and Ghana. Global Networks 2018 ;Volum 18.(2) s. 307-325
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9 Haugen, Heidi Østbø.
Residence Registration in China’s Immigration Control: Africans in Guangzhou. I: Destination China: Immigration to China in the Post-Reform Era. Palgrave Macmillan 2018 ISBN 978-1-137-55710-0. s. 45-64
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10 Haugen, Heidi Østbø.
The unmaking of a commodity: Intermediation and the entanglement of power cables in Nigeria. Environment and planning A 2018 ;Volum 50.(6) s. 1295-1313
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11 Haugen, Heidi Østbø.
What Mixed-Race Marriages Teach China About Identity. Podcast: Worldview by WBEZ Chicago [Radio] 2018-02-28
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12 Haugen, Heidi Østbø.
Book Note: Alpes, Maybritt Jill (2017) "Brokering High-Risk Migration and Illegality in West Africa: Abroad at Any Cost". New York: Routledge. Journal of Peace Research 2017
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13 Haugen, Heidi Østbø.
Dagsnytt 18. Deltakelse i debatt om Kinas partikongress.. NRK [Radio] 2017-10-24
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14 Haugen, Heidi Østbø.
Dagsnytt 18. Deltakese i debatt om Trump og Kina.. NRL [Radio] 2017-11-08
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15 Haugen, Heidi Østbø.
Prospective moments, eternal salvation: The production of hope in Nigerian Pentecostal churches in China. I: Hope and uncertainty in contemporary African migration. Routledge 2017 ISBN 978-1-13-896121-0. s. 94-112
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16 Haugen, Heidi Østbø.
Sending Forth the Best: African Missions in China. I: Global Africa. Into the twenty-first century. University of California Press 2017 ISBN 0520287363. s. 183-192
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17 Haugen, Heidi Østbø.
The best days of selling cheap Chinese goods in Africa are over. Quartz Magazine [Avis] 2017-05-03
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18 Haugen, Heidi Østbø; Tollefsen, Andreas Forø.
Samfunnsgeografiske metoder. I: Samfunnsgeografi: En innføring. Cappelen Damm Akademisk 2017 ISBN 9788202547752. s. 63-72
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19 Knutsen, Hege Merete; Haugen, Heidi Østbø.
Utvikling i globale verdikjeder og produksjonsnettverk. I: Samfunnsgeografi: En innføring. Cappelen Damm Akademisk 2017 ISBN 9788202547752. s. 95-108
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20 Haugen, Heidi Østbø; Diederich, Manon.
Uturn Asia.
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21 Haugen, Heidi Østbø.
'Take Over Asia for God!’: The Public Face of African Pentecostal Churches in China. In Adogame, Afe (ed) The Public Face of African New Religious Movements in Diaspora. Imagining the Religious 'Other'.. Ashgate 2014 (ISBN 978-1-4724-2010-7) 20 s.
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22 Haugen, Heidi Østbø.
African Pentecostal Migrants in China: Marginalization and the Alternative Geography of a Mission Theology. African Studies Review 2013 ;Volum 56.(1) s. 81-102
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23 Haugen, Heidi Østbø.
China's recruitment of African university students: policy efficacy and unintended outcomes. Globalisation, Societies and Education 2013
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24 Haugen, Heidi Østbø.
Hvorfor er Kina i Afrika?. I: Etter Afghanistan - Ny strategisk virkelighet? GILs luftmaktseminar 2011. Tapir Akademisk Forlag 2012 ISBN 9788251928717. s. 69-80
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25 Haugen, Heidi Østbø.
Nigerians in China: A Second State of Immobility. International migration (Geneva. Print) 2012 ;Volum 50.(2) s. 65-80
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26 Haugen, Heidi Østbø.
African Pentecostal migrants in China: Urban marginality and alternative geographies of a mission theology. Placing Religious Pluralism in Asian Global Cities in Singapore; 2011-05-05 - 2011-05-06
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27 Haugen, Heidi Østbø.
Book note: Marshall, Ruth (2009) "Political Spiritualities: The Pentecostal Revolution in Nigeria". Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press. Journal of Peace Research 2011 ;Volum 48.(5) s. 686-686
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28 Haugen, Heidi Østbø.
Chinese exports to Africa : competition, complementarity and cooperation between micro-level actors. Forum for Development Studies 2011 ;Volum 38.(2) Suppl. 157-176 s. 157-176
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29 Haugen, Heidi Østbø.
Political Spiritualities: The Pentecostal Revolution in Nigeria. Journal of Peace Research 2011 ;Volum 48.(5) s. 686-686
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30 Haugen, Heidi Østbø.
Book Note: Brautigam, Deborah (2009) The Dragon’s Gift: The Real Story of China in Africa. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Journal of Peace Research 2010 ;Volum 47.(4) s. 512-512
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31 Haugen, Heidi Østbø.
Hva gjør kineserne i Afrika?. I: P2 Akademiet XLIII. Oslo: NRK, Transit Forlag 2010 ISBN 978-82-7596-168-4. s. 63-73
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32 Haugen, Heidi Østbø.
“A Very Natural Choice”: The Construction of Beijing as an Olympic City during the Bid Period. I: Owning the Olympics: Narratives of the new China. University of Michigan Press 2008 ISBN 978-047-207-0329. s. 145-162
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33 Haugen, Heidi Østbø; Carling, Jørgen.
Mixed fates of a popular minority: Chinese migrants in Cape Verde. I: China Returns to Africa: A Superpower and a Continent Embrace. C. Hurst & Co. 2008 ISBN 978-1850658863. s. 319-338
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34 Haugen, Heidi Østbø; Carling, Jørgen.
On the edge of the Chinese diaspora: The surge of baihuo business in an African city , Vol. 28, No. 4 July 2005 pp. 639-662. Ethnic and Racial Studies 2005 ;Volum 28.(4) s. 639-662
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35 Haugen, Heidi Østbø.
Time and Space in Beijing’s Olympic Bid. Norsk Geografisk Tidsskrift 2005 ;Volum 59.(3) s. 217-227
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