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1 Andronov, Alexander; Jackiva, Irina; Santalova, Diana.
Estimation of the parameters of continuous-time finite Markov chain. Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) 2019 ;Volume 11965. p. 195-206
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2 Santalova, Diana.
On a Generalization of the Modified Gravity Model. Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics 2014 ;Volume 114. p. 439-446
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3 Santalova, Diana.
Experimental Analysis of Statistical Properties of Parameter Estimates of Modified Gravity Model. Automatic control and computer sciences 2013 ;Volume 47.(2) p. 99-106
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4 Andronov, Alexander; Santalova, Diana.
Statistical estimates for modified gravity model by aggregated data. Communications in Statistics - Simulation and Computation 2012 ;Volume 41.(6) p. 730-745
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5 Peshkova, Irina; Santalova, Diana.
On Application of Weak Regeneration in Simulation of Complex Inventory Control Systems.. Ученые записки Петрозаводского государственного университета 2012 ;Volume 2.(8(129)) p. 100-103
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6 Peshkova, Irina; Santalova, Diana.
On an Optimal Inventory Problem for Multi-echelon Production System. The 11th International Conference on Reliability and Statistics in Transportation and Communication (RelStat’11).; 2011-10-19 - 2011-10-22
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7 Santalova, Diana.
Forecasting of Passenger Conveyances in Latvian Regions Applying Semiparametric Regression Models. Scientific Journal of Riga Technical University. Transport and Engineering 2010 ;Volume 34.(6) p. 141-147
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8 Andronov, Alexander; Santalova, Diana.
On Nonlinear Regression Model for Correspondence Matrix of Transport Network. I: The XIIIth International Conference on Applied Stochastic Models and Data Analysis. 2009, June 30 – July 3, Lithuania, Vilnius : Applied Stochastic Models and Data Analysis International Society (ASMDA). Vilnius: Vilnius University. 2009 ISBN 978-9955-28-463-5. p. 90-94
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9 Santalova, Diana.
The Use of Multivariate Regression Model to Forecast the Freight Air Transportations in the Members Countries of the Europe Union.. Modelling of Business, Industrial and Transport Systems – 2008; 2008-05-07 - 2008-05-10
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10 Kopytov, Eugene; Santalova, Diana.
Application of the single index model for forecasting of the inland conveyances. I: Recent Advances in Stochastic Modeling and Data Analysis. World Scientific 2007 ISBN 978-981-270-968-4. p. 268-276
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11 Santalova, Diana.
Forecasting of Rail Freight Conveyances in EU Countries on the Base of the Single Index Model. COMPUTER MODELLING AND NEW TECHNOLOGIES 2007 ;Volume 11.(1) p. 77-83
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12 Andronov, Alexander; Zhukovskaya, Cathrine; Santalova, Diana.
On Mathematical Models for Analysis and Forecasting of the Europe Countries Conveyances. Computer Science 2006 ;Volume 28.(5) p. 96-106
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13 Santalova, Diana.
Regression Model of Sales Volume from Wholesale Warehouse. 13th International Conference on Analytical and Stochastic Modelling Techniques and Applications; 2006-05-28 - 2006-05-31
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14 Jackiva, Irina; Santalova, Diana.
Faktoru analīzes izmantošana transporta nozares attīstības tendenču noteikšanai ES valstīs. Scientific Journal of Riga Technical University. Transport and Engineering 2005 ;Volume 18.(6) p. 139-147
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15 Santalova, Diana; Ananko, Vladimirs.
Vairumtirdzniecības noliktavas pārdošanu lieluma regresijas modelis. Scientific Journal of Riga Technical University. Transport and Engineering 2005 ;Volume 18.(6) p. 67-73
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