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1 Braathen, Christian.
Bergen Entrepreneurship Academy soft launch. [Internet] 2020-10-27
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2 Braathen, Christian.
Generating Delivery Routes in a Network of Retail Stores: A Dynamic Nearest-Neighbour Approach. The 17th CEMS Research Seminar on Supply Chain Management; 2020-01-22 - 2020-01-25
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3 Braathen, Christian.
Gründerskap er en øvelse i mental selvpining. shifter 2021
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4 Braathen, Christian.
How We Work Isn't Working: 7 Misjudgements in Norwegian Startups. INTalks; 2020-02-20 - 2020-02-20
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5 Braathen, Christian.
How We Work Isn't Working: 7 Misjudgements in Norwegian Startups. StartupLab Internal Seminar; 2020-06-18 - 2020-06-18
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6 Braathen, Christian.
Jobb nummer én er å bruke ressursene våre bedre. Dagens næringsliv 2021
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7 Braathen, Christian.
Ledere glorifiserer selvdrevne ansatte. Dagens næringsliv 2020
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8 Braathen, Christian.
Next-Generation Leadership: Leading Generation Z. TEDxBergen 2019; 2019-10-19 - 2019-10-19
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9 Braathen, Christian.
Next-Generation Leadership: With and Without Robots. Breakfast seminar, Regus Media City; 2019-11-19 - 2019-11-19
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10 Braathen, Christian.
Observation-Dependent Choice of Neighbours in KNN: a Metaheuristic. Metaheuristics Summer School (MESS) 2020+1: Learning and Optimization from Big Data; 2021-06-15 - 2021-06-18
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11 Braathen, Christian.
OPPkvikker - faglig frokostmøte med NHH. Vimeo [Internet] 2020-09-16
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12 Braathen, Christian.
Optimering + digitale verktøy = forbedret bunnlinje og gladere medarbeidere. NHH Fagseminar; 2019-10-23 - 2019-10-23
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13 Braathen, Christian.
Scheduling Volunteer Interviews: An Integer Programming Approach. Internal annual department seminar; 2021-03-24 - 2021-03-24
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14 Braathen, Christian.
Scheduling Volunteer Interviews Using Integer Programming. The 22nd Conference of the International Federation of Operational Research Societies; 2021-08-23 - 2021-08-27
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15 Braathen, Christian.
Slipp de ansatte fri. Dagens næringsliv 2020
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16 Braathen, Christian.
Vi forskere må bli mer åpne. 2020
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17 Braathen, Christian; Guajardo, Mario; Goez, Julio Cesar.
Potential Effects of Introducing Autonomous Shipping in Vessel Operations Subject to Labour Regulations. NORS Annual Conference 2021; 2021-11-17 - 2021-11-18
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18 Taylor, Hannah Grace; Braathen, Christian.
Christian (30) fikk sin første data som femåring. Nå kommer han med gavepakke til turnusarbeidere og ledere. Bergensavisen [Newspaper] 2020-09-22
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