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1 Assuad, Carla Susana Aqudelo; Tvenge, Nina; Martinsen, Kristian.
System dynamics modelling and learning factories for manufacturing systems education. Procedia CIRP 2020 ;Volum 88. s. 15-18
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2 Assuad, Carla Susana Aqudelo.
Understanding Rationality in Sustainable Development Decision-Making: Unfolding the Motivations for Action. Journal of the Knowledge Economy 2019
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3 Assuad, Carla Susana Aqudelo; Asai, Keito; Takata, Shozo; Martinsen, Kristian.
Life cycle simulation assessment of reusability of electric cars in Norway and Japan, a country comparison. The 11th International Symposium on Environmentally Conscious Design and Inverse Manufacturing (EcoDesign 2019); 2019-11-25 - 2019-11-27
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4 Assuad, Carla Susana Aqudelo.
Tensions in Decision-Making the Context of Sustainable Development for Manufacturing Companies. 2018 AOM Annual Meeting; 2018-08-08 - 2018-08-17
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5 Assuad, Carla Susana Aqudelo; Grelland, Hans.
Coping with Decisions First I imagine, then I know. I: Coping with the Future: Rethinking Assumptions for Society, Business and Work. Routledge 2018 ISBN 978-1-138-55932-5.
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6 Moxnes, Erling; Assuad, Carla Susana Aqudelo.
GHG taxes and tradable quotas, experimental evidence of misperceptions and biases. Environmental Economics 2012 ;Volum 3.(2) s. 44-56
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