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1 Bordin, Chiara; Skjelbred, Hans Ivar; Kong, Jiehong; Yang, Zhirong.
Machine Learning for Hydropower Scheduling: State of the Art and Future Research Directions. Procedia Computer Science 2020 ;Volume 176. p. 1659-1668
2 Lin, Chenguang; Zhao, Gansen; Yang, Zhirong; Yin, Aihua; Wang, Xinming; Guo, Li; Chen, Hanbiao; Ma, Zhaohui; Zhao, Lei; Luo, Haoyu; Wang, Tianxing; Ding, Bichao; Pang, Xiongwen; Chen, Qiren.
CIR-Net: Automatic Classification of Human Chromosome based on Inception-ResNet Architecture. IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology & Bioinformatics 2020
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3 Shao, Hui; Chen, Yuwei; Yang, Zhirong; Jiang, Changhui; Li, Wei; Wu, Haohao; Wang, Shaowei; Yang, Fan; Chen, Jie; Puttnon, Eetu; Hyyppä, Juha.
Feasibility Study on Hyperspectral LiDAR for Ancient Huizhou-Style Architecture Preservation. Remote Sensing 2020 ;Volume 12.(1) p. 88-103
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4 Wang, Chao; Liu, Gonghui; Li, Jun; Li, Jun; Zhang, Tao; Yang, Zhirong; Jiang, Hailong; Ren, Kai; Wu, Zhe.
Non-uniform temperature distribution's impact on downhole weight on bit (DWOB) measurement and the novel compensatory method. Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 2020 ;Volume 184. p. -
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5 Wang, Chao; Liu, Gonghui; Yang, Zhirong; Li, Jun; Zhang, Tao; Jiang, Hailong; Cao, Chenguang.
Downhole working conditions analysis and drilling complications detection method based on deep learning. Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering 2020 ;Volume 81.
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6 Xue, Kai; Ding, Yiyu; Yang, Zhirong; Nord, Natasa; Barillec, Mael Roger Albert; Mathisen, Hans Martin; Liu, Meng; Giske, Tor Emil; Stenstad, Liv-Inger; Cao, Guangyu.
A Simple and Novel Method to Predict the Hospital Energy Use Based on Machine Learning: A Case Study in Norway. Communications in Computer and Information Science 2020 ;Volume 1332. p. 11-22
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7 Abudahab, Khalil; Prada, Joaquín; Yang, Zhirong; Bentley, Stephen; Croucher, Nicholas; Corander, Jukka; Anensen, David.
PANINI: Pangenome Neighbour Identification for Bacterial Populations. Microbial Genomics 2019 ;Volume 5.(4)
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8 Lu, Yao; Corander, Jukka; Yang, Zhirong.
Doubly Stochastic Neighbor Embedding on Spheres. Pattern Recognition Letters 2019 ;Volume 128. p. 100-106
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9 Lu, Yao; Yang, Zhirong; Kannala, Juho; Kaski, Samuel.
Learning Image Relations with Contrast Association Networks. I: 2019 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN). IEEE 2019 ISBN 978-1-7281-1985-4. p. -
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10 Shao, Hui; Chen, Yuwei; Yang, Zhirong; Jiang, Changhui; Li, Wei; Wu, Haohao; Wen, Zhijie; Wang, Shaowei; Puttnon, Eetu; Hyyppä, Juha.
A 91-Channel Hyperspectral LiDAR for Coal/Rock Classification. IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters 2019 p. -
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11 Sedov, Denis; Yang, Zhirong.
Word Embedding based on Low-Rank Doubly Stochastic Matrix Decomposition. I: Proceedings of the 25th International Conference on Neural Information Processing (ICONIP). Springer 2018 ISBN 978-3030041816. p. 90-100
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12 Chewapreecha, Claire; Holden, Matthew T.G.; Vehkala, Minna; Välimäki, Niko; Yang, Zhirong; Harris, Simon R.; Mather, Alison E.; Tuanyok, Apichai; De Smet, Birgit; Le Hello, Simon; Bizet, Chantal; Mayo, Mark; Wuthiekanun, Vanaporn; Limmathurotsakul, Direk; Phetsouvanh, Rattanaphone; Spratt, Brian G.; Corander, Jukka; Keim, Paul; Dougan, Gordon; Dance, David A.B.; Currie, Bart J.; Parkhill, Julian; Peacock, Sharon J..
Global and regional dissemination and evolution of Burkholderia pseudomallei. Nature Microbiology 2017 ;Volume 2:16263. p. 1-8
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13 Yang, Zhirong; Corander, Jukka; Oja, Erkki.
Low-rank doubly stochastic matrix decomposition for cluster analysis. Journal of machine learning research 2016 ;Volume 17.
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