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From: 2009   Unit: Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (NTNU)   All publishing channels

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1 Andersen, Bjørn Sørskot.
Samspill, partnering, allianser, IPL, osv. – samme sak eller er alle noe unikt? Eksempler på resultater oppnådd med alliansemodell i prosjekter. Praktisk prosjektledelse som bidrar til effektiv gjennomføring av store investeringsprosjekter for energibransjen; 2021-03-16 - 2021-03-16
NTNU Untitled
2 Arismendi, Renny; Barros, Anne; Grall, Antoine.
Piecewise deterministic Markov process for condition-based maintenance models - Application to critical infrastructures with discrete-state deterioration. Reliability Engineering & System Safety 2021 ;Volume 212. p. -
NTNU Untitled
3 Bakhsheshi-Rad, Hamid Reza; Daroonparvar, Mohammadreza; Yajid, Muhamad Azizi Mat; Kumar, Pankaj; Razzaghi, Mahmood; Ismail, Ahmad Fauzi; Sharif, Safian; Berto, Filippo.
Characterization and Corrosion Behavior Evaluation of Nanostructured TiO2 and Al2O3-13 wt.%TiO2 Coatings on Aluminum Alloy Prepared via High-Velocity Oxy-Fuel Spray. Journal of materials engineering and performance (Print) 2021 ;Volume 30.(2) p. 1356-1370
NTNU Untitled
4 bartolucci, beatrice; frasca, francesca; Berto, Filippo; Bertolin, Chiara.
Moisture Content influence on Acoustic Emission Parameters in a drying Scots Pine Log. 3rd National Congress AISAM 2021 - Associazione Italiana di Scienze dell`Atmosfera e Meteorologia; 2021-02-09 - 2021-02-12
NTNU Untitled
5 Benedetti, M; du Plessis, A; Ritchie, RO; Dallago, M; Razavi, Seyed Mohammad Javad; Berto, Filippo.
Architected cellular materials: A review on their mechanical properties towards fatigue-tolerant design and fabrication. Materials science & engineering. R, Reports 2021
NTNU Untitled
6 Bertolin, Chiara; De Ferri, Lavinia; Strojecki, Marcin.
Application of the Guggenheim, Anderson, de Boer (GAB) equation to study the impact of sealing treatments on pine wood sorption characteristics. Material Design & Processing Communications (MDPC) 2021 ;Volume e189. p. 1-12
NTNU Untitled
7 Bertolin, Chiara; Karvan, Poorya; de Rosa, Andrea; Razavi, Seyed Mohammad Javad; Berto, Filippo.
Relation between fracture characteristics and moisture content along longitudinal direction in a naturally drying Scots pine. Theoretical and applied fracture mechanics (Print) 2021 ;Volume 112. p. -
NTNU Untitled
8 Bertolin, Chiara; tzortzi, nerantzia; ogut, ozge.
Urban health quality after the Pandemic: potentiality of assessing urban infrastructures on public health from existing database: The case study of Milan city centre. Italy.. SPSD2020-VC – International Virtual Conference 2020 on Spatial Planning and Sustainable Conference: Lockdown Urbanism; 2021-02-06 - 2021-02-07
NTNU Untitled
9 Bjørgum, Astrid Jørgine; Knudsen, Ole Øystein; Graver, Brit.
Årsaker til korrosjon på fiskefartøy. SINTEF akademisk forlag 2021 (ISBN 978-82-14-06491-9) 29 p.
10 Böhme, Stephan Andre; Vinogradov, Alexey; Biermann, Horst B.; Weidner, Anja; Schmiedel, Alexander; Henkel, Sebastian.
Fatigue of carburised CrNiMo steel: Testing and modelling concept. Fatigue & Fracture of Engineering Materials & Structures (FFEMS) 2021 ;Volume 44.(3) p. 788-804
NTNU Untitled
11 Borsato, Thomas; Ferro, Paolo; Fabrizi, A.; Berto, Filippo; Carollo, Carlo.
Long solidification time effect on solution strengthened ferritic ductile iron fatigue properties. International Journal of Fatigue 2021 ;Volume 145. p. 1-7
NTNU Untitled
12 Brocal, Francisco; Paltrinieri, Nicola; Gonzalez-Gaya, C; Sebastian, M A; Reniers, Genserik.
Approach to the selection of strategies for emerging risk management considering uncertainty as the main decision variable in occupational contexts. Safety Science 2021
NTNU Untitled
13 Buer, Sven-Vegard; Semini, Marco; Strandhagen, Jan Ola; Sgarbossa, Fabio.
The complementary effect of lean manufacturing and digitalisation on operational performance. International Journal of Production Research 2021 ;Volume 59.(7) p. 1976-1992
NTNU Untitled
14 Buer, Sven-Vegard; Strandhagen, Jo Wessel; Semini, Marco; Strandhagen, Jan Ola.
The digitalization of manufacturing: investigating the impact of production environment and company size. Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management 2021 ;Volume 32.(3) p. 621-645
NTNU Untitled
15 Cibicik, Andrej; Egeland, Olav.
Kinematics and Dynamics of Flexible Robotic Manipulators Using Dual Screws. IEEE Transactions on Robotics 2021 ;Volume 37.(1) p. 206-224
NTNU Untitled
16 Dantas, Rita; Correia, J.; Lesiuk, Grzegorz; Rozumek, Dariusz; Zhu, Shun-Peng; de Jesus, A.; Susmel, Luca; Berto, Filippo.
Evaluation of multiaxial high-cycle fatigue criteria under proportional loading for S355 steel. Engineering Failure Analysis 2021 ;Volume 120. p. -
NTNU Untitled
17 Deshpande, Paritosh; Haskins, Cecilia.
Application of Systems Engineering and Sustainable Development Goals towards Sustainable Management of Fishing Gear Resources in Norway. Sustainability 2021 ;Volume 13.(9) Suppl. 4914
NTNU Untitled
18 Diodato, Nazzareno; Bertolin, Chiara; Bellocchi, Gianni; De Ferri, Lavinia; fantini, paolo.
New insights into the world's longest series of monthly snowfall (Parma, Northern Italy, 1777–2018). International Journal of Climatology 2021 ;Volume 41.(S1) p. E1270-E1286
NTNU Untitled
19 Fager, Patrik; Sgarbossa, Fabio; Calzavara, Martina.
Cost modelling of onboard cobot-supported item sorting in a picking system. International Journal of Production Research 2021 p. -
NTNU Untitled
20 Fan, Dongming; Zhang, Aibo; Feng, Qiang; Cai, Baoping; Liu, Yiliu; Ren, Yi.
Group maintenance optimization of subsea Xmas trees with stochastic dependency. Reliability Engineering & System Safety 2021
NTNU Untitled
21 Fan, Yiming; Krauklis, Andrey; Gagani, Abedin; Sæter, Erik; Echtermeyer, Andreas; Muliana, Anastasia H.
Predicting multi-axial diffusion of water in laminated composite structural components. Composite structures 2021 ;Volume 261. p. -
NTNU Untitled
22 Fernandes, Gabriela; Dooley, Lawrence; O'Sullivan, David; Rolstadås, Asbjørn.
Managing Collaborative R&D Projects. I: Managing Collaborative R&D Projects - Leveraging Open Innovation Knowledge-Flows for Co-Creation. Springer 2021 ISBN 978-3-030-61604-5. p. 1-15
NTNU Untitled
23 Fernandes, Gabriela; Dooley, Lawrence; O'Sullivan, David; Rolstadås, Asbjørn.
Managing Collaborative R&D Projects - Leveraging Open Innovation Knowledge-Flows for Co-Creation. Springer 2021 (ISBN 978-3-030-61604-5) 329 p. Contributions to Management Science(2021)
NTNU Untitled
24 Ferro, Paolo; Fabrizi, A.; Bonollo, Franco; Berto, Filippo.
Microstructural and mechanical characterization of a stainless-steel wire mesh–reinforced Al-matrix composite. Frattura ed Integrità Strutturale 2021 ;Volume 15.(55) p. 289-301
NTNU Untitled
25 Finco, Serena; Calzavara, Martina; Sgarbossa, Fabio; Zennaro, Ilenia.
Including rest allowance in mixed-model assembly lines. International Journal of Production Research 2021 p. -
NTNU Untitled
26 Fiorentin, F.K.; Oliveira, B.; Pereira, J.C.R.; Correia, J.; de Jesus, A.; Berto, Filippo.
Fatigue Behavior of Metallic Components Obtained by Topology Optimization for Additive Manufacturing. Frattura ed Integrità Strutturale 2021 ;Volume 15.(55) p. 119-135
NTNU Untitled
27 Foti, Pietro; Razavi, Seyed Mohammad Javad; Ayatollahi, M; Marsavina, L; Berto, Filippo.
On the application of the volume free strain energy density method to blunt V-notches under mixed mode condition. Engineering structures 2021 ;Volume 230. p. -
NTNU Untitled
28 Fragapane, Giuseppe; Hvolby, Hans-Henrik; Sgarbossa, Fabio; Strandhagen, Jan Ola.
Autonomous mobile robots in sterile instrument logistics: An evaluation of the material handling system for a strategic fit framework. Production planning & control (Print) 2021 p. -
NTNU Untitled
29 Fragapane, Giuseppe; Ivanov, Dmitry; Peron, Mirco; Sgarbossa, Fabio; Strandhagen, Jan Ola.
Increasing flexibility and productivity in Industry 4.0 production networks with autonomous mobile robots and smart intralogistics. Annals of Operations Research 2021 p. -
NTNU Untitled
30 Fragapane, Giuseppe; Koster, Rene de; Sgarbossa, Fabio; Strandhagen, Jan Ola.
Planning and control of autonomous mobile robots for intralogistics: Literature review and research agenda. European Journal of Operational Research 2021 p. -
NTNU Untitled
31 Freeman, Ashley Amanda; De Ferri, Lavinia; Mazurek, Joy; Andriulo, Fabrizio; Bertolin, Chiara.
A Multi-Analytical Approach for the Characterization of Seventeenth Century Decorative Wall Paintings in Two Norwegian Stave Churches: A Case Study at Eidsborg and Heddal, Norway. Applied Sciences 2021 ;Volume 11.(8) p. -
NTNU UiO Untitled
32 Funch, Oliver Istad; Marhaug, Robert Nikolai; Kohtala, Sampsa; Steinert, Martin.
Detecting glass and metal in consumer trash bags during waste collection using convolutional neural networks. Waste Management 2021 ;Volume 119. p. 30-38
NTNU Untitled
33 Grans, Sebastian; Tingelstad, Lars.
Blazer: Laser Scanning Simulation using Physically Based Rendering. arXiv 2021
NTNU Untitled
34 Guzman, Nelson H. Carreras; Zhang, Jin; Xie, Jing; Glomsrud, Jon Arne.
A Comparative Study of STPA-Extension and the UFoI-E Method for Safety and Security Co-analysis. Reliability Engineering & System Safety 2021 ;Volume 211.
NTNU Untitled
35 Ha, Taekwang; Ma, Jun; Blindheim, Jørgen; Welo, Torgeir; Ringen, Geir; Wang, Jyhwen.
A computer vision-based, in-situ springback monitoring technique for bending of large profiles. 24th International Conference on Material Forming; 2021-04-14 - 2021-04-16
NTNU Untitled
36 Haaskjold, Haavard; Andersen, Bjørn Sørskot; Langlo, Jan Alexander.
Dissecting the project anatomy: Understanding the cost of managing construction projects. Production planning & control (Print) 2021
NTNU Untitled
37 Haaskjold, Haavard; Andersen, Bjørn Sørskot; Langlo, Jan Alexander; Aarseth, Wenche Kristin.
Follow the collaboration Compass. International Journal of Project Organisation and Management 2021
NORD NTNU Untitled
38 Hachet, Guillaume; Oudriss, A; Barnoush, Afrooz; Hajilou, Tarlan; Wang, Dong; Metsue, A; Feaugas, X.
Antagonist softening and hardening effects of hydrogen investigated using nanoindentation on cyclically pre-strained nickel single crystal. Materials Science & Engineering: A 2021 ;Volume 803. p. -
NTNU Untitled
39 Haskins, Cecilia; Borge, Laila.
Staten bør la næringslivet lede vei. Stat og styring 2021 ;Volume 31.(1) p. 2-5
NTNU Untitled
40 Honoré-Livermore, Evelyn; Birkeland, Roger; Haskins, Cecilia.
Addressing the Sustainable Development Goals with a System-of-Systems for Monitoring Arctic Coastal Regions. SoS Engineering Collaborators Information Exchange; 2021-01-26 - 2021-01-26
NTNU Untitled
41 Hovig, Even Wilberg; S. Azar, Amin; Solberg, Klas; Sørby, Knut.
An investigation of the anisotropic properties of heat-treated maraging steel grade 300 processed by laser powder bed fusion. The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 2021 ;Volume 114. p. 1359-1372
42 Hugaas, Eivind; Echtermeyer, Andreas.
Estimating SN curves for local fiber dominated fatigue failure in ring specimens representing filament wound pressure vessels with damage. Composites Part C: Open Access 2021
NTNU Untitled
43 Hugaas, Eivind; Echtermeyer, Andreas.
Filament wound composite fatigue mechanisms investigated with full field DIC strain monitoring. Open Engineering 2021 ;Volume 11.(1) p. 401-413
NTNU Untitled
44 Ibrion, Mihaela.
On Improving Ocean Safety Culture: Interdisciplinary Learning from Offshore Oil & Gas, Cruise Ships, Aviation, Nuclear and Natural Hazards. Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet 2021 (ISBN 978-82-326-5591-5) 341 p. Doctoral theses at NTNU;2021:16(118)
NTNU Untitled
45 Ibrion, Mihaela; Paltrinieri, Nicola; Nejad, Amir R..
Learning from failures in cruise ship industry: The blackout of Viking Sky in Hustadvika, Norway. Engineering Failure Analysis 2021 ;Volume 125. p. -
NTNU Untitled
46 Iziumova, A. Yu.; Vshivkov, A.N.; Prokhorov, A.E.; Panteleev, I.A.; Mubassarova, V.A.; Plekhov, O.A.; Linderov, Mikhail; Merson, Dmitry; Vinogradov, Alexey.
Heat dissipation and acoustic emission features of titanium alloys in cyclic deformation mode. Acta Mechanica 2021 p. -
NTNU Untitled
47 Johnsen, Håkon Jarand Dugstad; Aksnes, Astrid; Torgersen, Jan.
Beyond the 2D limit: étendue-squeezing line-focus solar concentrators. Optics Letters 2021 ;Volume 46.(1) p. 42-45
NTNU Untitled
48 Jünge, Gabriele Hofinger; Alfnes, Erlend; Nujen, Bella B.; Emblemsvåg, Jan; Kjersem, Kristina.
Understanding and eliminating waste in Engineer-To-Order (ETO) projects: a multiple case study. Production planning & control (Print) 2021 p. -
MF NTNU Untitled
49 Kanyilmaz, Alper; Berto, Filippo; Paoletti, Ingrid; Caringal, Ric Joseph; Mora, Samantha.
Nature-inspired optimization of tubular joints for metal 3D printing. Structural And Multidisciplinary Optimization 2021 ;Volume 63. p. 767-787
NTNU Untitled
50 Karvan, Poorya; Razavi, Seyed Mohammad Javad; Berto, Filippo; Bertolin, Chiara.
Energy density and fracture parameters of coated Scots pine. Construction and Building Materials 2021 ;Volume 290. p. -
NTNU Untitled
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