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1 Elgsaas, Ingvill Moe.
Fremover mot fortiden. Klassekampen 2020
FORSV Untitled
2 Elgsaas, Ingvill Moe.
Arctic counterterrorism: can Arctic cooperation overcome its most divisive challenge yet?. The Polar Journal 2019 ;Volume 9.(1) p. 27-44
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3 Elgsaas, Ingvill Moe.
Moskvas mann «godkjent» i Murmansk. Morgenbladet 2019
FORSV Untitled
4 Elgsaas, Ingvill Moe.
Russlands metode: Valgt før valget. Aftenposten (morgenutg. : trykt utg.) 2019
FORSV Untitled
5 Elgsaas, Ingvill Moe.
Terror og beredskap i russisk Arktis. IFS Insights 2019
FORSV Untitled
6 Elgsaas, Ingvill Moe; Parnemo, Liv Karin.
Russsia's Navy-Coastguard Nexus. I: Grey and White Hulls: An International Analysis of the Navy-Coastguard Nexus. Palgrave Macmillan 2019 ISBN 978-981-13-9241-2.
FORSV Untitled
7 Elgsaas, Ingvill Moe.
Federal Power Sharing and the Regional Elite in the Russian Federation: Who Governs the Murmansk Region?. : Doctoral theses at NTNU 2018 335 p.
8 Elgsaas, Ingvill Moe.
The Arctic in Russia's Emergency Preparedness System. Arctic Review on Law and Politics 2018
FORSV Untitled
9 Elgsaas, Ingvill Moe; Offerdal, Kristine.
Maritime preparedness systems in The Arctic: institutional arrangements and potential for Collaboration. MARPART Project Report 3. Bodø, Norway: Nord University 2018 (ISBN 978-82-7456-787-0) 117 p. Nord universitet / FoU-rapport(27)
FORSV Untitled
10 Elgsaas, Ingvill Moe.
Противодействие терроризму в российской Арктике: законодательство и ключевые субъекты. Арктика и Север 2017 (29) p. 128-156
FORSV Untitled
11 Elgsaas, Ingvill Moe; Heireng, Hege Schultz.
Norges sikkerhetstilstand - en årsaksanalyse av mangelfull forebyggende sikkerhet. Kjeller: Forsvarets forskningsinstitutt 2014 (ISBN 9788246424255) 76 p.
FFI Untitled