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1 Heitmann, Kim Arne; Løchen, Maja-Lisa; Hopstock, Laila Arnesdatter; Stylidis, Michael; Welde, Boye; Schirmer, Henrik; Morseth, Bente.
Cross-sectional associations between accelerometry-measured physical activity, left atrial size, and indices of left ventricular diastolic dysfunction: The Tromsø Study. Preventive Medicine Reports 2021 ;Volume 21.
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2 Nilsen, Linn; Hopstock, Laila Arnesdatter; Skeie, Guri; Grimsgaard, Sameline; Lundblad, Marie Wasmuth.
The Educational Gradient in Intake of Energy and Macronutrients in the General Adult and Elderly Population: The Tromsø Study 2015–2016. Nutrients 2021
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3 Stangvaltaite-Mouhat, Lina; Furberg, Anne-Sofie; Drachev, Sergei Nikolaevich; Trovik, Tordis A.
Common social determinants for overweight and obesity, and dental caries among adolescents in Northern Norway: a cross-sectional study from the Tromsø Study Fit Futures cohort. BMC Oral Health 2021
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4 Aars, Nils Abel; Beldo, Sigurd; Jacobsen, Bjarne K.; Horsch, Alexander; Morseth, Bente; Emaus, Nina; Furberg, Anne-Sofie; Grimsgaard, Sameline.
Association between objectively measured physical activity and longitudinal changes in body composition in adolescents : the Tromsø study fit futures cohort. BMJ Open 2020 ;Volume 10.(10) p. 1-9
5 Bekkelund, Svein Ivar.
Leisure physical exercise and creatine kinase activity. The Tromsø study. Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports 2020 p. -
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6 Beldo, Sigurd; Morseth, Bente; Christoffersen, Tore; Halvorsen, Peder Andreas; Hansen, Bjørge Hermann; Furberg, Anne-Sofie; Ekelund, Ulf; Horsch, Alexander.
Prevalence of accelerometer-measured physical activity in adolescents in Fit Futures - part of the Tromsø Study. BMC Public Health 2020 ;Volume 20. p. -
7 Budrionis, Andrius; Wynn, Rolf; Ruiz, Luis Marco; Yigzaw, Kassaye Yitbarek; Bergvik, Svein; Oyeyemi, Sunday Oluwafemi; Bellika, Johan Gustav.
Impact of the use of electronic health tools on the psychological and emotional well-being of electronic health service users (The Seventh Tromsø Study - Part 3): Population-based questionnaire study. Journal of Medical Internet Research 2020 ;Volume 22:e13118.(3) p. 1-16
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8 Farbu, Erlend Hoftun; Höper, Anje Christina; Brenn, Tormod; Skandfer, Morten.
Is working in a cold environment associated with musculoskeletal complaints 7–8 years later? A longitudinal analysis from the Tromsø Study. International Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health 2020 p. -
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9 Gravningen, Kirsten Midttun; Field, Nigel; Blix, Hege Salvesen; Asfeldt, Anne Mette; Småbrekke, Lars.
Non-prescription purchase of antibiotics during travel abroad among a general adult population in Norway: Findings from the seventh Tromsø Study. PLOS ONE 2020 ;Volume 15.(2) p. -
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10 Mathisen Hald, Erin; Løchen, Maja-Lisa; Lappegård, Jostein; Ellingsen, Trygve; Mathiesen, Ellisiv B.; Wilsgaard, Tom; Njølstad, Inger; Brækkan, Sigrid Kufaas; Hansen, John-Bjarne.
Red Cell Distribution Width and Risk of Atrial Fibrillation and Subsequent Thromboembolism: The Tromsø Study. TH Open 2020 ;Volume 4.(3) p. e280-e287
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11 Mathisen Hald, Erin; Løchen, Maja-Lisa; Mathiesen, Ellisiv B; Wilsgaard, Tom; Njølstad, Inger; Brækkan, Sigrid; Hansen, John-Bjarne.
Atrial fibrillation, venous thromboembolism, ischemic stroke, and all-cause mortality: The Tromsø study. Research and Practice in Thrombosis and Haemostasis 2020 ;Volume 4.(6) p. 1004-1012
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12 Hestad, Knut; Engedal, Knut; Schirmer, Henrik; Strand, Bjørn Heine.
The effect of blood pressure on cognitive performance. An 8-year follow-up of the Tromsø Study, comprising people aged 45–74 Years. Frontiers in Psychology 2020 ;Volume 11. p. -
13 Hindenes, Lars Bakke; Håberg, Asta Kristine; Mathiesen, Ellisiv B; Vangberg, Torgil Riise.
An incomplete Circle of Willis is not a risk factor for white matter hyperintensities: The Tromsø Study. Journal of Neurological Sciences 2020 ;Volume 420.
14 Iakunchykova, Olena; Averina, Maria; Wilsgaard, Tom; Watkins, Hugh; Malyutina, Sofia; Ragino, Yulia; Keogh, Ruth; Kudryavtsev, Alexander V; Govorun, Vadim; Cook, Sarah Anne; Schirmer, Henrik; Eggen, Anne Elise; Hopstock, Laila Arnesdatter; Leon, David Adrew.
Why does Russia have such high cardiovascular mortality rates? Comparisons of blood-based biomarkers with Norway implicate non-ischaemic cardiac damage.. Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health 2020 ;Volume 74.(9) p. 698-704
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15 Johansson, Jonas; Strand, Bjørn Heine; Morseth, Bente; Hopstock, Laila Arnesdatter; Grimsgaard, Sameline.
Differences in sarcopenia prevalence between upper-body and lower-body based EWGSOP2 muscle strength criteria: the Tromsø study 2015–2016. BMC Geriatrics 2020 ;Volume 20. p. -
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16 Jorde, Rolf; Grimnes, Guri.
Increased calcium intake is associated lower serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels in subjects with adequate vitamin D intake: a population-based observational study. BMC Nutrition 2020 ;Volume 6.(1) p. -
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17 Kubiak, Julia Magdalena; Kamycheva, Elena; Jorde, Rolf.
Tracking of serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D during 21 years. European Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2020 p. -
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18 Løvsletten, Ola; Jacobsen, Bjarne Koster; Grimsgaard, Sameline; Njølstad, Inger; Wilsgaard, Tom; Løchen, Maja-Lisa; Eggen, Anne Elise; Hopstock, Laila Arnesdatter.
Prevalence of general and abdominal obesity in 2015–2016 and 8-year longitudinal weight and waist circumference changes in adults and elderly: the Tromsø Study. BMJ Open 2020 ;Volume 10.
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19 Madar, Ahmed Ali; Heen, Espen Kolstad; Hopstock, Laila Arnesdatter; Carlsen, Monica Hauger; Meyer, Haakon E.
Iodine intake in Norwegian women and men: The population-based Tromsø Study 2015–2016. Nutrients 2020 ;Volume 12.(11) p. 1-13
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20 Melbye, Hasse; Stylidis, Michael; Aviles Solis, Juan Carlos; Averina, Maria; Schirmer, Henrik.
Prediction of chronic heart failure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in a general population: the Tromsø study. ESC Heart Failure 2020 ;Volume 7.(6) p. 4139-4150
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21 Morseth, Bente; Hopstock, Laila Arnesdatter.
Time trends in physical activity in the Tromsø study: An update. PLOS ONE 2020 ;Volume 15:e0231581.(4) p. 1-11
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22 Norbye, Anja M. Davis; Abelsen, Birgit; Førde, Olav Helge; Ringberg, Unni.
Distribution of health anxiety in a general adult population and associations with demographic and social network characteristics. Psychological Medicine 2020
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23 Nyrønning, Linn Ålstedt; Skoog, Per; Videm, Vibeke; Mattsson, Erney.
Is the aortic size index relevant as a predictor of abdominal aortic aneurysm? A population-based prospective study: the Tromsø study. Scandinavian Cardiovascular Journal 2020 ;Volume 54.(2) p. 130-137
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24 Olsen, Jan Abel; Lindberg, Marie Hella; Lamu, Admassu Nadew.
Health and wellbeing in Norway: Population norms and the social gradient. Social Science and Medicine 2020 ;Volume 259. p. -
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25 Opdal, Ida Marie; Larsen, Lill Sverresdatter; Hopstock, Laila Arnesdatter; Schirmer, Henrik; Lorem, Geir F.
A prospective study on the effect of selfreported health and leisure time physical activity on mortality among an ageing population: results from the Tromsø study. BMC Public Health 2020 ;Volume 20:575. p. 1-15
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26 Opdal, Ida Marie; Morseth, Bente; Handegård, Bjørn Helge; Lillevoll, Kjersti; Nilsen, Wendy; Nielsen, Christopher Sivert; Furberg, Anne-Sofie; Rosenbaum, Simon; Rognmo, Kamilla.
Is change in mental distress among adolescents predicted by sedentary behavior or screen time? Results from the longitudinal population study The Tromsø Study: Fit Futures. BMJ Open 2020 ;Volume 10.(2) p. -
27 Ruiz, Luis Marco; Wynn, Rolf; Oyeyemi, Sunday Oluwafemi; Budrionis, Andrius; Yigzaw, Kassaye Yitbarek; Bellika, Johan Gustav.
Impact of Illness on Electronic Health Use (The Seventh Tromsø Study - Part 2): Population-Based Questionnaire Study. Journal of Medical Internet Research 2020 ;Volume 22:e13116.(3) p. 1-13
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28 Sagelv, Edvard Hamnvik; Ekelund, Ulf; Hopstock, Laila Arnesdatter; Aars, Nils Abel; Fimland, Marius Steiro; Jacobsen, Bjarne K.; Løvsletten, Ola; Wilsgaard, Tom; Morseth, Bente.
Do declines in occupational physical activity contribute to population gains in body mass index? Tromsø Study 1974–2016. Occupational and Environmental Medicine 2020 ;Volume 78. p. 203-210
29 Sejrup, Joakim Knutsen; Morelli, Vania Maris; Løchen, Maja-Lisa; Njølstad, Inger; Mathiesen, Ellisiv B.; Wilsgaard, Tom; Hansen, John-Bjarne; Brækkan, Sigrid Kufaas.
Myocardial infarction, prothrombotic genotypes, and venous thrombosis risk: The Tromsø Study. Research and Practice in Thrombosis and Haemostasis 2020 ;Volume 4.(2) p. 247-254
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30 Sivertsen, Børge; Friborg, Oddgeir; Pallesen, Ståle; Vedaa, Øystein; Hopstock, Laila Arnesdatter.
Sleep in the land of the midnight sun and polar night: The Tromsø study. Chronobiology International 2020 Suppl. 0 p. 1-10
31 Sivertsen, Børge; Pallesen, Ståle; Friborg, Oddgeir; Nilsen, Kristian Bernhard; Bakke, Øystein; Goll, Jonas Bjørnskov; Hopstock, Laila Arnesdatter.
Sleep patterns and insomnia in a large population-based study of middle-aged and older adults: The Tromsø study 2015–2016. Journal of Sleep Research 2020 ;Volume 30.(1) p. -
32 Thimm, Jens; Kristoffersen, Agnete Egilsdatter; Ringberg, Unni.
The prevalence of severe grief reactions after bereavement and their associations with mental health, physical health, and health service utilization: a population-based study. European Journal of Psychotraumatology 2020 ;Volume 11.(1)
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33 Hindenes, Lars Bakke; Håberg, Asta; Johnsen, Liv-Hege; Mathiesen, Ellisiv B.; David, Robben; Vangberg, Torgil Riise.
Variations in the Circle of Willis in a large population sample using 3D TOF angiography: The Tromsø Study. PLOS ONE 2020 ;Volume 15.(11)
34 Wilsgaard, Tom; Vangen-Lønne, Anne Merete; Mathiesen, Ellisiv B; Løchen, Maja-Lisa; Njølstad, Inger; Heiss, Gerardo; Danaei, Goodarz.
Hypothetical interventions and risk of myocardial infarction in a general population: application of the parametric g-formula in a longitudinal cohort study-the Tromsø Study. BMJ Open 2020 ;Volume 10.(5)
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35 Wynn, Rolf; Oyeyemi, Sunday Oluwafemi; Budrionis, Andrius; Ruiz, Luis Marco; Yigzaw, Kassaye Yitbarek; Bellika, Johan Gustav.
Electronic Health Use in a Representative Sample of 18,497 Respondents in Norway (The Seventh Tromsø Study - Part 1): Population-Based Questionnaire Study. JMIR Medical Informatics 2020 ;Volume 8.(3)
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36 Yigzaw, Kassaye Yitbarek; Wynn, Rolf; Ruiz, Luis Marco; Budrionis, Andrius; Oyeyemi, Sunday Oluwafemi; Fagerlund, Asbjørn Johansen; Bellika, Johan Gustav.
The association between health information seeking on the internet and physician visits (The Seventh Tromsø Study - Part 4): Population-based questionnaire study. Journal of Medical Internet Research 2020 ;Volume 22:e13120.(3) p. 1-18
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37 Årnes, Anders; Nielsen, Christopher Sivert; Stubhaug, Audun; Fjeld, Mats Kirkeby; Hopstock, Laila Arnesdatter; Horsch, Alexander; Johansen, Aslak; Morseth, Bente; Wilsgaard, Tom; Steingrímsdóttir, Ólöf Anna.
Physical activity and cold pain tolerance in the general population. European Journal of Pain 2020 p. -
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38 Aars, Nils Abel; Jacobsen, Bjarne Koster; Morseth, Bente; Emaus, Nina; Grimsgaard, Sameline.
Longitudinal changes in body composition and waist circumference by self-reported levels of physical activity in leisure among adolescents: the Tromsø Study, Fit Futures. BMC sports science, medicine and rehabilitation 2019 ;Volume 11.(1)
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39 Alarkawi, Dunia; Bluic, Dana; Tran, T; Ahmed, Luai A; Emaus, Nina; Bjørnerem, Åshild; Jørgensen, Lone; Christoffersen, Tore; Eisman, JA; Center, JR.
Impact of osteoporotic fracture type and subsequent fracture on mortality: The Tromsø Study. Osteoporosis International 2019 ;Volume 31.(1) p. 119-130
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40 Averina, Maria; Brox, Jan; Huber, Sandra; Furberg, Anne-Sofie; Sørensen, Martin.
Serum perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS)and risk of various allergies in adolescents. The Tromsø study Fit Futures in Northern Norway. Environmental Research 2019 ;Volume 169. p. 114-121
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41 Aviles Solis, Juan Carlos; Jacome, Cristina; Davidsen, Anne Herefoss; Einarsen, Raimonda; Vanbelle, Sophie; Pasterkamp, Hans; Melbye, Hasse.
Prevalence and clinical associations of wheezes and crackles in the general population: The Troms? study. BMC Pulmonary Medicine 2019 ;Volume 19.(1)
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42 Balteskard Rinde, Ludvig; Morelli, Vania Maris; Småbrekke, Birgit; Mathiesen, Ellisiv B.; Løchen, Maja-Lisa; Njølstad, Inger; Wilsgaard, Tom; Smith, Erin N.; Rosendaal, Frits Richard; Frazer, Kelly A.; Brækkan, Sigrid Kufaas; Hansen, John-Bjarne.
Effect of prothrombotic genotypeson the risk of venous thromboembolism in patients withand without ischemic stroke. The Tromsø Study. Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis 2019 ;Volume 17.(5) p. 749-758
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43 Bergland, Astrid; Strand, Bjørn Heine.
Norwegian reference values for the Short Physical Performance Battery (SPPB): the Tromso Study. BMC Geriatrics 2019 ;Volume 19. p. -
44 Bjøri, Esben; Johnsen, Håkon Sandbukt; Hansen, John-Bjarne; Brækkan, Sigrid Kufaas.
Hospitalization as a trigger for venous thromboembolism – Results from a population-based case-crossover study. Thrombosis Research 2019 ;Volume 176. p. 115-119
UiT UNN Untitled
45 Brenn, Tormod.
Survival to age 90 in men: The tromsø study 1974–2018. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (IJERPH) 2019 ;Volume 16.(11)
UiT Untitled
46 Brustad, Magritt; Bongo, Ann Kristine Sara; Hansen, Ketil Lenert; Trovik, Tordis A; Oscarson, Nils; Jönsson, Birgitta.
Oral health in the indigenous Sámi population in Norway – the dental health in the North study. Acta Odontologica Scandinavica 2019 p. -
SA/SH THTKS UiT Untitled
47 Børvik, Trond; Brækkan, Sigrid Kufaas; Evensen, Line; Brodin, Ellen Elisabeth; Morelli, Vania Maris; Melbye, Hasse; Hansen, John-Bjarne.
Chronic obstructive pulmonary Disease and risk of mortality in patients with venous thromboembolism - the Tromsø Study. Thrombosis and Haemostasis 2019 p. -
UiT UNN Untitled
48 Evensen, Line Holtet; Isaksen, Trond; Brækkan, Sigrid Kufaas; Hansen, John-Bjarne.
Cardiorespiratory fitness and future risk of venous thromboembolism. Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis 2019 p. 1-9
UiT UNN Untitled
49 Evensen, Line Holtet; Isaksen, Trond; Brækkan, Sigrid Kufaas; Hansen, John-Bjarne.
Physical activity and risk of recurrence and mortality after incident venous thromboembolism. Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis 2019 ;Volume 17.(6) p. 901-911
UiT UNN Untitled
50 Farbu, Erlend Hoftun; Skandfer, Morten; Nielsen, Christopher Sivert; Brenn, Tormod; Stubhaug, Audun; Höper, Anje Christina.
Working in a cold environment, feeling cold at work and chronic pain: a cross-sectional analysis of the Tromsø Study. BMJ Open 2019 ;Volume 9:e031248.(11) p. 1-8
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