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1 Bergsli, Heidi; Hanssen, Gro Sandkjær; Sirowy, Beata.
“Byens offentlige rom som demokratiske arenaer”. I: Bysamfunn. Universitetsforlaget 2019 ISBN 978-82-15-03005-0. p. 29-42
2 Sirowy, Beata.
Culivating Public Spaces conference panel at the Environmental Design and Research Association (EDRA) conference in Brooklyn / USA. Environmental Design and Research Association (EDRA) conference; 2019-05-21 - 2019-05-26
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3 Nicolaysen, Anna Marie; Evensen, Katinka Horgen; Stafseng, Vebjørn Egner; Bogstad, Marie Henriksen; Sirowy, Beata.
Kultivering av det offentlige rom: urbant landbruk som grunnlag for menneskelig utvikling og bærekraftig omstilling i norske byer. Dyrk Nabolaget; 2018-04-27 - 2018-04-28
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4 Sirowy, Beata.
Cultivating Public Spaces: urban agriculture as a basis for human flourishing and sustainability transition in Norwegian cities. Cultivating public spaces: Towards an action plan for change; 2018-11-21 - 2018-11-21
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5 Sirowy, Beata.
Democracy and the communicative dimension of public art. I: Defining Landscape Democracy A Path to Spatial Justice. Edward Elgar Publishing 2018 ISBN 978-1-78643-833-1. p. 222-233
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6 Sirowy, Beata; Murphy, Melissa Anna; Nicolaysen, Anna Marie.
Cultivating Public Spaces: urban agriculture as a basis for human flourishing and sustainability transition in Norwegian cities. BYFORSK-Seminar; 2018-01-18 - 2018-01-18
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7 Sirowy, Beata.
“Art at the margins of contemporary democracies” A review of: Zabala, S. (2017) Why only art can save us: Aesthetics and the absence of emergency. New York: Columbia University Press.. Ephemera : Theory and Politics in Organization 2017 ;Volume 3.
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8 Sirowy, Beata.
Byutvikling fra et sosialt perspektiv.. Første innspillsmøte for ny arkitekturpolitikk; 2017-03-10
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9 Sirowy, Beata.
“Cities for Communities”. KOTE 2017 (9)
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10 Sirowy, Beata.
Urban agriculture and the quality of life in Norwegian cities. A social sustainability perspective. Fremtidsfestivalen: Det grønne skiftet – fra ord til handling; 2017-09-05
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11 Sirowy, Beata.
Urban agriculture and the right to the city.. Retten til byen og medvirkning.; 2017-11-23
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12 Sirowy, Beata.
Urban agriculture: perspectives from the Global North and the Global South.. NORAD seminar: Dynamics between rural and urban communities in the context of rapid urban expansion in developing countries.; 2017-12-12
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13 Sirowy, Beata; Tjetjen, Anne; Lamm, Bettina; Parker, Peter.
“Towards a framework for assessing democratic qualities of public space design: The case of Superkilen, Denmark”. Changing Cities Conference; 2017-06-26 - 2017-06-30
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14 Sirowy, Beata.
Book review: W. F. Preiser, A. T. Davis, A. M. Salama and A. Hardy, eds. (2015) Architecture Beyond Criticism. Expert judgment and performance evaluation. London: Routledge. FormAkademisk - Forskningstidsskriftet for design og designdidaktikk 2016 ;Volume 9.(2)
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15 Sirowy, Beata.
Conference paper “Planning, public spaces and MacIntyre’s virtue ethics: beyond neoliberal urban development”. Communities in Transition: Culture, Critical Enquiry and Tradition. The 10th Annual Conference of the International Society for MacIntyrean Enquiry. The Institute of Philosophy, The University of Wroclaw; 2016-05-16 - 2016-05-19
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16 Sirowy, Beata.
Conference paper: "Public spaces in a compact city: planning for social capital”. The 5th International Degrowth Conference, Corvinus University, Budapest; 2016-08-30 - 2016-09-03
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17 Sirowy, Beata.
Hermeneutics, Aesthetics, and the Arts. I: Routledge Companion to Hermeneutics. Routledge 2015 ISBN 978-0-41564458-7. p. 519-540
NMBU Untitled
18 Sirowy, Beata.
“Mindre rom for folk flest?” (2015) (w/ G. Sandkjær-Hanssen and V. Selvig). Aftenposten [Newspaper] 2015-05-09
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19 Sirowy, Beata.
Offentlig rom i en kompakt by.. I: Kompakt byutvikling. Muligheter og utfordringer. Universitetsforlaget 2015 ISBN 978-82-15-02421-9. p. 193-206
NMBU Untitled
20 Sirowy, Beata; Saglie, Inger-Lise.
Public Art in Norway: Democracy, Emancipation and Participation. I: Hva betyr landskapsdemokrati? - Defining Landscape Democracy (Conference Reader). Ås: Centre for Landscape Democracy, NMBU 2015 ISBN 978-82-575-1279-8. p. 88-89
NMBU Untitled
21 Sirowy, Beata.
"Architectural ethics: a phenomenological perspective". I: Contemporary Philosophy: a New Survey. Ethics or Moral Philosophy. G. Fløistad (ed.). Springer 2014 ISBN 9789400768949. p. 177-194
NMBU Untitled
22 Sirowy, Beata.
“The nature of causation”. Causality and the Built Environment seminar; 2014-05-23
NMBU Untitled
23 Sirowy, Beata.
“Urban public spaces: the local and global dimension.” KOTE # 4 Allmenhetens rom. Pp. 73-75. KOTE 2014 (4) p. 73-75
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24 Sirowy, Beata.
1. “Philosophical aesthetics: the character of aesthetic experience and aesthetic judgements.”2. “Environmental aesthetics: mapping the field.”. Environmental Aesthetics seminar; 2014-04-30
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25 Berg, Arild; Sirowy, Beata.
Conference paper: "The materiality of art in knowledge production". The Art of Research 2012. Making, Reflecting and Understanding; 2012-11-28 - 2012-11-29
HIOA NMBU Untitled
26 Sirowy, Beata.
Among paradigms: Major ways of framing user-related problems in contemporary architectural discourse. FormAkademisk - Forskningstidsskriftet for design og designdidaktikk 2012 ;Volume 5.(1) p. 81-111
NMBU Untitled
27 Sirowy, Beata.
Phenomenological concepts in architecture: towards a user-oriented practice. Oslo: Arkitektur- og designhøgskolen i Oslo 2010 (46)
AHO Untitled
28 Sirowy, Beata.
Renegotiating place : the transformation of urban places in an information society. I: The electronic city. Berliner Wissenschafts-Verlag 2008 ISBN 978-3-8305-1452-7. p. 45-64
AHO Untitled
29 Sirowy, Beata.
Between Theory and Practice: Restoring the Ethical Dimension. Nordic Planning Research Symposium -'Local Authority Planning in Change: Beyond Dichotomies'; 2007-08-16 - 2007-08-18
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30 Sirowy, Beata.
Understanding the information society : the potentials of phenomenological apporach. I: Media and urban space : understanding, investigating and approaching mediacity. Frank & Timme 2007 p. 45-64
AHO Untitled
31 Sirowy, Beata.
Information society : the potentials of phenomenological approach. MEDIACITY International Conference : Media and Urban Space Challenge; 2006-11-10 - 2006-11-12
AHO Untitled
32 Sirowy, Beata.
Renegotiating place. The transformation of urban places in an information society. European Commission programme: Future Urban Research in Europe: FUTURE. International Conference; 2006-02-02 - 2006-02-05
AHO Untitled
33 Sirowy, Beata.
Two Visions of Architecture and the Problem of Representation. I: Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art. Springer Publishing Company 2006 ISBN 1-4020-5068-2.
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