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1 Berrill, Peter; Gillingham, Kenneth T.; Hertwich, Edgar G..
Drivers of change in US residential energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, 1990-2015. Environmental Research Letters 2021 ;Volume 16.(3) p. -
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2 Berrill, Peter; Gillingham, Kenneth T.; Hertwich, Edgar G..
Linking Housing Policy, Housing Typology, and Residential Energy Demand in the United States. Environmental Science and Technology 2021 ;Volume 55.(4) p. 2224-2233
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3 Pauliuk, Stefan; Tomer, Fishman; Heeren, Niko; Berrill, Peter; Tu, Qingshi; Wolfram, Paul; Hertwich, Edgar.
Linking service provision to material cycles: A new framework for studying the resource efficiency–climate change (RECC) nexus. Journal of Industrial Ecology 2021 ;Volume 25.(2) p. 260-273
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4 Wolfram, Paul; Hertwich, Edgar.
Potential Climate Impact Variations Due to Fueling Behavior of Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle Owners in the US. Environmental Science and Technology 2021 ;Volume 55.(1) p. 65-72
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5 Wolfram, Paul; Tu, Qingshi; Heeren, Niko; Pauliuk, Stefan; Hertwich, Edgar G..
Material efficiency and climate change mitigation of passenger vehicles. Journal of Industrial Ecology 2021 ;Volume 25.(2) p. 494-510
NTNU Untitled
6 Hertwich, Edgar G.; Lifset, Reid; Pauliuk, Stefan; Heeren, Niko.
Resource Efficiency and Climate Change: Material Efficiency Strategies for a Low-Carbon Future-Summary for Policymakers. Nairobi: United Nations Environment Programme 2020 (ISBN 978-92-807-3771-4) 173 p.
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7 Vita, Gibran; Ivanova, Diana; Dumitru, Adina; García-Mira, Ricardo; Carrus, Giuseppe; Stadler, Konstantin; Krause, Karen; Wood, Richard; Hertwich, Edgar G..
Happier with less? Members of European environmental grassroots initiatives reconcile lower carbon footprints with higher life satisfaction and income increases. Energy Research & Social Science 2020 ;Volume 60. p. -
NTNU Untitled
8 Luderer, Gunnar; Pehl, Michaja; Arvesen, Anders; Gibon, Thomas; Bodirsky, Benjamin L.; de Boer, Harmen-Sytze; Fricko, Oliver; Hejazi, Mohamad; Humpenöder, Florian; Iyer, Gokul; Mima, Silvana; Mouratiadou, Ioanna; Pietzcker, Robert C.; Popp, Alexander; van den Berg, Maarten; van Vuuren, Detlef; Hertwich, Edgar G..
Environmental co-benefits and adverse side-effects of alternative power sector decarbonization strategies. Nature Communications 2019 ;Volume 10:5229. p. 1-13
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9 Vita, Gibran; Hertwich, Edgar G.; Stadler, Konstantin; Wood, Richard.
Connecting global emissions to fundamental human needs and their satisfaction. Environmental Research Letters 2019 ;Volume 14.(1) p. -
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10 Vita, Gibran; Lundström, Johan R.; Hertwich, Edgar G.; Quist, Jaco; Ivanova, Diana; Stadler, Konstantin; Wood, Richard.
The Environmental Impact of Green Consumption and Sufficiency Lifestyles Scenarios in Europe: Connecting Local Sustainability Visions to Global Consequences. Ecological Economics 2019 ;Volume 164. p. -
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