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1 Chen, Sihwei; Vander Klok, Jozina Madolyn; Matthewson, Lisa; Rullmann, Hotze.
The 'experiential' as an existential past: Evidence from Javanese and Atayal. Natural language & linguistic theory 2020
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2 Vander Klok, Jozina Madolyn.
The neglected syntactic functions of of optional applicative morphology in Javanese. Societas Linguistica Europea Workshop on Neglected syntactic functions of applicative morphology; 2020-08-28 - 2020-08-29
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3 Vander Klok, Jozina Madolyn; Hohaus, Vera.
Weak necessity without weak possibility: The composition of modal strength distinctions in Javanese. Semantics and Pragmatics 2020 ;Volume 13.
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4 Næss, Åshild; Vander Klok, Jozina Madolyn; Evans, Bethwyn.
Prominence in Austronesian: introduction. Workshop on Prominence in Austronesian languages; 2019-12-09 - 2019-12-10
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5 Seyfarth, Scott; Vander Klok, Jozina Madolyn; Garellek, Marc.
Evidence against interactive effects on articulation in Javanese verb paradigms. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review 2019 ;Volume 26. p. 1690-1696
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6 Vander Klok, Jozina Madolyn.
The Javanese language at risk? Perspectives from an East Java village. Language Documentation & Conservation 2019
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7 Vander Klok, Jozina Madolyn; Connors, Thomas J..
Using questionnaires as a tool for comparative linguistic field research: Two case studies on Javanese. I: Methodological Tools for Linguistic Description and Typology. University of Hawai'i Press 2019 ISBN 978-0-9973295-5-1. p. 62-96
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8 Næss, Åshild; Evans, Bethwyn; Vander Klok, Jozina Madolyn.
The rise of grammatical relations in Austronesian. The shaping of transitivity and argument structure: theoretical and empirical perspectives; 2018-10-25 - 2018-10-27
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9 Vander Klok, Jozina Madolyn.
Types of polar questions in Javanese. NUSA: Linguistic studies of languages in and around Indonesia 2018 ;Volume 63. p. 1-44
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10 Vander Klok, Jozina Madolyn; Goad, Heather; Wagner, Michael.
Prosodic focus in English vs. French: A scope account. Glossa: a journal of general linguistics 2018 ;Volume 3.(1) Suppl. 71 p. 1-47
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