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1 Myklebust, Helene; Karlsen, Asbjørn; Rye, Ståle Angen.
Assessing knowledge spillover in ‘micro clusters’: Comparing two Coworking Spaces with varying degrees of specialization. 8th Nordic Geographers Meeting; 2019-06-17 - 2019-06-19
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2 Rye, Ståle Angen; Kallio, Kirsti Pauliina; Bærenholdt, Jørgen Ole.
Developing Global Awareness among Young Students: A Study of Students’ Experiences with the Museum Exhibition A World at Stake. Norsk Geografisk Tidsskrift 2019 ;Volume 73.(2) p. 137-138
NTNU Untitled
3 Kusakabe, Kyoko; Rigg, Jonathan; Rye, Ståle Angen.
Jakobsen, Thomas Sætre. 2017. Living in Transition – Peasant-Workers Working Between Farmland and the Workplaces of the Urban in Post-Deng China. Norsk Geografisk Tidsskrift 2018
NTNU Untitled
4 Rye, Ståle Angen; Vold, Silje.
International development aid and young people's participation in societal development of the global south. Children's Geographies 2018 ;Volume 117.(3) p. 321-333
NTNU UIA Untitled
5 Lysgård, Hans Kjetil; Rye, Ståle Angen.
Between striated and smooth space: Exploring the topology of transnational student mobility. Environment and planning A 2017 ;Volume 49.(9) p. 2116-2134
NTNU UIA Untitled
6 Rye, Ståle Angen; Kurniawan, Nanang Indra.
Claiming indigenous rights through participatory mapping and the making of citizenship. Political Geography 2017 ;Volume 61. p. 148-159
NTNU Untitled
7 Rye, Ståle Angen.
Young People’s Construction of Global Citizenship Through Internet Use. I: Geographies of Global Issues: Change and Threat. Springer Science+Business Media B.V. 2016 ISBN 978-981-4585-53-8. p. 163-178
NTNU Untitled
8 Lysgård, Hans Kjetil; Rye, Ståle Angen.
Transnational student mobility: in-between striated and smooth space. AAG 2015; 2015-04-21 - 2015-04-25
NTNU UIA Untitled
9 Kurniawan, Nanang Indra; Rye, Ståle Angen.
Online environmental activism and Internet use in the Indonesian environmental movement. Information Development 2014 ;Volume 30.(3) p. 200-212
UIA Untitled
10 Rye, Ståle Angen.
Elevene svermer til Wikipedia. Namdalsavisa [Internet] 2014-01-30
NTNU Untitled
11 Rye, Ståle Angen.
Svermer til Wikipedia. Trønder-Avisa [Newspaper] 2014-02-05
NTNU Untitled
12 Rye, Ståle Angen.
The educational space of global online higher education. Geoforum 2014 ;Volume 51. p. 6-14
NTNU Untitled
13 Rye, Johan Fredrik; Rye, Ståle Angen.
Transnational Rural Youth. Nordic Youth Research Symphosium; 2013-06-12 - 2013-06-14
NTNU Untitled
14 Rye, Ståle Angen.
Connected youth : young students' extensibility and use of the Internet to search for information. Nordicom Review 2013 ;Volume 34.(1) p. 33-48
NTNU Untitled
15 Rye, Ståle Angen.
Learning about distant places through the Internet: Young students as global citizens?. Norsk Geografisk Tidsskrift 2013 ;Volume 67.(3) p. 148-156
NTNU Untitled
16 Rye, Ståle Angen; Støkken, Anne Marie.
The Implications of the Local Context in Global Online Education. International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning 2012 ;Volume 13.(1) p. 191-206
UIA Untitled
17 Austvik, Jostein; Rye, Ståle Angen.
Digitale medier, samfunnsfag og samfunnsengasjement. Kristiansand: Universitetet i Agder 2011 (ISBN 978-82-7117-681-5) 100 p. Skriftserien, Universitet i Agder(154)
UIA Untitled
18 Hidle, Knut; Lysgård, Hans Kjetil; Rye, Ståle Angen; Rye, Johan Fredrik.
Transnational migration and connectivity: How skilled labour migrants connect to places and cultures. 4th Nordic Geographers Meeting; 2011-05-24 - 2011-05-27
NTNU UIA UiB Untitled
19 Moe, Carl Erik; Rye, Ståle Angen.
Blended learning: communication, locations and work-life Practices. Educational Media International 2011 ;Volume 48.(3) p. 165-178
UIA Untitled
20 Rye, Ståle Angen.
Global social movements and the power of communication. Department of Politics and Governance, UGM; 2011-05-24
UIA Untitled
21 Rye, Ståle Angen.
Har verden på fingerspissene, men griper den ikke. Fedrelandsvennen [Newspaper] 2011-02-12
UIA Untitled
22 Rye, Ståle Angen.
The new public space and the environmental movement. School of Social and Political Sciences, UNILA; 2011-03-20
UIA Untitled
23 Rye, Ståle Angen.
What has rainforest in Kalimantan to do with Norway?. Scandinavian studies student group, UGM; 2011-05-12
UIA Untitled
24 Rye, Ståle Angen; Austvik, Jostein; Rye, Johan Fredrik.
En, fjern, liten verden. Klassekampen 2011
NTNU UIA Untitled
25 Rye, Ståle Angen; Rye, Johan Fredrik.
Ungdom, Internett og samfunnsengasjement. Tidsskrift for ungdomsforskning 2011 ;Volume 11.(2) p. 25-47
NTNU UIA Untitled
26 Rye, Ståle Angen; Rye, Johan Fredrik; Austvik, Jostein.
Skole + Wikipedia = sant. Dagbladet 2011
NTNU UIA Untitled
27 Rye, Johan Fredrik; Rye, Ståle Angen; Austvik, Jostein.
Nettgenerasjonen utfordrer skolen. Fedrelandsvennen [Newspaper] 2010-10-07
NTNU Untitled
28 Rye, Ståle Angen.
Digital communication, transportation and urban structuration in students' daily life. Geografiska Annaler: Series B, Human Geography 2010 ;Volume 92B.(1) p. 81-96
UIA Untitled
29 Rye, Ståle Angen.
Who benefits from the new media?. utenTitteltekst; 2010-12-16 - 2010-12-16
UIA Untitled
30 Rye, Ståle Angen; Austvik, Jostein; Rye, Johan Fredrik.
Nettgenerasjonen utfordrer skolen. Fædrelandsvennen 2010
31 Rye, Ståle Angen.
Communication in Global Virtual Networks: Equal Collaboration or a new Dependency?. Nordic Geographers Meeting ? Change, Society Environment Scinece in Transcition; 2009-08-11 - 2009-08-13
UIA Untitled
32 Rye, Ståle Angen.
Negotiating the symbolic power of information and communication technologies (ICT): The spread of Internet-supported distance education. Information Technology for Development 2009 ;Volume 15.(1) p. 17-31
NTNU UIA Untitled
33 Rye, Ståle Angen; Støkken, Anne Marie.
Fleksibel utdanning i et nord-sørperspektiv ? om mastergradsstudiet Development Management. UNIPED 2009 ;Volume 32.(4) p. 27-39
UIA Untitled
34 Rye, Ståle Angen; Støkken, Anne Marie.
The internet, global education and local students. The Norwegian Association for Development Research (NFU) Annual Conference: Development Challenges and alterantives; 2009-09-24 - 2009-09-24
UIA Untitled
35 Rye, Ståle Angen.
Conditions of Connectivity. The Internet and the time-space of distance education in Indonesia. Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet 2008 (ISBN 9788247113349) (314)
UIA Untitled
36 Rye, Ståle Angen.
Dimensions of Flexibility - About the Relation Between Students, Technology and Distributed Education. - Media, technology and lifelong learning 2008 ;Volume 4.(1)
UIA Untitled
37 Rye, Ståle Angen.
Exploring the gap of the digital divide - Conditions of connectivity and higher education participation. GeoJournal 2008 ;Volume 71.(2-3) p. 171-184
NTNU UIA Untitled
38 Rye, Ståle Angen; Zubaidah, Ida.
Distance Education and the Complexity of Accessing the Internet. Open Learning: The Journal of Open, Distance and e-Learning 2008 ;Volume 23.(2) p. 95-102
UIA Untitled
39 Moe, Carl Erik; Rye, Ståle Angen.
E-læring som element i lederutvikling - Kan e-læring bidra til endring av lederutførelse?. I: NOKOBIT 2007. Tapir Akademisk Forlag 2007 p. 143-154
UIA Untitled
40 Rye, Ståle Angen.
Flexibility, technology, and the daily life practices of distance students living beyond the digital mainstream. Geoforum 2007 ;Volume 38. p. 1028-1039
NTNU UIA Untitled
41 Rye, Ståle Angen.
Handling eller medlidenhet - Media og de unges forestillinger om en verden langt borte. utenTitteltekst; 2007-11-26 - 2007-11-27
UIA Untitled
42 Rye, Ståle Angen.
What does Technology do with the Flexibility of Distance Students? - A Case Study of Distance Students in Indonesia. 22nd ICDE World Conference on Disetance Education; 2007-09-03 - 2007-09-06
UIA Untitled
43 Rye, Ståle Angen; Moe, Carl Erik.
Dialog, kommunikasjon og e-læring. Universitetet i Agder 2007 (144)
UIA Untitled
44 Rye, Ståle Angen.
Det usikker og det emosjonelle - bilder av en verden langt borte. Prosjekt fagformidling; 2006-11-23 - 2006-11-23
UIA Untitled
45 Rye, Ståle Angen.
New Communication Technology and Distance Education - A case Study of a Master in Public Administartion in Indonesia. I: Organisations for Higher Learning: Leadership, ICT and Pedagogy. Trondheim: Programme for Teacher Education - NTNU Norwegian University of Science 2006 p. 147-169
UIA Untitled
46 Rye, Ståle Angen.
RE-conceptualisation of Research on the Relation Between Technology and Social Change in Open and Distance Education. Information Technology, Education and Society 2006 ;Volume 7.(2) p. 5-18
UIA Untitled
47 Rye, Ståle Angen.
What does Technology do with the Flexibility of Distance Students? - A Case Study of Distance Students in Indonesia. 22nd ICDE World Conference on Distance Education. Promoting Quality in On-Line, Flexible and Distance Education; 2006-07-07 - 2006-07-09
UIA Untitled
48 Rye, Ståle Angen.
Facing the access problem - A case study of distance students’ use of technology in Indonesia. The 19th AAOU Annual Conference: Quality and Capacity building in Open and Distance Learning"; 2005-09-15 - 2005-09-17
UIA Untitled
49 Rye, Ståle Angen.
Does Technology Make any Difference for Students? - A Study of Distance Student¿s Daily Life and Their Use of Technology. 18th Annual Asian Association of Open Universities (AAOU) Conference; 2004-11-27 - 2004-11-29
UIA Untitled
50 Rye, Ståle Angen.
Mellom tradisjon og ny teknologi. Oslo: Universitetet i Oslo 2004 (ISBN 8279470298) 133 p. (20)
UIA Untitled
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