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Digital Learning Communities (DLC)


Research group information


Rolf Reber
Vigdis Vangsnes
Øystein Olav Skaar
Morten Kronstad
Elen Johanna Instefjord
Burke Johnson
Kristine Ludvigsen
Kjetil Egelandsdal
Sigve Høgheim
Åge Røssing Diseth
Fredrik Mørk Røkenes
Synnøve Moltudal
Rune Johan Krumsvik
Anne Grete Danielsen
Synnøve Hedemann Amdam
Kjetil L Høydal
Kristensen Sara Madeleine
Petter A Kongsgården
Sue Timmis


Universitetet i Bergen, Digitale Læringsfelleskap.
IPED. Christiesgate 13.
5020 Bergen

Research group manager

Rune Johan Krumsvik

Responsible units(s)

Department of Education


The research group Digital Learning Communities (DLC) was established by professor Rune Johan Krumsvik in 2007 at University of Bergen, Department of Education. The Head of the research group DLC is Professor Rune Johan Krumsvik and Professor Burke Johnson (University of South Alabama, USA) is Professor II in the research group. DLC carries out research within digital competence, learning analytics, ICT in higher education, metacognition, ICT and Learning outcome, flipped classroom, etc. The research group DLC consists of primary members from the University of Bergen and associated members from universities and university colleges in Norway. In addition DLC has a large international network of collaboration with researchers and universities.


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Krumsvik, Rune Johan
European Journal of Teacher Education
A path analysis of basic needs support, self-efficacy, achievement goals, life satisfaction and academic achievement level among secondary school students (2012)
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Educational Psychology
Teacher educators' digital competence (2014)
Krumsvik, Rune Johan
Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research
Exploring the effectiveness of commercial and custom-built games for cognitive training (2013)
Smith, Shamus P.;Stibric, Marina;Smithson, David
Computers in Human Behavior
Self-beliefs among students: Grade level and gender differences in self-esteem, self-efficacy and implicit theories of intelligence (2014)
Diseth, Åge ;Meland, Eivind;Breidablik, Hans Johan
Learning and Individual Differences
Creating formative feedback spaces in large lectures (2015)
Ludvigsen, Kristine;Krumsvik, Rune Johan;Furnes, Bjarte Reidar
Computers & Education
Supporting interest of middle school students in mathematics through context personalization and example choice (2015)
Høgheim, Sigve;Reber, Rolf
Contemporary Educational Psychology
Clickers and formative feedback at university lectures (2015)
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Education and Information Technologies : Official Journal of the IFIP technical committee on Education
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Nordic Journal of Digital Literacy
The relationship between metacognitive experiences and learning: Is there a difference between digital and non-digital study media? (2016)
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Computers in Human Behavior
Prepared to teach ESL with ICT? A study of digital competence in Norwegian teacher education (2016)
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Computers & Education
Peer discussions and response technology: short interventions, considerable gains (2017)
Egelandsdal, Kjetil;Krumsvik, Rune Johan
Nordic Journal of Digital Literacy
A history of philosophical and theoretical issues for mixed methods research (2010)
Johnson, Burke;Gray Jr, Robert

Affiliated projects/research groups

Formative assessment in higher education  
Learning in a digital age. Metacognitive feelings for text material presented on paper, computer screens and electronic reading devices (Seed Funding in DLC 2011-2013). Delprosjektledere: Elisabeth Norman og Bjarte R. Furnes  
Ethics, social media and teacher education, part 1 (Seed Funding in DLC 2011-2013). Del-prosjektleder Brita Bjørkelo.  
Use of tablets in primary and secondary school  
Two Ways to Increase Student Interest for Mathematics and Science in Education