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1 Hanson, Erik Andreas; Hodneland, Erlend; Lorentzen, Rolf Johan; Nævdal, Geir; Nordbotten, Jan Martin; Sævareid, Ove; Zanna, Antonella.
Mathematics and Medicine: How mathematics, modelling and simulations can lead to better diagnosis and treatments. Lecture Notes in Computational Science and Engineering 2019 ;Volume 126. p. 66-82
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2 Hodneland, Erlend; Hanson, Erik Andreas; Sævareid, Ove; Nævdal, Geir; Lundervold, Arvid; Solteszova, Veronika; Zanna, Antonella; Deistung, Andreas; Reichenbach, Jürgen; Nordbotten, Jan Martin.
A new framework for assessing subject-specific whole brain circulation and perfusion using MRI-based measurements and a multi-scale continuous flow model. PLoS Computational Biology 2019 ;Volume 15:e1007073.(6) p. 1-31
3 Nilsen, Geir Kjetil; Brun, Morten; Zanna, Antonella; Skaug, Hans J..
Efficient Computation of Hessian Matrices in TensorFlow. 2019
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4 Qohar, Ulin Nuha Abdul; Zanna, Antonella; Nordbotten, Jan Martin; Hanson, Erik Andreas.
A study of blood flow regulation on collateral circulation using multiscale flow model. ICIAM 2019; 2019-07-15 - 2019-07-19
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5 Qohar, Ulin Nuha Abdul; Zanna, Antonella; Nordbotten, Jan Martin; Hanson, Erik Andreas.
Fractal vascular structure optimization based on a multi-scale blood flow model. ICIAM 2019; 2019-07-15 - 2019-07-19
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6 Sætran, Nicolai; Zanna, Antonella.
Chains of rigid bodies and their numerical simulation by local frame methods. Journal of Computational Dynamics 2019 ;Volume 6.(2) p. 260-278
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7 Zanna, Antonella.
Mathematics and Medicine. Some interdisciplinary projects at the University of Bergen. Invited lecture; 2019-10-08
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8 Zanna, Antonella.
On the construction of some symplectic P-stable additive Runge—Kutta methods. Optimal Control Seminars, University of Oxford; 2019-12-02
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9 Zanna, Antonella.
Symplectic P-stable Additive Runge--Kutta Methods. 2019
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10 Zanna, Antonella.
UHT-MNT Fagorgan i matematikk og Norsk matematikkråd. UHR-MNT møte; 2019-11-07 - 2019-11-08
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11 ; Gimse, Håkon.
Convolutional Neural Networks for Malaria Detection. : Universitetet i Bergen 2019 71 p.
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12 Zanna, Antonella; Owren, Brynjulf.
Holmboeprisen 2018. Tangenten - Tidsskrift for matematikkundervisning 2019 (1) p. 11-12
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