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1 Bø, Simen; Sjåstad, Hallgeir; Norman, Elisabeth.
Working for the Best or Bracing for the Worst? Approach and Avoidance Motivation in Planning. Collabra: Psychology 2021
2 Skard, Siv; Knudsen, Eirik Sjåholm; Sjåstad, Hallgeir; Thorbjørnsen, Helge.
How virtual reality influences travel intentions: The role of mental imagery and happiness forecasting. Tourism Management 2021 ;Volume 87. p. 1-9
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3 Ent, Michael R.; Sjåstad, Hallgeir; von Hippel, William; Baumeister, Roy F..
Helping behavior is non-zero-sum: Helper and recipient autobiographical accounts of help. Evolution and human behavior 2020 ;Volume 41.(3) p. 210-217
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4 Reynolds, Tania; Howard, Chuck; Sjåstad, Hallgeir; Zhu, Luke; Okimoto, Tyler G.; Baumeister, Roy F.; Kim, JongHan.
Man up and take it: Gender bias in moral typecasting. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes 2020 ;Volume 161. p. 120-141
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5 Sjåstad, Hallgeir; Baumeister, Roy F.; Ent, Michael R..
Greener grass or sour grapes? How people value future goals after initial failure. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 2020 ;Volume 88. p. -
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6 Sjåstad, Hallgeir; Zhang, Ming; Masvie, Andreas Espegren; Baumeister, Roy F..
Social exclusion reduces happiness by creating expectations of future rejection. Self and Identity 2020
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7 Vonasch, Andrew J.; Sjåstad, Hallgeir.
Future-Orientation (as Trait and State) Promotes Reputation-Protective Choice in Moral Dilemmas. Social Psychological and Personality Science 2020 p. -
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8 Sjåstad, Hallgeir.
Algoritme-aversjon : en gammel problemstilling med fornyet relevans. Magma - Tidsskrift for økonomi og ledelse 2019 (8) p. 63-70
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9 Sjåstad, Hallgeir.
Short-sighted greed? Focusing on the future promotes reputation-based generosity. Judgment and decision making 2019 ;Volume 14.(2) p. 199-213
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10 Sjåstad, Hallgeir; Baumeister, Roy F..
Moral self-judgment is stronger for future than past actions. Motivation and Emotion 2019 ;Volume 43.(4) p. 662-680
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11 Baumeister, Roy F.; Maranges, Heather M; Sjåstad, Hallgeir.
Consciousness of the future as a matrix of maybe: Pragmatic prospection and the simulation of alternative possibilities. Psychology of Consciousness 2018 ;Volume 5.(3) p. 223-238
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12 Sjåstad, Hallgeir; Baumeister, Roy F..
The Future and the Will: Planning requires self-control, and ego depletion leads to planning aversion. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 2018 ;Volume 76. p. 127-141
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13 Sjåstad, Hallgeir; Thorbjørnsen, Helge.
Når selvkontrollen svikter: Kan dulting bidra til varig atferdsendring?. Magma - Tidsskrift for økonomi og ledelse 2018 (8) p. 59-66
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