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1 Ahlvik, Lassi; Iho, Antti.
Optimal geoengineering experiments. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 2018 ;Volume 92. p. 148-168
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2 Iho, Antti; Ahlvik, Lassi; Ekholm, Petri; Lehtoranta, Jouni; Kortelainen, Pirkko.
Optimal Phosphorus Abatement Redefined: Insights From Coupled Element Cycles. Ecological Economics 2017 ;Volume 137. p. 13-19
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3 Scharin, Henrik; Ericsdotter, Siv; Elliott, Michael; Turner, Kerry; Niiranen, Susa; Blenckner, Thorsten; Hyytiäinen, Kari; Ahlvik, Lassi; Ahtiainen, Heini; Artell, Janne; Rockström, Johan; Söderqvist, Tore; Hasselström, Linus; Rockström, Johan.
Processes for the sustainable stewardship of marine environments. Ecological Economics 2016 ;Volume 128. p. 55-67
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4 Ahlvik, Lassi; Hyytiäinen, Kari.
Value of adaptation in water protection—Economic impacts of uncertain climate change in the Baltic Sea. Ecological Economics 2015 ;Volume 116. p. 231-240
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5 Ahlvik, Lassi; Hyytiäinen, Kari; Artell, Janne; Huhtala, Anni; Ahtiainen, Heini; Dahlbo, Kim.
Policy goals for improved water quality in the Baltic Sea: when do the benefits outweigh the costs?. Environmental and Resource Economics 2015 ;Volume 61.(2) p. 217-241
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6 Ahlvik, Lassi; Hyytiäinen, Kari.
Prospects for cost-efficient water protection in the Baltic Sea. Marine Pollution Bulletin 2014 ;Volume 8.
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7 Ahlvik, Lassi; Hyytiäinen, Kari; Ekholm, Petri; Pitkänen, Heikki.
An economic–ecological model to evaluate impacts of nutrient abatement in the Baltic Sea. Environmental Modelling & Software 2014 ;Volume 55. p. 164-175
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8 Ahlvik, Lassi; Pavlova, Yulia.
A strategic analysis of eutrophication abatement in the Baltic Sea. Environmental and Resource Economics 2013 ;Volume 56.(3) p. 353-378
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