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1 Brown, Paul; Rogne, Tormod; Solligård, Erik.
The promise and pitfalls of composite endpoints in sepsis and COVID-19 clinical trials.. Pharmaceutical statistics 2020
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2 Giri, Samita; Halvas-Svendsen, Tine; Rogne, Tormod; Shrestha, Sanu Krishna; Døllner, Henrik; Solligård, Erik; Risnes, Kari.
Pediatric Patients in a Local Nepali Emergency Department: Presenting Complaints, Triage and Post-Discharge Mortality. Global Pediatric Health 2020 ;Volume 7.
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3 Ponsford, Mark J; Gkatzionis, Apostolos; Walker, Venexia M; Grant, Andrew J; Wootton, Robyn E; Moore, Luke; Fatumo, Segun; Mason, Amy M; Zuber, Verena; Willer, Christen; Rasheed, Humaira; Brumpton, Ben Michael; Hveem, Kristian; Damås, Jan Kristian; Davies, Neil Martin; Åsvold, Bjørn Olav; Solligård, Erik; Jones, Simon; Burgess, Stephen; Rogne, Tormod; Gill, Dipender.
Cardiometabolic traits, sepsis and severe covid-19: a Mendelian randomization investigation. Circulation 2020 ;Volume 142.(18) p. 1791-1793
4 Rogne, Tormod; Damås, Jan Kristian; Flatby, Helene Marie; Åsvold, Bjørn Olav; DeWan, Andrew; Solligård, Erik.
The Role of FER rs4957796 in the Risk of Developing and Dying From a Bloodstream Infection: A 23-Year Follow-up of the Population-based Nord-Trøndelag Health Study. Clinical Infectious Diseases 2020
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5 Rogne, Tormod; Damås, Jan Kristian; Solligård, Erik; DeWan, Andrew.
Genome-Wide Linkage Analysis of the Risk of Contracting a Bloodstream Infection in 47 Pedigrees Followed for 23 Years Assembled From a Population-based Cohort (the HUNT Study). Critical Care Medicine 2020 ;Volume 48.(11) p. 1580-1586
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6 Rogne, Tormod; Solligård, Erik; Burgess, Stephen; Brumpton, Ben Michael; Paulsen, Julie; Pescott, Hallie; Mohus, Randi Marie; Gustad, Lise Tuset; Mehl, Arne; Åsvold, Bjørn Olav; DeWan, Andrew; Damås, Jan Kristian.
Body mass index and risk of dying from a bloodstream infection: A Mendelian randomization study. PLoS Medicine 2020 ;Volume 17.(11)
7 Giri, Samita; Rogne, Tormod; Uleberg, Oddvar; Skovlund, Eva; Shrestha, Sanu Krishna; Koju, Rajendra; Damås, Jan Kristian; Solligård, Erik; Risnes, Kari Ravndal.
Presenting complaints and mortality in a cohort of 22 000 adult emergency patients at a local hospital in Nepal. Journal of Global Health 2019 ;Volume 9.(2)
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8 Giri, Samita; Risnes, Kari Ravndal; Uleberg, Oddvar; Rogne, Tormod; Shrestha, Sanu Krishna; Nygaard, Øystein Petter; Koju, Rajendra; Solligård, Erik.
Impact of 2015 Earthquakes on a local hospital in Nepal: A Prospective Hospital-based Study. PLOS ONE 2018 ;Volume 13.(2) p. 1-16
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9 Rogne, Tormod; Nordseth, Trond; Marhaug, Gudmund; Berg, Einar Marcus; Tromsdal, Arve; Sæther, Ola Dalsegg; Gisvold, Sven Erik; Hatlen, Peter; Hogan, Helen; Solligård, Erik.
Rate of avoidable deaths in a Norwegian hospital trust as judged by retrospective chart review. BMJ Quality and Safety 2018 ;Volume 28.(1) p. 49-55
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10 Larose, Tricia L; Turner, Steve W; Hutcheon, Jennifer A; Rogne, Tormod; Riphagen, Ingrid Ingeborg; Martinussen, Marit; Jacobsen, Geir Wenberg.
Longitudinal ultrasound measures of fetal growth and offspring outcomes. Current Epidemiology Reports 2017 ;Volume 4.(2) p. 98-105
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11 Rogne, Tormod; Tielemans, Myrte J.; Chong, Mary Foong-Fong; Yajnik, Chittaranjan S.; Krishnaveni, Ghattu V.; Poston, Lucilla; Jaddoe, Vincent W.V.; Steegers, Eric A.P.; Joshi, Suyog; Chong, Yap-Seng; Godfrey, Keith M.; Yap, Fabian; Yahyaoui, Raquel; Thomas, Tinku; Hay, Gry; Hogeveen, Marije; Demir, Ahmet; Saravanan, Ponnusamy; Skovlund, Eva; Martinussen, Marit; Jacobsen, Geir Wenberg; Franco, Oscar H.; Bracken, Michael B.; Risnes, Kari.
Associations of maternal vitamin B12 concentration in pregnancy with the risks of preterm birth and low birth weight: a systematic review and meta-analysis of individual participant data. American Journal of Epidemiology 2017 ;Volume 185.(3) p. 212-223
12 Videm, Vibeke; Rogne, Tormod.
For lite mat fra dyr kan øke gravides risiko for tidlig fødsel. Gemini [Internet] 2017-01-20
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13 Rogne, Tormod; Engstrøm, Andreas Aass; Jacobsen, Geir Wenberg; Skranes, Jon Sverre; Østgård, Heidi Furre; Martinussen, Marit.
Fetal growth, cognitive function, and brain volumes in childhood and adolescence. Obstetrics and Gynecology 2015 ;Volume 125.(3) p. 673-682
14 Rogne, Tormod; Jacobsen, Geir Wenberg.
Association between low blood glucose increase during glucose tolerance tests in pregnancy and impaired fetal growth. Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica 2014 ;Volume 93.(11) p. 1160-1169
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