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1 Berg, Dag-Erik.
Den politiske betydningen av ontologiske motsigelser. 2020
HIM Untitled
2 Berg, Dag-Erik.
Slik undergraver demagogene demokratiet. Romsdals Budstikke. 2020
HIM Untitled
3 Berg, Dag-Erik; Midtgarden, Torjus.
Ambedkar’s radical moves beyond Dewey’s pragmatism. 2020
UiB HIM Untitled
4 Berg, Dag-Erik; Ruud, Arild Engelsen; Frøystad, Kathinka; Løkeland-Stai, Espen.
India-forsker om rektor-nei til India-tur: «Lite interesse for demokrati?». [Newspaper] 2020-01-10
HIM UiO Untitled
5 Berg, Dag-Erik.
Dynamics of caste and law : Dalits, oppression and constitutional democracy in India. Cambridge University Press 2019 (ISBN 9781108779616) 243 p.
HIM Untitled
6 Berg, Dag-Erik.
Foregrounding contingency in caste-based dominance : Ambedkar, hegemony, and the Pariah concept. Philosophy & Social Criticism 2018 ;Volume 44.(8) p. 843-864
7 Berg, Dag-Erik.
Race as a political frontier against caste : WCAR, Dalits and India’s foreign policy. Journal of International Relations and Development 2018 ;Volume 21.(4) p. 990-1013
8 Berg, Dag-Erik.
Graded inequality in international perspective : caste, inequality, slavery. Public seminar; 2017-11-13
9 Berg, Dag-Erik.
Human rights struggle in Jammu and Kashmir. Seminar; 2017-08-01
10 Berg, Dag-Erik.
Kastestigma, daliter og Indias kvoteringspolitikk. Global uke; 2017-11-06
11 Berg, Dag-Erik.
Race as a political frontier against caste in international human rights politics: Dalits, India’s foreign policy and the UN. ARE-EASA Network Meeting 2017; 2017-07-17 - 2017-07-19
12 Berg, Dag-Erik.
Ambedkar’s revolt against caste in India: studying emancipation outside the anthropological framework of caste and race. 14th EASA Biennial Conference : Anthropological legacies and human futures; 2016-07-20 - 2016-07-23
13 Berg, Dag-Erik.
Legal changes in the context of caste-based oppression in India : law, discourse, Dalits. Justice and levels of social interaction – A workshop on social distance; 2016-06-02 - 2016-06-03
14 Berg, Dag-Erik.
Mechanisms of oppression : Dalits and legal development in India. CeMIS Colloquium; 2016-11-06
15 Berg, Dag-Erik.
Seeking freedom from caste-based domination in India : Ambedkar, revolts among untouchables and misconceptions of Pariah. Nordic Intercultural Communication Conference; 2016-11-24 - 2016-11-26
16 Berg, Dag Erik.
Structural mechanism, law, and the Dalit question in India. Asian Journal of Law and Society 2015 ;Volume 2.(1) p. 21-33
UiB Untitled
17 Berg, Dag-Erik.
Caste, hierarchy and race in a world-historical perspective: Louis Dumont and his critique of Max Weber. Journal of Intercultural Studies 2015 ;Volume 36.(4) p. 413-430
NLAH Untitled
18 Berg, Dag Erik.
Misnøye beveger ikke verden. Salongen : Nettstedet for filosofi og idéhistorie 2014
UiB Untitled
19 Berg, Dag-Erik.
Inequality, Identity and Constitutional Forms among Scheduled Castes in India. Seminar; 2014-12-17 - 2014-12-17
NLAH Untitled
20 Berg, Dag-Erik.
Karamchedu and the Dalit subject in Andhra Pradesh. Contributions to Indian sociology 2014 ;Volume 48.(3) p. 383-408
NLAH UiB Untitled
21 Berg, Dag-Erik.
Louis Dumont and Max Weber on Caste. Gjesteforlesning; 2014-12-05 - 2014-12-05
NLAH Untitled
22 Berg, Dag-Erik.
Scheduled castes policies in interstate perspective: Constitutional power, argumentative practices, and governance in India. India Review 2014 ;Volume 13.(3) p. 235-250
UiB Untitled
23 Berg, Dag-Erik.
The event of Tsundur : a massacre of Dalits and the legal disputes. Public seminar at the Bergen South Asia Forum; 2014-06-17
UiB Untitled
24 Berg, Dag Erik.
Towards a framework for interstate analysis of policies for the Scheduled Castes in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu: Legal conditions and development policies. London: Caste out of Development - 2013 86 p.
UiB Untitled
25 Berg, Dag-Erik.
Caste, sovereignty and race : keeping Durban away from India. "Interrogating the Global, Challenges for the Social Sciences”, organised by the research group Migration, Environment and Development, Department of Sociology, University of Bergen; 2013-06-06 - 2013-06-07
UiB Untitled
26 Berg, Dag-Erik.
Dr. Ambedkar, a symbolic type and the Dalit movement in India. Religion, Poverty, Politics; 2013-02-21 - 2013-02-22
UiB Untitled
27 Berg, Dag Erik.
"Caste, Sovereignty and Race; or Keeping Durban away from India". Internationalisation of Dalit and Adivasi Activism; 2012-06-25 - 2012-06-26
UiB Untitled
28 Berg, Dag Erik.
Madiga Dandora and their Demand to Sub-Categorise a Constitutional Category. The British Association for South Asian Studies Annual Conference: the Future of South Asia; 2012-04-12 - 2012-04-14
UiB Untitled
29 Berg, Dag Erik.
Madiga Dandora and their demand to sub-categorise a constitutional category. The developmental turn in Dalit activism: disquieting caste and capitalism in contemporary India; 2012-07-10 - 2012-07-13
UiB Untitled
30 Berg, Dag Erik.
On the Relation between Political Theory and Political Science: some lessons from my work on the Dalit (India’s "untouchables") question and its significance for political theory and research. Symposium "The Relation between Theory and Empirical Research in the Social Sciences and the Humanities"; 2012-01-13 - 2012-01-14
UiB Untitled
31 Berg, Dag Erik.
Social Inclusion vs. Caste and Race in a Global Perspective: Paradigms at Odds?. INDEMB conference on social science research on India; 2012-06-12 - 2012-06-13
UiB Untitled
32 Berg, Dag Erik.
"The Dalit Mahasabha, Karamchedu and the Creation of a Dalit Subject in Andhra Pradesh". Conceptualizing subaltern politics in India: towards a new research agenda; 2012-05-21 - 2012-05-21
UiB Untitled
33 Berg, Dag-Erik.
Dr. Ambedkar, a symbolic type and the Dalit movement. Dalits and Muslims in the history of India’s State Formation; 2012-11-06 - 2012-11-07
UiB Untitled
34 Berg, Dag-Erik.
The Dalit Mahasabha, Karamchedu and the creation of a Dalit subject in Andhra Pradesh. Dalits and Muslims in the history of India’s state formation; 2012-11-06 - 2012-11-07
UiB Untitled
35 Berg, Dag Erik.
Dalits and the Constitutional State. Untouchability, Dalit Movements and Legal Approaches to Equality and Social Justice for India’s Scheduled Castes. : University of Bergen 2011 (ISBN 978-82-308-1819-0)
UiB Untitled
36 Berg, Dag Erik.
Equality, Inequality and the scope of the ‘Creamy Layer’ in India’s Constitutional law 2005-08. India and the quest for equality: constitution, caste and legal reforms; 2011-12-06 - 2011-12-06
UiB Untitled
37 Berg, Dag Erik.
Hobbes’ kunstige suverene person. Salongen : Nettstedet for filosofi og idéhistorie 2011
UiB Untitled
38 Berg, Dag Erik.
The Politics of Caste and the Language of Corruption. Religious, ethnic and cultural violence in India: challenges to the world's largest democracy; 2011-11-09 - 2011-11-09
UiB Untitled
39 Berg, Dag Erik.
Skinner og Hobbes' kunstige suverene person som velordnet suverenitet. Internasjonal Politikk - Skandinavisk tidsskrift for internasjonale studier 2010 ;Volume 68.(4) p. 589-608
UiB Untitled
40 Berg, Dag Erik.
Dalit mellom kaste og demokrati. Internasjonal Politikk - Skandinavisk tidsskrift for internasjonale studier 2009 ;Volume 67.(2) p. 199-219
UiB Untitled
41 Berg, Dag Erik.
"Virtual Durban, Dalit NGOs and India’s sovereign rejection of the race concept". Challenging the State; 2009-11-13 - 2009-11-15
UiB Untitled
42 Berg, Dag Erik.
Chopra, Pran (ed.): The Supreme Court versus the Constitution. A Challenge to Federalism. (New Delhi: Sage Publications 2006). Nordisk tidsskrift for menneskerettigheter 2008 ;Volume 26.(2) p. 199-202
UiB Untitled
43 Berg, Dag Erik.
Dalitenes situasjon: Kaste, hierarki og demokrati. Raftostiftelsens studentgruppe; 2007-10-15
UiB Untitled
44 Berg, Dag Erik.
Dalits, movements and the World Conference against Racism 2001. Law and Society Student Union, National Law School, Bangalore, India; 2007-08-30
UiB Untitled
45 Berg, Dag Erik.
Kaste, menneskerettigheter og dalitpolitikken i India. Faglunsj for studenter ved institutt for sammenliknende politikk, UiB.; 2007-10-17
UiB Untitled
46 Berg, Dag Erik.
Myter om "de kasteløse". Vårt land 2007 p. 24-24
UiB Untitled
47 Berg, Dag Erik.
Sovereignties, the World Conference against Racism 2001 and the Formation of a Dalit Human Rights Campaign. Questions de Recherche / Research in Question 2007 (20) p. -
UiB Untitled
48 Berg, Dag Erik; Børmo, Christian; Fosse, Lars martin.
Ville ikke dø som en hindu (Dr. Ambedkar). Morgenbladet 2007 p. 20-21
UiB Untitled
49 Berg, Dag Erik.
Hva Norge kan lære av India. Aftenposten (morgenutg. : trykt utg.) 2006
UiB Untitled
50 Berg, Dag Erik.
Modern Sovereignties and the Use of the World Conference Against Racism 2001 by a Dalit Human Rights Campaign to Raisethe Issue of Caste Discrimination in India. The Fourth Norwegian Conference of Asian Studies/NORASIA IV; 2006-09-08 - 2006-09-10
UiB Untitled
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