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1 Brook, Martika Irene; Gwanzura Ottemöller, Fungisai Puleng.
A new life in Norway: the adaptation experiences of unaccompanied refugee minor girls. Children and Youth Services Review 2020 ;Volum 117:105287. s. 1-12
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2 Corbin, J. Hope; Mweemba, Oliver; Gwanzura Ottemöller, Fungisai Puleng; Pederson, Ann; Leitch, Stephanie; Boston-Fisher, Nikita; Matenga, Tulani Francis L.; Delobelle, Peter; Ayele, Christa; Wicker, Josette.
Deconstructing hegemonic epistemologies: an urgent call for anti-racist scholarship for health promotion and Black lives. Health Promotion International 2020 ;Volum 35.(5) s. 889-891
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3 Daniel, Marguerite; Gwanzura Ottemöller, Fungisai; Katisi, Masego; Hollekim, Ragnhild; Tesfazghi, Zebib Zemichael.
Intergenerational perspectives on refugee children and youth's adapatation to life in Norway. Population, Space and Place 2020 ;Volum 26.(6) s. -
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4 Leitch, Stephanie; Corbin, J. Hope; Boston-Fisher, Nikita; Ayele, Christa; Delobelle, Peter; Gwanzura Ottemöller, Fungisai Puleng; Matenga, Tulani Francis L.; Mweemba, Oliver; Pederson, Ann; Wicker, Josette.
Black Lives Matter in health promotion: Moving from unspoken to outspoken. Health Promotion International 2020 ;Volum 36.(4) s. 1160-1169
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5 Cimadamore, Alberto Daniel; Mittelmark, Maurice B; Lie, Gro Therese; Gwanzura Ottemöller, Fungisai Puleng.
Development and Sustainability. The challenge of social change. Zed Books 2016 (ISBN 978-1-78360-623-8) 182 s.
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6 Bjørknes, Ragnhild; Larsen, Marit Hjellset; Ottemöller, Fungisai Puleng; Kjøbli, John.
Exploring mental distress among immigrant mothers participating in parent training. Children and Youth Services Review 2015 ;Volum 51. s. 10-17
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7 Ottemöller, Fungisai Puleng.
Book Review: Growing up with HIV in Zimbabwe: One day this will all be over, 1st ed., Ross Parsons, James Currey Suffilk (2012). Children and Youth Services Review 2014 ;Volum 45. s. 158-159
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