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1 Lyckhage, Elisabeth Dahlborg; Brink, Eva; Lindahl, Berit Kristina.
A theoretical framework for emancipatory nursing with a focus on environment and persons' own and shared lifeworld. Advances in Nursing Science 2018 ;Volume 41.(4) p. 340-350
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2 Lyckhage, Elisabeth Dahlborg.
Discourses with potential to disrupt traditional nursing education: Nursing teachers’ talk about norm-critical competence. Nursing Inquiry 2016
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3 Lyckhage, Elisabeth Dahlborg.
“The Emperor’s new clothes”: discourse analysis on how the patient is constructed in the new Swedish Patient Act. Nursing Inquiry 2016
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4 Lyckhage, Elisabeth Dahlborg.
Perpetuating ‘New Public Management’ at the expense of nurses’ patient education: a discourse analysis. Nursing Inquiry 2014
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5 Lyckhage, Elisabeth Dahlborg.
Living in Liminality—Being Simultaneously Visible and Invisible: Caregivers' Narratives of Palliative Care. Journal of Social Work in End-Of-Life & Palliative Care 2013
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6 Lyckhage, Elisabeth Dahlborg; Lindahl, Berit Kristina.
Living in liminality--being simultaneously visible and invisible: caregivers' narratives of palliative care. Journal of Social Work in End-Of-Life & Palliative Care 2013 ;Volume 9.(4) p. 272-288