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Anne-Kate Ellingsen
Kjersti Fløttum
Øyvind Gjerstad
Trine Dahl
Helge Drange
Endre Meyer Tvinnereim


Department of Foreign Languages

Research group manager

Kjersti Fløttum

Responsible units(s)

Department of Foreign Languages


To what extent and in what way does language matter in climate change representations and interpretations? The primary objective is to generate new and integrated knowledge about the role of language in climate discourse through developing an innovative multidisciplinary methodology including opinion surveys and experiments in addition to comprehensive linguistic and discursive analyses


Narratives in Reports about Climate Change (2013)
Fløttum, Kjersti
The Role of social justice and poverty in South Africa’s National climate change response white paper (2013)
Fløttum, Kjersti;Gjerstad, Øyvind
South African journal on human rights
North Atlantic simulations in coordinated ocean-ice reference experiments phase II (CORE-II). Part I: mean states (2014)
Danabasoglu, Gokhan;Yeager, Steve G.;Bailey, David;Behrens, Erik;Bentsen, Mats;Bi, Daohua;Biastoch, Arne;Böning, Claus;Bozec, Alexandra;Canuto, Vittorio M.;Cassou, Christophe;Chassignet, Eric;Coward, Andrew C.;Danilov, Sergey;Diansky, Nikolay;Drange, Helge;Farneti, Riccardo;Fernandez, Elodie;Fogli, Pier Guiseppe;Forget, Gael;Fujii, Yosuke;Griffies, Stephen M.;Gusev, Anatoly;Heimbach, Patrick;Howard, Armando;Jung, Thomas;Kelley, Maxwell;Large, William G.;Leboissetier, Anthony;Lu, Jianhua;Madec, Gurvan;Marsland, Simon J.;Masina, Simona;Navarram, Antonio;Nurser, A.J. George;Pirani, Anna;Salas y Mélia, David;Samuels, Bonita L.;Scheinert, Markus;Sidorenko, Dmitry;Treguier, Anne Marie;Tsujino, Hiroyuki;Uotila, Petteri;Valcke, Sophie;Voldoire, Aurore;Wang, Qiang
Ocean Modelling
Representations of the future in English language blogs on climate change (2014)
Fløttum, Kjersti;Gjerstad, Øyvind;Gjesdal, Anje Müller;Koteyko, Nelya;Salway, Andrew
Global Environmental Change
Contested science in the media: linguistic traces of news writers’ framing activity (2015)
Dahl, Trine
Written Communication: an international quarterly of research, theory, and application
Explaining topic prevalence in answers to open-ended survey questions about climate change (2015)
Tvinnereim, Endre;Fløttum, Kjersti
Nature Climate Change
Conceptual metaphors in Ukrainian prime ministers’ discourse involving renewables (2015)
Kapranov, Oleksandr
Topics in Linguistics

Affiliated projects/research groups

LINGCLIM - LINGuistic representations of CLIMate change discourse and their individual and collective interpretations