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From: 2010   To: 2017   Reporting year   Unit: Department of Business, Marketing and Law (USN)   sub-category: Academic article   sub-category: Academic literature review   sub-category: Academic monograph   sub-category: Academic chapter/article/Conference paper   All publishing channels

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1 Pedersen, Cathrine; Halvari, Hallgeir; Williams, G.C..
Worksite intervention effects on motivation, physical activity, and health. A cluster randomized controlled trial. Psychology of Sport And Exercise 2018 ;Volume 35. p. 171-180
USN NIH Untitled
2 Dimitriu, Radu; Warlop, Luk; Samuelsen, Bendik Meling.
Brand extension similarity can backfire when you look for something specific. European Journal of Marketing 2017 ;Volume 51.(5/6) p. 850-868
BI USN Untitled
3 Asioli, Daniele; Varela, Paula; Hersleth, Margrethe; Almli, Valerie Lengard; Olsen, Nina Veflen; Næs, Tormod.
A discussion of recent methodologies for combining sensory and extrinsic product properties in consumer studies. Food Quality and Preference 2017 ;Volume 56. p. 266-273
4 Axcrona, Karol; Nilsson, Rasmus; Brennhovd, Bjørn; Sørebø, Øystein; Fosså, Sophie Dorothea; Dahl, Alv A.
Psychometric properties of the expanded prostate cancer index composite - 26 instrument in a cohort of radical prostatectomy patients: theoretical and practical examinations. BMC Urology 2017 ;Volume 17.(1) p. -
5 Che, Limei; Langli, John Christian; Svanstrøm, Tobias.
Education, Experience, and Audit Effort. Auditing: A journal of Practice and Theory (AJPT) 2017 ;Volume 37.(3) p. 91-115
BI USN Untitled
6 Deci, Edward; Olafsen, Anja Hagen; Ryan, Richard M..
Self-Determination Theory in Work Organizations: The State of a Science. Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior 2017 ;Volume 4. p. 19-43
USN Untitled
7 Dimitriu, Radu; Guesalaga, Rodrigo.
Consumers' Social Media Brand Behaviors: Uncovering Underlying Motivators and Deriving Meaningful Consumer Segments. Psychology & Marketing 2017 ;Volume 34.(5) p. 580-592
USN Untitled
8 Eikebrokk, Tom Roar; Nilsen, Etty Ragnhild; Garmann-Johnsen, Niels Frederik.
Exploring the role of process orientation in healthcare service innovation: the case of digital night surveillance.. I: The 23rd Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS). Association for Information Systems 2017 ISBN 978-0-9966831-4-2. p. -
USN UIA Untitled
9 El-Gazzar, Rania; Hustad, Eli; Olsen, Dag Håkon.
An institutional lens on cloud computing adoption: A study of institutional factors and adoption strategies. I: Proceedings of the 25th European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS 2017). Association for Information Systems 2017 ISBN 978-3-00-050284-2. p. 2477-2492
USN UIA Untitled
10 El-Gazzar, Rania; Elgazzar, Rasha F..
Smart Cities, Sustainable Cities, or Both? A Critical Review and Synthesis of Success and Failure Factors. I: 6th International Conference on Smart Cities and Green ICT Systems. SMARTGREENS 2017. SciTePress 2017 ISBN 978-989-758-241-7. p. 250-257
USN Untitled
11 El-Gazzar, Rania; Henriksen, Helle; Wahid, Fathul.
IT innovations and entrepreneurship in emerging economies - is cloud computing a magic ingredient for egyptian entrepreneurs?. I: The 25th European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS). Association for Information Systems 2017 ISBN 978-989-207655-3. p. 1044-1061
USN Untitled
12 Elgazzar, Rasha F.; El-Gazzar, Rania F.; El-Gohary, Mohamed A..
Understanding the Dilemma of the Municipal Solid Waste Management System in Alexandria, Egypt: Could ICT Improve the System?. I: Information and Communication Technologies for Development. Springer 2017 ISBN 978-3-319-59110-0. p. 816-822
USN Untitled
13 Elvekrok, Ingunn; Veflen, Nina; Nilsen, Etty Ragnhild; Gausdal, Anne Haugen.
Firm innovation benefits from regional triple-helix networks. Regional studies 2017 ;Volume 52.(9) p. 1214-1224
BI USN Untitled
14 Eriksen, Bjørn Jæger.
Rektors stillingsvern. Gyldendal Juridisk 2017 (ISBN 978-82-05-48245-6) 142 p.
USN Untitled
15 Farholm, Anders; Halvari, Hallgeir; Niemiec, Christopher P.; Williams, Geoffrey C.; Deci, Edward.
Changes in return to work among patients in vocational rehabilitation: a self-determination theory perspective. Disability and Rehabilitation 2017 ;Volume 39.(20) p. 2039-2046
USN NIH Untitled
16 Farholm, Anders; Sørensen, Marit; Halvari, Hallgeir.
Motivational factors associated with physical activity and quality of life in people with severe mental illness. Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences 2017 ;Volume 31.(4) p. 914-921
USN NIH Untitled
17 Farholm, Anders; Sørensen, Marit; Halvari, Hallgeir; Hynnekleiv, Torfinn.
Associations between physical activity and motivation, competence, functioning, and apathy in inhabitants with mental illness from a rural municipality: a cross-sectional study. BMC Psychiatry 2017 ;Volume 17:359. p. 1-11
18 Fredriksen, Jan Ivar; Sørebø, Øystein.
Omnikanal varehandel. Veien mot sømløs integrering av salgs- og kommunikasjonskanaler. Magma - Tidsskrift for økonomi og ledelse 2017 ;Volume 20.(4) p. 59-78
USN Untitled
19 Greve, Jan; Ax, Christian; Bedford, David; Bednarek, Piotr; Brühl, Rolf; Dergård, Johan; Ditillo, Angelo; Dossi, Andrea; Gosselin, Maurice; Hoozée, Sophie; Israelsen, Poul; Janschek, Otto; Johanson, Bjørn Daniel; Johansson, Tobias; Madsen, Dag Øivind; Malmi, Teemu; Rohde, Carsten; Sandelin, Mikko; Strömsten, Torkel; Toldbod, Thomas; Willert, Jeanette.
The impact of society on management control systems. Scandinavian Journal of Management 2017 ;Volume 33.(4) p. 253-266
USN NHH Untitled
20 Gulbrandsen, Boge; Jay Lambe, C; Sandvik, Kåre.
Firm boundaries and transaction costs: The complementary role of capabilities. Journal of Business Research 2017 ;Volume 78. p. 193-203
USN Untitled
21 Halvari, Anne Elisabeth M.; Halvari, Hallgeir; Deci, Edward.
Attending and avoiding dental appointments: Do “bright” and “dark” motivational paths have a role?. International Journal of Dental Hygiene 2017 ;Volume 16.(2) p. 286-297
USN UiO Untitled
22 Halvari, Anne Elisabeth M.; Halvari, Hallgeir; Williams, Geoffrey C.; Deci, Edward.
Predicting Dental Attendance from Dental Hygienists’ Autonomy Support and Patients’ Autonomous Motivation: A Randomized Clinical Trial. Psychology and Health 2017 ;Volume 32.(2) p. 127-144
USN UiO Untitled
23 Halvari, Hallgeir; Healey, Jeanette; Olafsen, Anja Hagen; Byrkjeland, Rune; Deci, Edward; Williams, G.C..
Physical activity and motivational predictors of changes in health behavior and health among DM2 and CAD patients. Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports 2017 ;Volume 27.(11) p. 1454-1469
USN NIH UiO Untitled
24 Iversen, Endre Kildal; Aalen, Peter; Jakobsen, Erik W..
Innvandrerarbeidskraftens innvirkning på produktivitet, lønnsnivå og lønnsomhet. Søkelys på arbeidslivet 2017 ;Volume 34.(1/2) p. 63-79
USN Untitled
25 Johanson, Bjørn Daniel; Madsen, Dag Øivind.
Balansert målstyring – et dynamisk styringsverktøy? Utviklingen i praksis og fremtidig potensial. I: Fokus på fremtidens foretaksløsninger. Fagbokforlaget 2017 ISBN 9788245021271. p. 91-107
USN NHH SNF Untitled
26 Madsen, Dag Øivind.
Examining the popularity trajectory of outsourcing as a management concept. Problems and Perspectives in Management 2017 ;Volume 15.(2) p. 178-195
USN Untitled
27 Madsen, Dag Øivind.
Not dead yet: the rise, fall and persistence of the BCG Matrix. Problems and Perspectives in Management 2017 ;Volume 15.(1) p. 19-34
USN Untitled
28 Madsen, Dag Øivind; Risvik, Stig; Stenheim, Tonny.
The Diffusion of Lean in the Norwegian Municipality Sector: An Exploratory Survey. Cogent Business & Management 2017 ;Volume 4.(1) p. -
BI USN Untitled
29 Madsen, Dag Øivind; Slåtten, Kåre.
The Rise of HR Analytics: A Preliminary Exploration. Global Conference on Business and Finance Proceedings 2017 ;Volume 12.(1) p. 148-159
USN Untitled
30 Madsen, Dag Øivind; Slåtten, Kåre; Johanson, Bjørn Daniel.
The emergence and evolution of benchmarking: a management fashion perspective. Benchmarking : An International Journal 2017 ;Volume 24.(3) p. 775-805
USN NHH Untitled
31 Madsen, Dag Øivind; Storsveen, Maria; Klethagen, Pål; Stenheim, Tonny.
Lean i Norge: I ferd med å gå av moten?. Økonomistyring & informatik 2017 ;Volume 32.(4) p. 309-330
32 Nguyen, Thuy-vy T.; Ryan, Richard M.; Deci, Edward.
Solitude as an Approach to Affective Self-Regulation. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin 2017 ;Volume 44.(1) p. 92-106
USN Untitled
33 Nilsen, Etty Ragnhild; Gausdal, Anne Haugen.
The multifaceted role of the network orchestrator - a longitudinal study.. International Journal of Innovation Management 2017 ;Volume 21.(6) p. -
USN Untitled
34 Olafsen, Anja Hagen; Deci, Edward; Halvari, Hallgeir.
Basic psychological needs and work motivation: A longitudinal test of directionality. Motivation and Emotion 2017 ;Volume 42.(2) p. 178-189
USN Untitled
35 Pedersen, Per Egil; Solem, Birgit Andrine Apenes; Bentsen, Kristin.
Business model innovation in the retail industry: a service system perspective. I: Innovating for Trust. Edward Elgar Publishing 2017 ISBN 978-1785369476. p. 131-144
USN NHH Untitled
36 Rowe, Zoe O; Wilson, Hugh N.; Dimitriu, Radu; Breiter, Katja; Charnley, Fiona J.
The Best I Can Be: How Self-Accountability Impacts Product Choice in Technology-Mediated Environments. Psychology & Marketing 2017 ;Volume 34.(5) p. 521-537
USN Untitled
37 Ryan, Richard M.; Deci, Edward.
Self-Determination Theory : Basic Psychological Needs in Motivation, Development, and Wellness. Guilford Publications 2017 (ISBN 9781462528769) 756 p.
USN Untitled
38 Solem, Birgit Andrine Apenes; Bentsen, Kristin; Pedersen, Per Egil.
Radikal forretningsmodellinnovasjon i varehandelen. I: Nye forretningsmodeller i handelen : innovasjon for en bærekraftig fremtid. Universitetsforlaget 2017 ISBN 978-82-15-02847-7. p. 35-48
USN NHH Untitled
39 Stendal, Karen; Dugstad, Janne H.
The role of IT-service in future health care, can they be ignored?. I: Proceedings from The 15th Scandinavian Conference on Health Informatics 2017 Kristiansand, Norway, August 29–30, 2017. Link√∂ping University Electronic Press 2017 ISBN 978-91-7685-364-1. p. 82-86
USN Untitled
40 Stendal, Karen; Fuller, Robert.
The Effect of Virtual Team Membership Change on Social Identity Development: A Case from Higher Education in Norway. I: Proceedings of the 50th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, HICSS 2017. : AIS Electronic Library 2017 ISBN 978-0-9981331-0-2. p. 5521-5530
USN Untitled
41 Stenheim, Tonny; Madsen, Dag Øivind.
The shift of Accounting Models and Accounting Quality: The case of Norwegian GAAP. Corporate Ownership and Control 2017 ;Volume 14.(4-1) p. 289-300
BI USN Untitled
42 Walker, Lorna; Baines, Paul R; Dimitriu, Radu; Macdonald, Emma K..
Antecedents of Retweeting in a (Political) Marketing Context. Psychology & Marketing 2017 ;Volume 34.(3) p. 275-293
USN Untitled
43 Bøe, Tove; Gulbrandsen, Boge Bredholdt.
The role of agency theory and perceived goal divergence in IS continuance: A replication and extension study. Proceedings of the Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS) 2016 ;Volume 2016-March. p. 94-103
USN UIA Untitled
44 Champniss, Guy; Wilson, Hugh N.; Macdonald, Emma K.; Dimitriu, Radu.
No I won't, but yes we will: Driving sustainability-related donations through social identity effects. Technology Forecasting and Social Change 2016 ;Volume 111. p. 317-326
USN Untitled
45 Che, Limei; Zhang, Pingying.
The impact of family CEO’s ownership and the moderating effect of the second largest owner in private family firms. Journal of Management and Governance 2016 ;Volume 21.(2) p. 757-784
USN Untitled
46 Eide, Hilde; Leren, Lena; Sørebø, Øystein.
The Norwegian versions of the Chronic Pain Acceptance Questionnaire CPAQ-20 and CPAQ-8 – Validation and reliability studies. Disability and Rehabilitation 2016 ;Volume 39.(14) p. 1441-1448
USN Untitled
47 Engeset, Marit Gundersen; Hull, John Sterling; Velvin, Jan.
Promoting service excellence for tourist destinations. International Journal of Culture, Tourism and Hospitality Research 2016 ;Volume 10.(4) p. 440-454
USN Untitled
48 Eriksen, Bjørn.
Opplysninger fra anonyme kilder som dokumentasjon i en oppsigelsessak. I: Sui Generis. Festskrift til Stein Evju. Universitetsforlaget 2016 ISBN 9788215025995. p. 178-184
USN Untitled
49 Hatfield, Johannes Lunde; Halvari, Hallgeir; Lemyre, Nicolas.
Instrumental practice in the contemporary music academy: A three-phase cycle of Self-regulated Learning in music students. Musicae Scientiae 2016 p. -
USN NIH NMH Untitled
50 Lanamäki, Arto; Thapa, Devinder; Stendal, Karen.
When is an affordance? Outlining four stances. IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology 2016 ;Volume 489. p. 125-139
USN UIA Untitled
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