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1 Sterken, Rachel; Michaelson, Eliot; Pepp, Jessica Alden.
Why we should keep talking about fake news. Inquiry (Oslo) 2020
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2 Pepp, Jessica Alden; Michaelson, Eliot; Sterken, Rachel.
Why we should keep talking about fake news. Inquiry (Oslo) 2019 p. 1-17
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3 Sterken, Rachel.
Linguistic Interventions and Transformative Communicative Disruption. I: Conceptual Engineering and Conceptual Ethics. Oxford University Press 2019 ISBN 9780198801856. p. 417-434
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4 Sterken, Rachel; Michaelson, Eliot; Pepp, Jessica Alden.
What's New About Fake News?. Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy 2019 ;Volume 16.(2) p. 67-94
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5 Sterken, Rachel.
The structures of social structural explanation: Comments on haslanger's what is (social) structural explanation?. Disputatio 2018 ;Volume 10.(50) p. 173-199
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6 Sterken, Rachel.
The meaning of generics. Philosophy Compass 2017 ;Volume 12.(8)
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7 Sterken, Rachel.
Generics, Covert Structure and Logical Form. Mind & Language 2016 ;Volume 31.(5) p. 503-529
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8 Sterken, Rachel.
Review: Bernhard Nickel's 'Between Logic and the World: An Integrated Theory of Generics'. Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews 2016
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9 Sterken, Rachel.
Generics, Content and Cognitive Bias. Analytic Philosophy 2015 ;Volume 56.(1) p. 75-93
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10 Sterken, Rachel.
Generics in context. Philosophers' Imprint 2015 ;Volume 15.(21) p. 1-30
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11 Sterken, Rachel.
Leslie on Generics. Philosophical Studies 2015 ;Volume 172.(9) p. 2493-2512
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12 Sterken, Rachel.
Generics in Context: Generalisation, Context and Communication. 07 Gruppen 2013
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