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Culture, criticism, community


The research group Culture - Criticism - Community is an interdisciplinary and international research group that gathers researchers with a critical research interest. Through various empirical and theoretical approaches, the research projects aim to explore arts education, cultural expressions, cultural participation, community arts and arts communities. Keywords for the research are: Culture, criticism, community, context, diversity, participation, equality, justice, and democracy. The purpose of the research is to raise critical discussion and challenge existing assumptions, ideas and practices within the field, thus ultimately contributing to change.


Arts-in-Education Collaborations: Research and Current Developments in Norway (2016)
Christophersen, Catharina Renate
Challenging Policies and Practices of Musician-Teacher COllaborations (2016)
Christophersen, Catharina Renate
Challenging policies and practices of musician-teacher collaborations. Seminar introduction. (2016)
Holdhus, Kari
Inclusive arts education in two Scandinavian primary schools: a phenomenological case study (2016)
Christophersen, Catharina Renate;Ferm Almqvist, Cecilia
International Journal of Inclusive Education
Higher education: Turning from music teacher education towards a community music approach (2016)
Holdhus, Kari;Lien, Wenche Bruun;Olsen, Jonas Selås
Nordic music teacher education and popular music: Some critical perspectives and possible ways forward (2016)
Christophersen, Catharina Renate
Popular Music Education, Participation and Democracy: Some Nordic Perspectives (2017)
Christophersen, Catharina Renate;Gullberg, Anna-Karin
The dynamics of collaborative creative music-making: reflection-in-action, facilitation and interaction (2016)
Viig, Tine Grieg
Kunstfaga i grunnskulen i Hordaland 2016: Tilstand og utfordringar (2017)
Christophersen, Catharina Renate;Iversen, Kristin;Tvedt, Martin

Til stede - om demens, reminisens og langsomme dramaprosesser (2017)
Heggstad, Katrine;Heggstad, Kari Mjaaland
Born to play: Bli bedre - få det bedre. Veiledningsprogram for korps i Norge. En evaluering (2017)
Onsrud, Silje Valde;Rinde, Felicity Katharine Burbridge

Challenging Music Teacher Education in Norway: Popular Music and Music Teacher Education (2017)
Christophersen, Catharina Renate
Alteration, Disruption, or Reharmonization? Pathways for Musician-Teacher Collaborations (2018)
Christophersen, Catharina Renate;Kenny, Ailbhe
"And the melody still lingers on": Om danningspotensiale i ein discolåt (2017)
Onsrud, Silje Valde
Nordisk musikkpedagogisk forskning : Årbok
"Imagine if... stepping into someone's shoes" as a research method (2018)
Heggstad, Katrine
Journal for Research in Arts and Sports Education
Playing to learn or learning to play? Playing Rocksmith to learn electric guitar and bass in Nordic music teacher education (2018)
Havre, Sigrid Jordal;Väkevä, Lauri;Christophersen, Catharina Renate;Haugland, Egil
British Journal of Music Education
Du trenger ikke vente på læreplanen, Sanner! (2019)
Holdhus, Kari;Christophersen, Catharina Renate
Dagsavisen - Nye Meninger
Sang som meningsskaping og danning i barnehagen - om sangrepertoarets muligheter og grenser (2019)
Onsrud, Silje Valde
Visiting Schools for Visiting Theatre. Researching a drama workshop and young people's response (2019)
Heggstad, Katrine;Heggstad, Kari Mjaaland;Eriksson, Stig Audun
Frontiers of difference: a duo-ethnographic study of social justice in music education (2021)
Lewis, Judy;Christophersen, Catharina Renate
Music Education Research
Thinking Queer Pedagogy in Music Education with Girl in Red (2021)
Onsrud, Silje Valde
Developing visions for the future? Initiating a discussion on utopias in music teacher education (2021)
Viig, Tine Grieg;Onsrud, Silje Valde;Kvinge, Øystein Røsseland;Lewis, Judy;Christophersen, Catharina Renate

Affiliated projects/research groups

Musical Alterations: Visiting Musicians in Educational Settings  
A messy ideal: Re-conceptualizing social justice in music education through the lenses of alterity, critical confrontation and radical democracy