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1 Walker, Steven M.; Knight, Laura A.; McCavigan, Andrena M.; Logan, Gemma E.; Berge, Viktor; Sherif, Amir; Pandha, Hardev; Warren, Anne Y.; Davidson, Catherine; Uprichard, Adam; Blayney, Jaine K.; Price, Bethanie; Jellema, Gera L.; Steele, Christopher J.; Svindland, Aud; McDade, Simon S.; Eden, Christopher G.; Foster, Chris; Mills, Ian Geoffrey; Neal, David E.; Mason, Malcolm D.; Kay, Elaine W.; Waugh, David J.; Harkin, D. Paul; Watson, R. William; Clarke, Noel W.; Kennedy, Richard D..
Molecular subgroup of primary prostate cancer presenting with metastatic biology. European Urology 2017 ;Volume 72.(4) p. 509-518
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