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1 Andersen, Jesper H; Al-Hamdani, Zyad; Harvey, E Thérèse; Kallenbach, Emilie; Murray, Ciarán; Stock, Andy.
Relative impacts of multiple human stressors in estuaries and coastal waters in the North Sea–Baltic Sea transition zone. Science of the Total Environment 2020 ;Volume 704. p. -
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2 Andersen, Jesper Harbo; Harvey, E. Therese; Murray, Ciaran Joseph; Green, Norman Whitaker; Reker, Johnny.
Contaminants in Europe's seas. Copenhagen: European Environment Agency 2019 (ISBN 978-92-9480-058-9) 61 p.
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3 Murray, Ciarán J; Müller-Karulis, Bärbel; Carstensen, Jacob; Conley, Daniel J; Gustafsson, Bo G; Andersen, Jesper H.
Past, Present and Future Eutrophication Status of the Baltic Sea. Frontiers in Marine Science 2019 ;Volume 6. p. -
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4 Andersen, Jesper Harbo; Harvey, Therese; Kallenbach, Emilie; Murray, Ciaran Joseph; Al-Hamdani, Zyad; Stock, Andy.
Under the surface: A gradient study of human impacts in Danish marine waters. : Norsk institutt for vannforskning 2017 (ISBN 978-82-577-6863-8) 87 p. NIVA-rapport(7128)
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5 Andersen, Jesper Harbo; Harvey, Therese; Kallenbach, Emilie; Murray, Ciaran Joseph; Hjermann, Dag Øystein; Kristiansen, Trond; Sørensen, Kai; Carstensen, Jacob; Erichsen, Anders; Hansen, Lars Boye.
Statistical analyses of chlorophyll-a data sampled by a Ferrybox on the Oslo-Kiel ferry and by the NOVANA programme. København: Norsk institutt for vannforskning 2017 (ISBN 978-82-577-6902-4) 30 p. NIVA-rapport(7167)
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6 Andersen, Jesper H; Aroviita, Jukka; Carstensen, Jacob; Friberg, Nikolai; Johnson, Richard K.; Kauppila, Pirkko; Lindegarth, Mats; Murray, Ciaran; Norling, Karl.
Approaches for integrated assessment of ecological and eutrophication status of surface waters in Nordic Countries. Ambio 2016 ;Volume 45.(6) p. 681-691
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7 Andersen, Jesper H; Murray, Ciaran; Larsen, Martin M.; Green, Norman; Høgåsen, Tore; Dahlgren, Elin; Garnaga-BudrÄ—, Galina; Gustavson, Kim; Haarich, Michael; Kallenbach, Emilie M.F.; Mannio, Jaakko; Strand, Jakob; Korpinen, Samuli.
Development and testing of a prototype tool for integrated assessment of chemical status in marine environments. Environmental Monitoring & Assessment 2016 ;Volume 188.(115) p. -
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8 Uusitalo, Laura; Blanchet, Hugues; Andersen, Jesper Harbo; Beauchard, Olivier; Berg, Torsten; Bianchelli, Silvia; Cantafaro, Annalucia; Carstensen, Jacob; Carugati, Laura; Cochrane, Sabine K.J.; Danovaro, Roberto; Heiskanen, Anna-Stiina; Karvinen, Ville; Moncheva, Snejana; Murray, Ciaran; Neto, Joao M.; Nygård, Henrik; Pantazi, Maria; Papadopoulou, Nadia; Simboura, Nomiki; Srebaliene, Greta; Uyarra, María C.; Borja, Angel.
Indicator-Based Assessment of Marine Biological Diversity – Lessons from 10 Case Studies across the European Seas. Frontiers in Marine Science 2016 ;Volume 3.
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