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1 Fornes, Oriol; Castro Mondragón, Jaime Abraham; Khan, Aziz; Robin van der, Lee; Zhang, Xi; A. Richmond, Phillip; P. Modi, Bhavi; Correard, Solenne; Gheorghe, Marius; Baranasic, Damir; Santana-Garcia, Walter; Tan, Ge; Cheneby, Jeanne; Ballester, Benoit; Parcy, François; Sandelin, Albin; Lenhard, Boris; Wasserman, Wyeth W.; Mathelier, Anthony.
JASPAR 2020: update of the open-access database of transcription factor binding profiles. Nucleic Acids Research 2019 ;Volume 48. p. 87-92
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2 Gheorghe, Marius; Sandve, Geir Kjetil; Khan, Aziz; Cheneby, Jeanne; Ballester, Benoit; Mathelier, Anthony.
A map of direct TF–DNA interactions in the human genome. Nucleic Acids Research 2019 ;Volume 47.(4) p. e21-
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3 Salvatore, Stefania; Rand, Knut Dagestad; Grytten, Ivar; Ferkingstad, Egil; Domanska, Diana; Holden, Lars; Gheorghe, Marius; Mathelier, Anthony; Glad, Ingrid Kristine; Sandve, Geir Kjetil.
Beware the Jaccard: the choice of similarity measure is important and non-trivial in genomic colocalisation analysis. Briefings in Bioinformatics 2019 p. 1-8
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4 Fornes, Oriol; Gheorghe, Marius; Richmond, Phillip A.; Arenillas, David J.; Wasserman, Wyeth W.; Mathelier, Anthony.
MANTA2, update of the Mongo database for the analysis of transcription factor binding site alterations. Scientific Data 2018 ;Volume 5:180141. p. 1-7
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5 Cheneby, J; Gheorghe, Marius; Artufel, M; Mathelier, Anthony; Ballester, B.
ReMap 2018: an updated atlas of regulatory regions from an integrative analysis of DNA-binding ChIP-seq experiments. Nucleic Acids Research 2017 ;Volume 46.(D1) p. D267-D275
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6 Khan, Aziz; Fornes, O; Stigliani, A; Gheorghe, Marius; Castro Mondragón, Jaime Abraham; van der Lee, R; Bessy, A; Cheneby, J; Kulkarni, SR; Tan, G; Baranasic, D; Arenillas, DJ; Sandelin, A; Vandepoele, K; Lenhard, B; Ballester, B; Wassermann, WW; Parcy, F; Mathelier, Anthony.
JASPAR 2018: update of the open-access database of transcription factor binding profiles and its web framework. Nucleic Acids Research 2017 ;Volume 46.(1) p. D260-D266
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