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1 Cools, Sara; Finseraas, Henning; Rasmussen, Magnus Bergli.
The Immigrant-Native Gap in Union Membership: A Question of Time, Sorting, or Culture?. Labour 2020 p. -
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2 Rasmussen, Magnus Bergli; Skorge, Øyvind Søraas.
The business of change: Employers and work-family policy reforms. I: Business Interests and the Development of the Modern Welfare State. Routledge 2020 ISBN 9780815377917. p. -
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3 Knutsen, Carl Henrik; Rasmussen, Magnus Bergli.
Majoritarian systems, rural groups, and (arrested) welfare state development. International Political Science Review 2019
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4 Pedersen, Axel West; Grødem, Anne Skevik; Rasmussen, Magnus Bergli; Wagner, Ines.
Inntektssikring for befolkningen i yrkesaktiv alder – en sammenligning av syv nordeuropeiske land. : Institutt for samfunnsforskning 2019 117 p.
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5 Rasmussen, Magnus Bergli; Knutsen, Carl Henrik.
Party Institutionalization and Welfare State Development. British Journal of Political Science 2019
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6 Knutsen, Carl Henrik; Rasmussen, Magnus.
The Autocratic Welfare State: Old-Age Pensions, Credible Commitments, and Regime Survival. Comparative Political Studies 2018 ;Volume 51.(5) p. 659-695
ISF UiO Untitled
7 Knutsen, Carl Henrik; Rasmussen, Magnus Bergli.
Electoral Rules, Labor Market Coordination and Macroeconomic Performance. Scandinavian Political Studies 2018 ;Volume 41.(3) p. 367-378
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8 Knutsen, Carl Henrik; Rasmussen, Magnus.
Offering pensions can help autocrats stay in power longer. Washington Post 2017
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9 Rasmussen, Magnus.
Forskning viser at: Velgerne går til høyre i nedgangstider. Dagens næringsliv 2017
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10 Rasmussen, Magnus; Jensen, Carsten; Andersen, David.
Suffering from Suffrage: Welfare State Development and the Politics of Negative Conditionality. International Conference of Europeanists; 2017-07-12 - 2017-07-14
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11 Rasmussen, Magnus; Knutsen, Carl Henrik.
Party Institutionalization and Welfare State Development. American Political Association Annual Meeting; 2017-08-31
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12 Rasmussen, Magnus; Pontusson, Jonas.
Working-Class Strength by Institutional Design? Unionization, Partisan Politics, and Unemployment Insurance Systems, 1870 to 2010. Comparative Political Studies 2017 ;Volume 51.(6) p. 793-828
ISF Untitled
13 Sterri, Aksel Braanen; Rasmussen, Magnus.
Sommerferieeffekten. Nytt Norsk Tidsskrift 2011 ;Volume 28.(2) p. 213-218
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