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1 Shcherbin, Dmitri; Thorvaldsen, Andreas johan; Jonsson, Dan Johan; Ruud, Kenneth.
Gauge-origin independent calculations of Jones birefringence. Journal of Chemical Physics 2011 ;Volume 135.(13) p. -
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2 Shcherbin, Dmitri; Thorvaldsen, Andreas johan; Ruud, Kenneth; Coriani, S; Rizzo, A.
Analytic calculations of nonlinear mixed electric and magnetic frequency-dependent molecular properties using London atomic orbitals: Buckingham birefringence. Physical Chemistry, Chemical Physics - PCCP 2009 ;Volume 11.(5) p. 816-825
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3 Rizzo, Antonio; Shcherbin, Dmitri; Ruud, Kenneth.
Jones and magnetoelectric birefringence of pure substances - A computational study. Canadian journal of chemistry (Print) 2009 ;Volume 87.(10) p. 1352-1361
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4 Shcherbin, Dmitri; Ruud, Kenneth.
The use of Coulomb-attenuated methods for the calculation of electronic circular dichroism spectra. Chemical Physics 2008 ;Volume 349. p. 234-243
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