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1 Sandlund, Erica; Sundqvist, Pia.
Rating and reflecting: Displaying rater identities in collegial L2 English oral assessment. I: Assessing speaking in context: Expanding the construct and its applications. Multilingual Matters 2021 ISBN 9781788923804. p. 132-161
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2 Sundqvist, Pia.
Language learning beyond the classroom. Stockholm University [Internet] 2021-09-22
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3 Sundqvist, Pia.
Online gaming and game-changing: From learning to teaching. GURT 2021 - Georgetown University Roundtable; 2021-03-04 - 2021-03-05
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4 Sundqvist, Pia; Gyllstad, Henrik; Källkvist, Marie; Sandlund, Erica.
Mapping teacher beliefs and practices about multilingualism: The development of the MultiBAP questionnaire. I: Pedagogical translanguaging – Theoretical, methodological and empirical perspectives. Multilingual Matters 2021 ISBN 9781788927369. p. 56-75
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5 Sundqvist, Pia.
Extramural English research: Definition, findings, and implications. Communicare - et fagdidaktisk tidsskrift fra Fremmedspråksenteret 2020 ;Volume 9. p. 17-21
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6 Sundqvist, Pia.
Sweden and informal language learning. I: The Handbook of Informal Language Learning. John Wiley & Sons 2020 ISBN 978-1-119-47230-8. p. 319-332
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7 Sundqvist, Pia; Sandlund, Erica; Skar, Gustaf Bernhard Uno; Tengberg, Michael.
Effects of Rater Training on the Assessment of L2 English Oral Proficiency. Nordic Journal of Modern Language Methodology (NJMLM) 2020 ;Volume 8.(1) p. 3-29
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8 Ahmadian, Shilan; Brevik, Lisbeth M.; Sundqvist, Pia.
Jentene bruker engelsk til å snakke om fag - guttene bruker engelsk til alt mulig. Bedre Skole 2019 (3) p. 82-87
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9 Faltas, Marcella; Latuny, Yaël; Sundqvist, Pia; Wikström, Peter.
Improving second language vocabulary through gaming. OASIS Summary of Sundqvist, P. & Wikström, P. (2015) in System. : OASIS 2019
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10 Henry, Alastair; Sundqvist, Pia; Thorsen, Cecilia.
Motivational Practice: Insights from the Classroom. Studentlitteratur AB 2019 (ISBN 978-91-44-11848-2) 329 p.
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11 Ljung Egeland, Birgitta; Roberts, Tim; Sundqvist, Pia; Sandlund, Erica.
Klassrumsforskning och språk(ande): Rapport från ASLA-symposiet i Karlstad, 12–13 april, 2018. Karlstad University Press 2019 (ISBN 978-91-87884-27-6) 341 p. ASLAs skriftserie(27)
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12 Sundqvist, Pia.
Commercial-off-the-shelf games in the digital wild and L2 learner vocabulary. Language Learning & Technology 2019 ;Volume 23.(1) p. 87-113
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13 Sundqvist, Pia.
Nyheter från Vetenskapsradion. Sveriges Radio [Radio] 2019-02-04
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14 Sundqvist, Pia.
Tonåringars engelska bättre av mycket dataspel. TV4 [TV] 2019-02-03
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15 Sundqvist, Pia; Brevik, Lisbeth M.; Sandlund, Erica; Rindal, Ulrikke Elisabeth.
Conference paper: A comparative study of language use in L2 English multilingual secondary school classrooms in Norway and Sweden. NOFA7​, Nordic Conference on​ Teaching and Learning in Curriculum Subjects; 2019-05-13 - 2019-05-15
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16 Sundqvist, Pia; Sandlund, Erica.
Doing versus assessing interactional competence: Contrasting L2 test interaction and teachers’ collaborative grading of a paired speaking test. I: Teaching and Testing L2 Interactional Competence. Routledge 2019 ISBN 9781138038998. p. 357-396
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17 Sundqvist, Pia; Sandlund, Erica; Källkvist, Marie; Fredholm, Kent; Dahlberg, Maria.
Ömsesidighet i framtidens praktiknära språkklassrumsforskning: ASLA-symposiets panelsamtal med forskare, lärare och elever. I: Klassrumsforskning och språk(ande): Rapport från ASLA-symposiet i Karlstad, 12–13 april, 2018. Karlstad University Press 2019 ISBN 978-91-87884-27-6. p. 19-41
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18 Henry, Alastair; Korp, Helena; Sundqvist, Pia; Thorsen, Cecilia.
Motivational strategies and the reframing of English: Activity design and challenges for teachers in contexts of extensive extramural encounters. TESOL Quarterly 2018 ;Volume 52.(2) p. 247-273
19 O'Reilly, David; Sundqvist, Pia; Wikström, Peter; Sandlund, Erica; Nyroos, Lina.
The teacher as examiner of L2 oral tests: A challenge to standardization. OASIS Summary of Sundqvist et al. (2018) in Language Testing. : OASIS 2018
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20 Sundqvist, Pia; Sylvén, Liss Kerstin.
Unveiling the force of learner-initiated informal language learning: Extramural learning. Language Magazine 2018 ;Volume January. p. 30-31
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21 Sundqvist, Pia; Wikström, Peter; Sandlund, Erica; Nyroos, Lina.
The teacher as examiner of L2 oral tests: A challenge to standardization. Language Testing 2018 ;Volume 35.(2) p. 217-238
22 Nyroos, Lina; Sandlund, Erica; Sundqvist, Pia.
Code-switched repair initiation: The case of Swedish eller in L2 English test interaction. Journal of Pragmatics 2017 ;Volume 120. p. 1-16
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23 Sylvén, Liss Kerstin; Sundqvist, Pia.
Editorial. Special issue: Computer-assisted language learning (CALL) in extracurricular/extramural contexts. CALICO journal 2017 ;Volume 34.(1) p. i-iv
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24 Sandlund, Erica; Sundqvist, Pia.
Equity in L2 English oral assessment: Criterion-based facts or works of fiction?. Nordic Journal of English Studies (NJES) 2016 ;Volume 15.(2) p. 113-131
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25 Sandlund, Erica; Sundqvist, Pia; Nyroos, Lina.
Research-based professional development workshops for EFL teachers: Focus on oral test interaction and assessment. Nordic Journal of Modern Language Methodology (NJMLM) 2016 ;Volume 4.(1) p. 24-48
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26 Sandlund, Erica; Sundqvist, Pia; Nyroos, Lina.
Testing L2 talk: A review of empirical studies on second language oral proficiency testing. Language and Linguistics Compass 2016 ;Volume 10.(1) p. 14-29
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27 Sundqvist, Pia.
Gaming and young language learners. I: The Routledge handbook of language learning and technology. Routledge 2016 ISBN 9780415837873. p. 446-458
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28 Sundqvist, Pia.
Ny studie: Dataspelande barn får större ordförråd - Nyhetsmorgon (TV4). TV4 [TV] 2016-01-27
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29 Sundqvist, Pia; Sylvén, Liss Kerstin.
Extramural English in Teaching and Learning: From Theory and Research to Practice. Palgrave Macmillan 2016 (ISBN 978-1-137-46047-9) 298 p.
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30 Sylvén, Liss Kerstin; Sundqvist, Pia.
Undervisning på och i engelska. I: Pedagogik för högskolelärare. Gidlunds förlag 2016 ISBN 9789178449378.
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31 Sylvén, Liss Kerstin; Sundqvist, Pia.
Validation of a test measuring young learners’ general L2 English vocabulary knowledge. Novitas-ROYAL (Research on Youth and Language) 2016 ;Volume 10.(1) p. 1-23
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32 Olin-Scheller, Christina; Sundqvist, Pia.
Sweden – fertile ground for digital fandoms. Transformative Works and Cultures 2015 ;Volume 19.
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33 Sundqvist, Pia.
About a boy: A gamer and L2 English speaker coming into being by use of self-access. Studies in self-access learning 2015 ;Volume 6.(4) p. 352-364
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34 Sundqvist, Pia; Olin-Scheller, Christina.
Engelska på fritiden och engelska i skolan – en omöjlig ekvation?. Educare - Vetenskapliga skrifter 2015 (1) p. 53-72
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35 Sundqvist, Pia; Wikström, Peter.
Out-of-school digital gameplay and in-school L2 English vocabulary outcomes. System (Linköping) 2015 ;Volume 51. p. 65-76
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36 Sundqvist, Pia; Sylvén, Liss Kerstin.
Language-related computer use: Focus on young L2 English learners in Sweden. ReCALL 2014 ;Volume 26.(1) p. 3-20
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37 Sundqvist, Pia.
The SSI Model: Categorization of digital games in EFL studies. The European Journal of Applied Linguistics and TEFL 2013 ;Volume 2.(1) p. 89-104
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38 Sundqvist, Pia; Olin-Scheller, Christina.
Classroom vs. extramural English: Teachers dealing with demotivation. Language and Linguistics Compass 2013 ;Volume 7.(6) p. 329-338
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39 Sundqvist, Pia; Sandlund, Erica.
Diverging task orientations in L2 oral proficiency tests – a conversation analytic approach to participant understandings of pre-set discussion tasks. Nordic Journal of Modern Language Methodology (NJMLM) 2013 ;Volume 2.(1) p. -
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40 Sylvén, Liss Kerstin; Sundqvist, Pia.
Gaming as extramural English L2 learning and L2 proficiency among young learners. ReCALL 2012 ;Volume 24.(3) p. 302-321
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41 Sylvén, Liss Kerstin; Sundqvist, Pia.
Similarities between playing World of Warcraft and CLIL. Apples - Journal of Applied Language Studies 2012 ;Volume 6.(2) p. -
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42 Sandlund, Erica; Sundqvist, Pia.
Managing task-related trouble in L2 oral proficiency tests: Contrasting interaction data and rater assessment. Novitas-ROYAL (Research on Youth and Language) 2011 ;Volume 5.(1) p. 91-120
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