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1 Prescott, Christopher.
Anna Sörman Gjutningens arenor: Metallhantverkets rumsliga, sociala och politiska organisation i södra Skandinavien under bronsåldern [Casting Spaces: The Spatial, Social and Political Organisation of Metalworking in Southern Scandinavia during the Bronze Age]. Current Swedish Archaeology 2019 ;Volume 26. p. 20-24
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2 Prescott, Christopher.
Converting history into commodities:The case of the Schøyen network. The Amelia conference - ARCA's 2019 interdisciplinary art crime conference; 2019-06-21 - 2019-06-23
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3 Prescott, Christopher.
Jens-Henrik Bech, Berit Valentin Eriksen and Kristian Kristiansen (redaktører): Bronze Age settlements and land-use in Thy, Northwest Denmark, vol. I & II. Jutland Archaeological Society Publications 102. Museum Thy, Højbjerg 2018. 285 & 578 sider, illustrert. ISBN 978-87-93423-22-0.. Kuml : Årbog for Jysk Arkæologisk Selskab 2019 ;Volume 2019. p. 289-294
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4 Prescott, Christopher.
Militarism and the Indo-Europeanizing of Europe By Robert Drews. Pp. x + 284. Routledge, London 2017. $119.96. ISBN 978-1-138-28272-8 (cloth).. American Journal of Archaeology 2019 ;Volume 123.(1) p. -
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5 Prescott, Christopher.
Taking centre stage: Migrations in Norwegian Prehistory. Voices of world archaeology; 2019-03-20
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6 Prescott, Christopher.
Third millennium narratives and some maps. Kulturhistorisk museum Workshop; 2019-10-14
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7 Prescott, Christopher.
Changing demographics in Northern Europe: transforming narratives and identifying obstacles. A case study from Oslo, Norway.. I: Cultural Heritage, Ethics and Contemporary Migrations. Routledge 2018 ISBN 9781138788220. p. 52-69
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8 Prescott, Christopher.
CIRCUM-BALTIC INTERACTION IN THE BRONZE AGE: Perspectives in understanding the Baltic, connections to the Nordic world and integration into the Eurasian network.. CIRCUM-BALTIC INTERACTION IN THE BRONZE AGE - CIBA; 2018-11-22 - 2018-11-24
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9 Prescott, Christopher.
Comments to Per Persson "Cultural Dualism and migrations in The Stone Age". Arkeologisk Seminar; 2018-09-13
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10 Prescott, Christopher.
Converting history to commodities; observations from the last 20 years. Cultural Heritage, a Tool in Conflict and a Victim of War; 2018-05-03 - 2018-05-04
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11 Prescott, Christopher.
Cultural Heritage: A Source of Conflict or a Path to Cultural Communication. Colloquy: Building heritage Communities - Empowering the local; 2018-10-18
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12 Prescott, Christopher.
Intersecting concerns: migration, science and politics of knowledge. MOBILITY OF PEOPLE AND THINGS IN BRONZE AGE ITALY; 2018-05-31
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13 Prescott, Christopher.
Kulturkriminalitet: Ulovlig handel og ødeleggelse av felles fortid. Bærekraftig kulturav i en globalisert verden; 2018-08-16
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14 Prescott, Christopher.
Toward a Realistic Understanding of the Bronze Age (Comment to Ling, Earle & Kristiansen: Maritime Mode of Production Raiding and Trading in Seafaring Chiefdoms). Current Anthropology 2018 ;Volume 59.(5) p. -
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15 Prescott, Christopher; Sand-Eriksen, Anette; Austvoll, Knut Ivar.
The Sea and Bronze Age Transformations. I: Water and Power in Past Societies. SUNY Press 2018 ISBN 9781438468754. p. 177-198
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16 Prøsch-Danielsen, Lisbeth; Prescott, Christopher; Fredh, Erik Daniel.
Land-use change and exploitation of outfield resources at the Høg-Jæren Plateau, SW Norway, during the last 6500 years.. 14th Conference of Environmental Archaeology 2018; 2018-02-26 - 2018-02-28
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17 Prøsch-Danielsen, Lisbeth; Prescott, Christopher; Fredh, Erik Daniel.
Land-use change and exploitation of outfield resources at the Høg-Jæren plateau, SW Norway, during the last 6500 years. I: Humans and environmental sustainability : lessons from the past ecosystmems of Europe and Northern Africa. 14th Conference of Environmental Archaeology 2018, Modena 26-28 February 2018. : Università degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia 2018 ISBN 978-88-943442-0-2. p. 58-59
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18 Prøsch-Danielsen, Lisbeth; Prescott, Christopher; Holst, Mads Kähler.
Economic and social zones during the Late Neolithic/Early Bronze Age in Jæren, Southwest Norway. Reconstructing large-scale land-use patterns. Praehistorische Zeitschrift 2018 ;Volume 93.(1) p. 48-88
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19 Prescott, Christopher.
Archeologia di montagna in Norvegia e Scandinavia. Porte Aperte; 2017-06-19
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20 Prescott, Christopher.
Bronze Age landscapes in Norway - from national primordialism to human ecology. Paysage(s)/Depaysage(s)2; 2017-02-07 - 2017-02-08
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21 Prescott, Christopher.
Concluding Remarks. Medieval liturgies as tools for transformation; 2017-06-15 - 2017-06-17
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22 Prescott, Christopher.
Dramatic beginnings of Norway’s history? Archaeology and Indo- Europeanization. I: Language and Prehistory of the Indo- European Peoples A Cross-Disciplinary Perspective. Museum Tusculanums Forlag 2017 ISBN 978-87-635-4421-4. p. 229-249
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23 Prescott, Christopher.
Looting and illicit trade in Cultural artefacts: Challenges and implications for academia. I: Illicit trade in Cultural artefacts. Stronger together: How can the Nordics join forces to stop the illegal import and export of cultural objects?. Copenhagen: Nordic Council of Ministers/ TemaNord 2017 ISBN 9789289349970. p. 53-56
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24 Prescott, Christopher.
Norway’s mountain landscapes: national romantic legends and the political economy of agro-pastoralism. The Tenth IEMA Visiting Scholar Conference; 2017-04-08 - 2017-04-09
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25 Prescott, Christopher.
One size does not fit all? Interpreting complex diachronic Neolithic-period data in Norway. EAA annual meeting (session 214); 2017-08-30 - 2017-09-03
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26 Prescott, Christopher.
Re-examining narratives and practice in archaeology and cultural heritage. American University of Rome - SCH evening lecture; 2017-10-04
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27 Prescott, Christopher.
T. Douglas Price: Ancient Scandinavia. An Archaeological History from the First Humans to the Vikings. Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2015.. Norwegian Archaeological Review 2017 ;Volume 50.(1)
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28 Prescott, Christopher; Hølleland, Herdis.
Bronze Age research: Past, present and future. Panel dicussion With Kristin Oma, Kristian Kristiansen, Marie Louise Stig Sørensen and Jan Apel. 14. Nordic Bronze Age Symposium; 2017-06-06 - 2017-06-09
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29 Prescott, Christopher; Larsen, Kjersti.
Introduction, Beyond Our Crisis: Towards Archaeological Time and Anthropological Space. From the European to the Global Crisis of Values and Democracy; 2017-09-19 - 2017-09-20
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30 Prescott, Christopher; Melheim, Anne Lene.
Textiles from the peripheries? Upland evidence from Norway. I: New Pespectives on the Bronze Age. Proceedings of the 13th Nordic Bronze Age Symposium held in Gothenburg 9th to 13th June 2015. Archaeopress 2017 ISBN 9781784915988. p. 313-326
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31 Stamnes, Arne Anderson; Haugan, Gaute Ulvik; Forseth, Lars; Prescott, Christopher; Solheim, Eirik.
Jubler over unikt funn fra bronsealderen. Trønderavisa [Newspaper] 2017-01-28
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32 Stamnes, Arne Anderson; Haugan, Gaute Ulvik; Nesgård, Johan Arnt; Solheim, Eirik; Rundberget, Bernt; Prescott, Christopher; Stuedal, Helle Vangen.
Metalldetektorbrødre fant ni unike 2.500 år gamle bronsealderøkser ved en tilfeldighet. Trønderavisa [Newspaper] 2017-01-27
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33 Melheim, Anne Lene; Prescott, Christopher.
Exploring New Territories – Expanding Frontiers: Bowmen and Prospectors on the Scandinavia Peninsula in the 3rd–2nd Millennia BC. I: Comparative Perspectives on Past Colonisation, Maritime Interaction and Cultural Integration. Equinox Publishing 2016 ISBN 9781781790489.
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34 Melheim, Anne Lene; Prescott, Christopher; Anfinset, Nils.
Bronze casting and cultural connections: Bronze Age workshops at Hunn, Norway. Praehistorische Zeitschrift 2016 ;Volume 91.(1) p. 42-67
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35 Prescott, Christopher.
Are professionals a problem for heritage?. 8th World Archaeological Congress; 2016-08-28 - 2016-09-02
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36 Prescott, Christopher.
Is there an alternative to the nation state?. Archaeological Dialogues 2016 ;Volume 23.(1) p. 18-27
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37 Prescott, Christopher.
Kulturarv og krig i Irak og Syria. Fra haug ok heidni 2016 (4) p. 8-12
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38 Prescott, Christopher.
Looting and illicit trade in cultural artefacts: challenges and implications for academia.. War and the Protection of Cultural Heritage; 2016-04-21
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39 Prescott, Christopher; Austvoll, Knut Ivar; Sand-Eriksen, Anette.
The Sea and Late Neolithic/Bronze Age transformations. Fredagsseminar; 2016-12-09 - 2016-12-09
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40 Prescott, Christopher; Glørstad, Håkon.
En gullalder I norsk arkeologi?. Samtiden 2016 (3/4) p. 18-26
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41 Prescott, Christopher; Guttormsen, Torgrim Sneve.
Archaeology and heritage in changing societies – approaches to present and future disciplinary significance for citizens of the 21st century - Introduction. World Archaeological Congress; 2016-08-28 - 2016-09-02
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42 Prescott, Christopher; Melheim, Lene; Austvoll, Knut Ivar; Amundsen, Marie; Sture, Maria; Kilhavn, Håvard.
Arkeologi I Skrivarhelleren Facebookside.
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43 Prescott, Christopher.
Excavations in Skrivarhelleren in Sogn (Norway) – challenging notions of center and periphery in Scandinavia. lecture at The Norwegian Institute At Athens; 2015-09-21
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44 Prescott, Christopher.
Norsk gråsonehandel med kulturminner: NRKs Skriftsamleren. IAKHs fredagsseminar; 2015-09-18
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45 Prescott, Christopher.
Plyndring og omsetting av kulturgjenstander fra Irak og Syria. Miljøkrim : tidsskrift for miljøkriminalitet 2015 ;Volume 2015.(2) p. 45-46
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46 Prescott, Christopher.
Sale of cultural artefacts: Challenges and implications for museums and experts? Hvilke utfordringer gir omsetningen av arkeologisk materiale for fagmiljøer og museer?. Nordisk fagkonferanse om handel med kulturgjenstander; 2015-12-02 - 2915-12-03
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47 Prescott, Christopher.
Scandinavia: Is there an alternative to the nation narrative.. EAA Glasgow 2015, sesjon:IS ARCHAEOLOGY STILL THE PROJECT OF NATION-STATES? (arr: Stutz & Bruck); 2015-09-02 - 2015-09-05
UiO Untitled
48 Prescott, Christopher.
Skaper globaliseringen nye problemstillinger i kulturminnevernet?. Nicolay: Arkeologisk tidsskrift 2015 (125) p. 35-43
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49 Prescott, Christopher.
The Sea and Bronze Age transformations in western Scandinavia. Water and power in past societies. The Eighth IEMA Visiting Scholar Conference; 2015-04-11 - 2015-04-12
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50 Prescott, Christopher.
4000–1700 f.Kr.: yngre steinalder: -Midt i matfatet -Bofast uten jordbruk -Der jordbrukerne møtte jegerne -Bondesamfunnet etableres -Omveltning av samfunnet -Høvdingdømmer vokser fram -Steinalderkulturer -Fra jegere til bønder -Jordbruk – en ny levemåte -Helleristninger og veidekunst -Mangfoldige gravfunn -En jordbruksrevolusjon? -Nye teknologier. 2015
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