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Stephanie Dietrich

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Faculty of Theology, Diaconia and Leadership Studies



Diapraksis og diakoni – Undersøkelser i feltet ved hjelp av kart, skisser og tegninger (2016)
Korslien, Kari
Tidsskrift for praktisk teologi
Participation and decision-making in non-dominant Communities. A perspective from civic republicanism (2016)
Haugen, Hans Morten
International Journal on Minority and Group Rights
Human Rights and Diakonia in a Gender perspective (2016)
Haugen, Hans Morten
Conviviality, diakonia and gender (2016)
Korslien, Kari
“Poverty Has a Woman’s Face”: Theological Arguments for a Gender-based Approach to Diakonia (2016)
Dietrich, Stephanie
Global development : why a religious and gender perspective matters (2016)
Skjortnes, Marianne
Introduction : Diakonia in a Gender Perspective (2016)
Dietrich, Stephanie;Korslien, Kari;Nordstokke, Kjell;Jørgensen, Knud
The Africanisation of Diakonia: Care in Community with Femmes Pour Christ in Cameroon (2016)
Kessel, Terese Bue
""Use your talents"" : refleksjoner over en diakonal bistandsmetodes mulige relevans i norsk kontekst (2017)
Dietrich, Stephanie
Tidsskrift for praktisk teologi
Felles møteplass - byggestein for robuste lokalsamfunn (2017)
Korslien, Kari
Tidsskrift for praktisk teologi
Use Your talents - the congregation as primary Development agent (2017)
Haus, Sigrud

Use Your talents - diakonia in practice (2017)
Dietrich, Stephanie
Case Study (2018)
Struminska-Kutra, Marta;Koładkiewicz, Izabela
Diakoni i velferdssamfunnet. Mangfold og dilemmaer (2018)
Haugen, Hans Morten
The NEET concept in comparative youth research: the Nordic countries and South Africa (2019)
Holte, Bjørn Hallstein;Swart, Ignatius;Hiilamo, Heikki Tuomas
Journal of Youth Studies
Democratizing Public Management. Towards Practice-Based Theory (2018)
Struminska-Kutra, Marta
Palgrave Macmillan
Action Research in the Health and Social Care Settings. A Tool for Solving Wicked Problems? (2018)
Struminska-Kutra, Marta
Early school leaving by children in out-of-home care: A comparative study of three Nordic countries (2018)
Kääriäläa, Antti;Berlin, M;Lausten, Mette;Hiilamo, Heikki Tuomas;Ristikari, Tiina
Children and Youth Services Review
Household debt and economic crises. Causes, consequences and Remedies (2018)
Hiilamo, Heikki Tuomas
Edward Elgar Publishing