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Classical religious texts and global contexts (Classical)

Research group manager

Knut Holter

Responsible units(s)

Centre of Mission and Global Studies


The research group ‘Classical religious texts and global contexts’ (‘Classical’) continues the work of a research cluster with the same name that was part of the research group ‘Religion, culture, globalization’, a collaborative project between VID and the University of Stavanger (UiS). From January 2019, Classical is a separate research group under VID’s umbrella, with members from both VID, UiS and other contexts. Classical is based on classical texts within the history of religion: partly founding, holy texts, and partly derived texts, such as the confessions of the various reception communities, liturgies and other cultic and didactic texts. Non-written sources of tradition and normative practices can be understood as classical texts, too. Traditionally, these texts have characterized – and been characterized by – their respective cultural and geographical core areas. As a result of, but also as an expression of the contemporary globalization, the texts are today read outside and partly independent of their traditional reception environments. This situation opens new perspectives on their function and significance. Classical’s core field is then analysis – drawing on research methods from both the humanities and from empirical research – of the various and new receptions, and theory development towards this. Classical operates partly as home for individual projects, and partly as home for larger collaborative projects, such as for example the project ‘Potentials and problems of popular inculturation hermeneutics in Maasai biblical interpretation’ (funded by the Norwegian Research Council, 2014-2018), cf. The group members are currently working with individual projects in relation to the core field. Additionally, some group members work with an anthology about how the study of classical religious texts being read in global contexts can be developed as a research field, and some work with development of new and larger projects. Illustration: San bushmen rain dance, artwork. [Photography]. Retrieved from Encyclopædia Britannica ImageQuest


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"Du trenger ikke tro på noe som helst!" - buddhistisk praksis og refleksjon (2015)
Skarpeid, Jon
"Forsvinn i Jesu namn!"- sjukdom, bibelbruk og impulsar frå global trusteologi (2015)
Lavik, Marta Høyland
Kosmologi i miniatyr?: Narrativitet i hindustanimusikk sett i relasjon til indisk musikk (2015)
Skarpeid, Jon

The Old Greek Translation of Zechariah (2015)
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The centrality of Christology: On the relation between Nicholas Cusanus and Martin Luther (2016)
Alfsvåg, Knut
Studia Theologica - Nordic Journal of Theology
Listening for the Voices of Two Disabled Girls in Early Christian Literature (2017)
Solevåg, Anna Rebecca
Expanding Ecological Hermeneutics : The Case for Ecolonialism (2016)
Nilsen, Tina Dykesteen;Solevåg, Anna Rebecca
Journal of Biblical Literature
Some interpretive experiences with Isaiah in Africa (2017)
Holter, Knut
Memories of Moses: A Survey Through Genres (2017)
Nilsen, Tina Dykesteen
Journal for the Study of the Old Testament
Hysterical Women? : Gender and Disability in Early Christian Narrative (2017)
Solevåg, Anna Rebecca
What shall we do with the Canaanites? An ethical perspective on Genesis 12:6 (2017)
Holter, Knut
Old Testament Essays
The wrath of a disappointed lover : on Luther’s attitude toward the Jews (2017)
Alfsvåg, Knut
Mishkan : a Forum on the Gospel and the Jewish People
The Maasai and the ancient Israelites : an early 20th century interpretation of the Maasai in East Africa (2017)
Holter, Knut
Texts of affirmation rather than negation: Jesse N. K. Mugambi and African biblical studies (2018)
Holter, Knut
Migration in Missiological Research (2018)
Haug, Kari Storstein
International Review of Mission
The Origins of Deuteronomy 32: Intertextuality, Memory, Identity (2018)
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En rose for Profeten – religion og transnasjonale artefakter i Stavanger. (2017)
Ådna, Gerd Marie
Chaos - Skandinavisk tidsskrift for religionshistoriske studier
Did Moses Sing? Perspectives on Deuteronomy 32 (2019)
Nilsen, Tina Dykesteen
The Bible and Interpretation
Gitamahatmya! Paratexts in Miniature Bhagavad Gitas with Special Reference to Pictures and Gender (2019)
Skarpeid, Jon
Postscripts: The Journal of Sacred Texts and Contemporary Worlds

Affiliated projects/research groups

Potentials and problems of popular inculturation hermeneutics in Maasai biblical interpretation