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1 Stølen, Kristi Anne.
Colono Algodonero,Santa Fe, Argentina Siglo XIX-XX.. I: Diccionario del agro iberamericano. Buenos Aires, Argentina: Teseo Press 2019 ISBN 9789878629674.
UiO Untitled
2 Stølen, Kristi Anne.
Una compañera por distintos mundos. Revista del Museo Antropológico 2019 ;Volume 12.(3) p. 97-98
UiO Untitled
3 Stølen, Kristi Anne.
Responding to economic opportunities: Changes in land tenure and use among Argentine farmers.. LASA Congress 2018: Latin American Studies in a Globalized World; 2018-05-23 - 2018-05-26
UiO Untitled
4 Stølen, Kristi Anne.
The Soy Boom in Argentina: A Blessing or a Curse?. Workshop; 2018-11-13 - 2018-11-14
UiO Untitled
5 Stølen, Kristi Anne.
Gender and Agricultural Change in Argentina: The Impact of Gene Modified Soybean Revolution. Norwegian research on Latin America. Seminar for Latin American Embassies in Oslo Seminar for Latin American embassies in Oslo; 2016-11-03 - 2016-11-03
UiO Untitled
6 Stølen, Kristi Anne.
The impacts of global agro-industrial production on farmers in Argentina. Annual Conference; 2016-05-27 - 2016-05-30
UiO Untitled
7 Stølen, Kristi Anne.
Agricultural change in Argentina: Impacts of the Gene Modified Soybean Revolution. I: Emerging Economies and Challenges to Sustainability: Theories, strategies, local realities. Routledge 2015 ISBN 978-0-415-74732-5. p. 149-161
UiO Untitled
8 Stølen, Kristi Anne.
Eva Peron: An extraordinary woman. Evita - An inspiring life and legacy; 2015-08-24 - 2015-08-24
UiO Untitled
9 Stølen, Kristi Anne.
Hacia la Igualdad de género: Experiencias de Noruega.. “Towards equality and development: Latina America - Norway dialogue"; 2015-03-30 - 2015-03-31
UiO Untitled
10 Stølen, Kristi Anne.
Methodological and practical challenges of doing ethnographic research in Latin America. Doing Ethnography in Latin America: Contemporary discussions”; 2015-09-11 - 2015-09-12
UiO Untitled
11 Stølen, Kristi Anne.
The Impact of GMOs on Argentine Farmers. “Doing Ethnography in Latin America: Contemporary discussions”; 2015-09-11 - 2015-09-12
UiO Untitled
12 Stølen, Kristi Anne.
Doing fieldwork in Latin America. Latin-Amarikaforskning; 2014-05-14 - 2014-05-14
UiO Untitled
13 Stølen, Kristi Anne.
From Family Farms to Agribusiness: Impact of the Gene Modified Soybean Revolution in Argentina. NOLAN 2013 conference; 2013-11-27 - 2013-11-29
UiO Untitled
14 Stølen, Kristi Anne.
Genmodifisert soya: Tømmer landsbygda i Argentina for folk. Apollon [Business/trade/industry journal] 2013-04-04
UiO Untitled
15 Nesheim, Ingrid; Stølen, Kristi Anne.
The Impact of Migration on Knowledge and Use of Natural Resources. I: Development and Environment: Practices, Theories, Policies. Akademisk Forlag 2012 ISBN 9788232100330. p. 275-292
UiO Untitled
16 Nesheim, Ingrid; Stølen, Kristi Anne.
The influence of local institutions for sustainable xate harvest in a returnee community in the Maya Biosphere Reserve in Petén Guatemala. Journal of Sustainable Development 2012 ;Volume 5.(3) p. 46-58
UiO Untitled
17 Stølen, Kristi Anne.
The Empowerment of Exile: Gender Relations among Guatemalan Returnees. I: Development and Environment: Practices, Theories, Policies. Akademisk Forlag 2012 ISBN 9788232100330. p. 209-223
UiO Untitled
18 Aguilar-Støen, Mariel; Angelsen, Arild; Stølen, Kristi Anne; Moe, Stein Ragnar.
The Emergence, Persistence, and Current Challenges of Coffee Forest Gardens: A Case Study From Candelaria Loxicha, Oaxaca, Mexico. Society & Natural Resources 2011 ;Volume 24.(12) p. 1235-1251
UiO NMBU Untitled
19 Stølen, Kristi Anne.
Is Gender Inequality Still a Question of Decency? Revisiting Gender, Power and Social Change in the Argentine Prairie. Revisiting and Rethinking Gender in Development; 2009-06-25 - 2009-06-26
UiO Untitled
20 Stølen, Kristi Anne.
Place and identity among Guatemalan returnees. Forum for Development Studies 2009 ;Volume 36.(1) p. 79-103
UiO Untitled
21 Stølen, Kristi Anne.
Somos revueltos: comunidad y identidad entre retornados guatemaltecos. First Annual Norwegian Latin American Research Conference: Contributing to a Better Future? The Role of Norway based Latin American Research; 2009-11-12 - 2009-11-13
UiO Untitled
22 Stølen, Kristi Anne; Lichtenstein, Gabriella; Renaudeau d'Arc, Nadine.
Local Participation in Vicuña Management. I: The vicuña: The theory and practice of community based wildlife management. Springer 2009 ISBN 9780387094755. p. 81-96
UiO Untitled
23 Bull, Benedicte; Borchgrevink, Axel; Øi, Vibeke; Stølen, Kristi Anne.
Norway's Strategic Interests in Central America. Oslo: Senter for Utvikling og Miljø, Universitetet i Oslo 2008 (ISBN 82-90391-63-3) 35 p. SUM-report(15)
UiO Untitled
24 Stølen, Kristi Anne.
Machos, putas, santas. Antropofagia 2008 (ISBN 9789871238354) 256 p.
UiO Untitled
25 Nesse, Sølvi; Stølen, Kristi Anne; Bleiklie, Ivar; Dyrhaug, Sissel.
Utredning av modeller for etablering av permanent kunnskapsmiljø på Latin-Amerika i Norge. Sandvika: Agenda 2007 80 p.
UiB UiO Untitled
26 Stølen, Kristi Anne.
Dagsnytt 18. NRK [Radio] 2007-10-26
UiO Untitled
27 Stølen, Kristi Anne.
Evaluering av norsk utviklingsforskning. Hva mener miljøene. Forskningspolitikk 2007 (3-4)
UiO Untitled
28 Stølen, Kristi Anne.
Guatemalans in the Aftermath of Violence. The Refugees' Return. University of Pennsylvania Press 2007 (ISBN 0-8122-4008-1) 236 p.
UiO Untitled
29 Stølen, Kristi Anne.
Home in Migration: Place and Identity among Guatemalan Returnees. SAI instituttseminar; 2007-03-21 - 2007-03-21
UiO Untitled
30 Stølen, Kristi Anne.
In the Aftermath of Violence: Resilience and Reconstruction among Guatemalan Returnees. Latin American Studies Association (LASA); 2007-09-05 - 2007-09-08
UiO Untitled
31 Stølen, Kristi Anne.
Kjønn i Latin-Amerika. Utviklingsstudier; 2007-02-26 - 2007-02-26
UiO Untitled
32 Stølen, Kristi Anne.
Nødhjelp og politikk. Boklansering; 2007-03-19 - 2007-03-19
UiO Untitled
33 Stølen, Kristi Anne.
URIX. NRK [TV] 2007-11-01
UiO Untitled
34 Stølen, Kristi Anne; Bull, Benedicte.
Latin-Amerika og kunnskapens geopolitikk. Fagseminar om Sør-Amerika; 2007-02-12 - 2007-02-12
UiO Untitled
35 Nesheim, Ingrid; Dhillion, Shivcharn S.; Stølen, Kristi Anne.
What happens to traditional knowledge and use of natural resources when people migrate?. Human Ecology (New York, N.Y.) 2006 ;Volume 34.(1) p. 99-131
UiO Untitled
36 Stølen, Kristi Anne.
"Changing identities among GuatemalanReturnees". CERES Research Seminar; 2005-11-03 - 2005-11-03
UiO Untitled
37 Stølen, Kristi Anne.
Contradictory Notions of the State: Returned Refugees in Guatemala. I: State Formation Anthropological Perspectives. Pluto Press 2005 ISBN 0-7453-2441-X. p. 142-167
UiO Untitled
38 Stølen, Kristi Anne.
Preparando investigación en Petén, Guatemala. Doktorgradskurs; 2005-11-01 - 2005-11-04
UiO Untitled
39 Stølen, Kristi Anne.
Trabajo de campo en Argentina y Guatemala: Diferencias y similtudes. "Doing Ethnography in Latin America"; 2005-10-13 - 2005-10-14
UiO Untitled
40 Stølen, Kristi Anne.
Inequality in Latin America in a Nordic perspective. Ethical Dimension of Development: Challenges for Latin America and the Role of IDB.; 2004-02-27
UiO Untitled
41 Stølen, Kristi Anne.
La decencia de la desigualdad: Género y poder en el campo argentino. Buenos Aires: Editorial Antropofagia 2004 (ISBN 987-21387-1-0) 249 p.
UiO Untitled
42 Stølen, Kristi Anne.
Maya Resurgence in Guatemala Experiencias Q'eqchi'es. Revista Europea de Estudios Latinoamericanos y del Caribe 2004 (77) p. 116-118
UiO Untitled
43 Stølen, Kristi Anne.
Place and Identity among Guatemalan Returnees. 8th Biannial EASA Conference; 2004-09-08 - 2004-09-12
UiO Untitled
44 Stølen, Kristi Anne.
Poverty, Inequality and Elites in Latin America. Poverty and Development: An Interdisciplinary Doctoral Course; 2004-10-14 - 2004-10-17
UiO Untitled
45 Stølen, Kristi Anne.
The Reconstruction of Community and Identity among Guatemalan Returnees. Revista Europea de Estudios Latinoamericanos y del Caribe 2004 ;Volume 77. p. 3-24
UiO Untitled
46 Nesheim, Ingrid; Dhillion, Shivcharn; Stølen, Kristi Anne.
Traditional knowledge of plant resources in a resettlement community, la Quetzal, Petén, Guatemala. Oslo, Norge: Senter for Utvikling og miljø 2003 31 p.
UiO Untitled
47 Stølen, Kristi Anne.
Cambio y Continuidad entre los colonos del norte de Santa Fe, Argentina. Procesos de Cambio en el Agro Argentino; 2003-08-27
UiO Untitled
48 Stølen, Kristi Anne.
Conflicto armado en Guatemala: perspectivas de refugiados. Estado y Sociedad en America Latina; 2003-09-12
UiO Untitled
49 Stølen, Kristi Anne.
Conflicto armado, exilio y reconstrucción social en Guatemala. Violencia, Politica y Representaciones en America Latina; 2003-08-20
UiO Untitled
50 Stølen, Kristi Anne.
Constructing the Future: Experiences of Guatemalan Returnees. I: In The Maze of Displacement. Conflict, Migration and Change. Cappelen Damm H√łyskoleforlaget 2003 ISBN 82-7634-540-9. p. 127-153
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