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1 Stänicke, Line Indrevoll; Haavind, Hanne; Rø, Frida Gullestad; Gullestad, Siri Erika.
Discovering One’s Own Way: Adolescent Girls’ Different Pathways Into and Out of Self-Harm. Journal of Adolescent Research 2019 p. 1-30
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2 Johansen, Merete Selsbakk; Karterud, Sigmund; Normann, Eivind; Rø, Frida Gullestad; Kvarstein, Elfrida H; Wilberg, Theresa.
The relationship between reflective functioning and affect consciousness in patients with avoidant and borderline personality disorders. Psychoanalytic psychology 2018 ;Volume 35.(4) p. 382-393
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3 Axelsen, Eva Dalsgaard; Benum, Kirsten; Bernhardt, Ida S.; Gullestad, Siri Erika; Halvorsen, Margrethe Seeger; Hartmann, Ellen Johanne; Haavind, Hanne; Killingmo, Bjørn; Von der Lippe, Anna Louise; Mauseth, Tori; Monsen, Jon Trygve; Mossige, Svein; Nissen-Lie, Helene A; Oddli, Hanne; Reichelt, Sissel; Rø, Frida Gullestad; Rønnestad, Michael Helge; Råbu, Marit; Tjersland, Odd Arne; Stänicke, Line Indrevoll; Strømme, Hanne; Sveaas, Nora; Zachrisson, Anders; Øiestad, Guro.
Historien Psykologtidsskriftet ikke forteller. Tidsskrift for Norsk Psykologforening 2017 ;Volume 54.(12) p. 1197-1199
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4 Antonsen, Bjørnar Torske; Johansen, Merete Selsbakk; Rø, Frida Gullestad; Kvarstein, Elfrida H; Wilberg, Theresa.
Is reflective functioning associated with clinical symptoms and long-term course in patients with personality disorders?. Comprehensive Psychiatry 2016 ;Volume 64. p. 46-58
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5 Gullestad, Frida Slagstad; Johansen, Merete Selsbakk; Høglend, Per Andreas; Karterud, Sigmund; Wilberg, Theresa.
Mentalization as a moderator of treatment effects: Findings from a randomized clinical trial for personality disorders. Psychotherapy Research 2013 ;Volume 23.(6) p. 674-689
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6 Kvarstein, Elfrida Hartveit; Arnevik, Espen Kristian; Halsteinli, Vidar; Rø, Frida Gullestad; Karterud, Sigmund; Wilberg, Theresa.
Health service costs and clinical gains of psychotherapy for personality disorders: a randomized controlled trial of day-hospital-based step-down treatment versus outpatient treatment at a specialist practice. BMC Psychiatry 2013 ;Volume 13.(315)
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7 Rø, Frida Gullestad.
Psykoterapiforskning – aktuelle utfordringer og dilemmaer. Matrix 2013 ;Volume 30. p. 26-37
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8 Gullestad, Frida Slagstad.
Mentalisering - en dimensjon eller flere?. 1. nordiske konferanse i mentalisering og mentaliseringsbaserte terapieri; 2012-06-07 - 2012-06-08
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9 Gullestad, Frida Slagstad; Wilberg, Theresa; Klungsøyr, Ole; Johansen, Merete Selsbakk; Urnes, Øyvind; Karterud, Sigmund.
Is treatment in a day hospital step-down program superior to outpatient individual psychotherapy for patients with personality disorders? 36 months follow-up of a randomized clinical trial comparing different treatment modalities. Psychotherapy Research 2012 ;Volume 22.(4) p. 426-441
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10 Gullestad, Frida Slagstad.
Is short-term day hospital treatment followed by outpatient combined psychotherapy superior to outpatient individual psychotherapy for personality disorders?. Research conference on mental health (Øyerkonferansen 2011); 2011-02-07 - 2011-02-09
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11 Gullestad, Frida Slagstad.
Mentalization as a moderator of treatment outcome. Paper presented -. 42nd International Meeting Society for Psychotherapy Research; 2011-06-30 - 2011-07-03
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12 Gullestad, Frida Slagstad; Wilberg, Theresa.
Change in reflective functioning during psychotherapy-A single-case study. Psychotherapy Research 2011 ;Volume 21.(1) p. 97-111
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13 Gullestad, Frida Slagstad.
Er kort-tids dagavdelingsbehandling etterfulgt av langtids kombinasjonsbehandling bedre enn poliklinisk individualterapi for personlighetsforstyrrelser?. Seminar - International Society for Study of Personality Disorders (ISSPD) - Norge; 2010-11-03
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14 Gullestad, Frida Slagstad.
Randomized controlled trial of day hospital treatment followed by combined psychotherapy versus outpatient individual psychotherapy for patients with personality disorders: 36 months follow-up. 41st International Meeting Society for Psychotherapy Research, California USA; 2010-06-24 - 2010-06-27
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15 Gullestad, Frida Slagstad.
Change in Reflective Functioning - a single-case study. 7th European Conference - Society for Psychotherapy Research, Bolzano Italy; 2009-10-01 - 2009-10-03
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16 Gullestad, Frida Slagstad.
Dimensjoner ved mentalisering. Fagdag for psykologer; 2009-12-16
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17 Gullestad, Frida Slagstad.
Doktorgrader må synliggjøres. Aftenposten (morgenutg. : trykt utg.) 2009
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18 Gullestad, Frida Slagstad.
Endring i evnen til mentalisering gjennom psykoterapi, en single-case studie. Behandlermøte for leger og psykologer; 2009-10-22
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19 Gullestad, Frida Slagstad.
Mentalisering i akuttpsykiatri. Fagseminar for ansatte ved Avdeling for akuttpsykiatri; 2009-12-02
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