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1 Belay, Tesfaye Kebede; Eikje, Sigbjørn; Gjuvsland, Arne; Meuwissen, Theodorus.
Effect of fitting a genotypic mean on bias and accuracy of single-step genomic prediction. EAAP conference; 2019-08-26 - 2019-08-30
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2 Belay, Tesfaye Kebede; Dagnachew, Binyam Sime; Boison, Solomon Antwi; Ådnøy, Tormod.
Prediction accuracy of direct and indirect approaches, and their relationships with prediction ability of calibration models. Journal of Dairy Science (JDS) 2018 ;Volume 101.(7) p. 6174-6189
3 Belay, Tesfaye Kebede; Dagnachew, Binyam Sime; Ådnøy, Tormod.
Multi-trait mixed modelling of milk infrared spectral data for better accuracy of prediction. Annual EAAP2018; 2018-08-27 - 2018-08-31
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4 Belay, Tesfaye Kebede; Dagnachew, Binyam Sime; Kowalski, Z.Maciek; Ådnøy, Tormod.
An attempt at predicting blood beta-hydroxybutyrate from Fourier-transform mid-infrared spectra of milk using multivariate mixed models in Polish dairy cattle. Journal of Dairy Science (JDS) 2017 ;Volume 100.(8) p. 6312-6326
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5 Belay, Tesfaye Kebede; Svendsen, Morten; Kowalski, Z.Maciek; Ådnøy, Tormod.
Genetic parameters of blood β-hydroxybutyrate predicted from milk infrared spectra and clinical ketosis, and their associations with milk production traits in Norwegian Red cows. Journal of Dairy Science (JDS) 2017 ;Volume 100.(8) p. 6298-6311
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6 Tadesse, Estefanos; Tucho A, Tesfaye; Belay, Tesfaye Kebede; Woldu, Tatek; Hundesa, Feyisa; Woldu, Gashaye.
Traditional Breeding Management and Morpho Metric Characteristics of Indigenous Harerge Highland Cattle in Eastern Ethiopia. Journal of Biology, Agriculture and Healthcare 2017 ;Volume 7.(9) p. 68-76
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7 Worku, Tesfaye; Rehman, Zia Ur; Talpur, Hira Sajjad; Bhattarai, Dinesh; Ullah, Farman; Malobi, Ngabu; Belay, Tesfaye Kebede; Yang, Liguo.
MicroRNAs: New insight in modulating follicular atresia: A review. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 2017 ;Volume 18:333.(2) p. 1-13
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8 Ådnøy, Tormod; Belay, Tesfaye Kebede; Dagnachew, Binyam Sime.
Keep Mixed Models Multitrait (MMM) to predict derived breeding values. EAAP; 2017-08-28 - 2017-09-01
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9 Belay, Tesfaye Kebede; Ådnøy, Tormod.
Comparison of single- and multi-trait animal models for genetic evaluation of milk production traits. (Abstract p 611.). 67th EAAP2016 Annual Conference, Belfast UK, 29 Aug – 2 Sept 2016; 2016-08-29 - 2016-09-02
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10 Tesfaye, Kebede Belay; Słoniewski, Krzysztof; Kowalski, Z.Maciek; Ådnøy, Tormod.
Predicting ketosis from milk mid infrared (MIR) spectra using multivariate mixed models. Third Dairycare Conference 2015; 2015-10-05 - 2015-10-07
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11 Belay, Tesfaye Kebede; Ådnøy, Tormod.
Use of milk infrared spectra as animal health and welfare indicators. First DairyCare Conference; 2014-08-22 - 2014-08-23
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