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Jens Egeland

Klinikk for psykisk helse og rusbehandling (Forskningsjef) - Vestfold Hospital Trust

Department of Psychology (Professor ii) - University of Oslo


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Sykehuset i Vestfold HF


Universitetet i Oslo



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Postal address: Jens Egeland Division of Mental Health & Addiction Vestfold Hospital Trust P.o. box 2267 T√łnsberg, Norway

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Professor Egeland is heading the Research Department of the Division of Mental Health & Addiction in Vestfold Hopital Trust and is also adjunct professor at the Institute of Psychology, University of Oslo. He is a licensed specialist in neuropsychology. His PhD is from teh University of Oslo in 2003. Main resarch interests are attention and memory in psychiatric disorders as well as validity and reliability of methods used to assess such deficits or psychological symptoms more broadly. He is chairing the Board of Assessment in the Norwegian Psychological Association and are member of the EFPA Board of Assessment, as well as member of the board of the Norwegian Neuropsychiatric Forum and the Norwegian Neuropsychological Association.

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