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Journal publication
1 F. Renkel, Maria; Lümmen, Norbert.
Supplying hydrogen vehicles and ferries in Western Norway with locally produced hydrogen from municipal solid waste. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 2018 ;Volume 43.(5) p. 2585-2600
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2 Lümmen, Norbert.
ReaxFF-molecular dynamics simulations of non-oxidative and non-catalyzed thermal decomposition of methane at high temperatures. Physical Chemistry, Chemical Physics - PCCP 2010 ;Volume 12.(28) p. 7883-7893
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3 Lümmen, Norbert; Karouach, Assma; Tveitan, Stine.
Thermo-economic study of waste heat recovery from condensing steam for hydrogen production by PEM electrolysis. Energy Conversion and Management 2019 ;Volume 185. p. 21-34
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4 Lümmen, Norbert; Nygård, Erlend; Koch, Peter Edgar; Nerheim, Lars Magne.
Comparison of organic Rankine cycle concepts for recovering waste heat in a hybrid powertrain on a fast passenger ferry. Energy Conversion and Management 2018 ;Volume 163. p. 371-383
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5 Lümmen, Norbert; Røstbø, Erlend Velken.
Biowaste to hydrogen or Fischer-Tropsch fuels by gasification – A Gibbs energy minimisation study for finding carbon capture potential and fossil carbon displacement on the road. Energy 2020 ;Volume 211. p. -
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6 Solheimslid, Tore; Harneshaug, Hanne Katrin; Lümmen, Norbert.
Calculation of first-law and second-law-efficiency of a Norwegian combined heat and power facility driven by municipal waste incineration - A case study. Energy Conversion and Management 2015 ;Volume 95. p. 149-159
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