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1 Lefevre, Sjannie; Wang, Tobias; McKenzie, David J..
The role of mechanistic physiology in investigating impacts of global warming on fishes. Journal of Experimental Biology 2021 ;Volume 224. p. -
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2 Lefevre, Sjannie.
Effects of high CO2 on oxygen consumption rates, aerobic scope and swimming performance. I: Carbon Dioxide. Elsevier 2019 ISBN 978-0-12-817609-2. p. 195-244
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3 Lefevre, Sjannie.
Global warming and future fish size:What can we learn from the gill-oxygen limitation hypothesis (GOLT)?. Society for Experimental Biology Animal Satellite; 2019-06-30 - 2019-06-30
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4 Lefevre, Sjannie; Lau, Gigi Yik Chee; Dahl, Helge-Andre; Nilsson, Göran Erik.
Crucian carp: mitochondria, anoxia and reoxygenation. Mini-symposium Mitochondrial and Metabolic Responses to Low Oxygen; 2019-03-14 - 2019-03-14
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5 Lefevre, Sjannie; Lau, Gigi Yik Chee; Dahl, Helge-Andre; Nilsson, Göran Erik.
Re-oxygenation resilience - the other aspect of the crucian carp’s anoxia tolerance. Society for Experimental Biology Annual Main Meeting; 2019-07-02 - 2019-07-05
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6 Lefevre, Sjannie; McKenzie, David J.; Nilsson, Göran Erik.
Global warming and future fish size: thoughts on the gill-oxygen limitation hypothesis. The 10th International Congress of Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry; 2019-08-05 - 2019-08-08
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7 Thomsen, Mikkel T; Lefevre, Sjannie; Nilsson, Göran Erik; Wang, Tobias; Bayley, Mark.
Effects of lactate ions on the cardiorespiratory system in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss). American Journal of Physiology. Regulatory Integrative and Comparative Physiology 2019 ;Volume 316.(5) p. R607-R620
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8 Dahl, Helge-Andre; Lefevre, Sjannie.
Protection against reperfusion injury: can insight be gained from crucian carp?. SEB Florence 2018; 2018-07-01 - 2018-07-06
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9 Haugnes, Gunhild M.; Tallaksen, Lena M.; Vogt, Rolf David; Storelvmo, Trude; Hessen, Dag Olav; Stordal, Frode; Lefevre, Sjannie; Kääb, Andreas; Uggerud, Einar.
Klimaforskerne tar temperaturen på tropesommeren. [Journal] 2018-08-27
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10 Jutfelt, Fredrik; Norin, Tommy; Ern, Rasmus; Overgaard, Johannes; Wang, Tobias; McKenzie, David J.; Lefevre, Sjannie; Nilsson, Göran Erik; Metcalfe, Neil B.; Hickey, Anthony J.R.; Brijs, Jeroen; Speers-Roesch, Ben; Roche, Dominique G.; Gamperl, A. Kurt; Raby, Graham D.; Morgan, Rachael; Esbaugh, Andrew J.; Gräns, Albin; Axelsson, Michael; Ekström, Andreas; Sandblom, Erik; Binning, Sandra A.; Hicks, James W.; Seebacher, Frank; Jørgensen, Christian; Killen, Shaun S.; Schulte, Patricia M.; Clark, Timothy D..
Oxygen- and capacity-limited thermal tolerance: blurring ecology and physiology. Journal of Experimental Biology 2018 ;Volume 221.(1)
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11 Lefevre, Sjannie.
Are there CO2 effects on oxygen uptake as predicted by the OCLTT hypothesis?. Lessons from Two High CO2 Worlds – future oceans and intensive aquaculture; 2018-04-10 - 2018-04-12
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12 Lefevre, Sjannie.
Global warming and future fish size (or how not to interpret aerobic scope). OXYGEN; 2018-05-16 - 2018-05-19
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13 Lefevre, Sjannie.
Global warming and future fish size: Unfounded assumptions lead to absurd predictions. NFF Winter Meeting; 2018-02-08 - 2018-02-10
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14 Lefevre, Sjannie.
Long-term hypoxia acclimation has minor effects on respiratory physiology of Alaska blackfish. Annual Main Meeting; 2018-07-03 - 2018-07-06
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15 Lefevre, Sjannie.
Re-oxygenation resilience - the other element of the crucian carp's anoxia tolerance. APS Intersociety Meeting Comparative Physiology; 2018-10-25 - 2018-10-28
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16 Lefevre, Sjannie; McKenzie, David J.; Nilsson, Göran Erik.
In modelling effects of global warming, invalid assumptions lead to unrealistic projections. Global Change Biology 2018 ;Volume 24.(2) p. 553-556
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17 Riggs, Claire L.; Summers, Amanda; Warren, Daniel E.; Nilsson, Göran Erik; Lefevre, Sjannie; Dowd, Wesley W.; Milton, Sarah L.; Podrabsky, Jason E..
Small non-coding RNA expression and vertebrate anoxia tolerance. Frontiers in Genetics 2018 ;Volume 9:230. p. 1-22
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18 Lefevre, Sjannie; McKenzie, David J.; Nilsson, Göran E..
Models projecting the fate of fish populations under climate change need to be based on valid physiological mechanisms. Global Change Biology 2017 ;Volume 23.(9) p. 3449-3459
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19 Lefevre, Sjannie; Stecyk, Jonathan Anthony William; Torp, May-Kristin; Løvold, Lisa Yuen; Sørensen, Christina; Johansen, Ida Beitnes; Stensløkken, Kåre-Olav; Couturier, Christine Stephanie; Sloman, Katherine A.; Nilsson, Göran Erik.
Re-oxygenation after anoxia induces brain cell death and memory loss in the anoxia-tolerant crucian carp. Journal of Experimental Biology 2017 ;Volume 220.(21) p. 3883-3895
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20 Lefevre, Sjannie.
Are global warming and ocean acidification conspiring against marine ectotherms? Are meta-analysis of the respiratory effects of elevated temperature, high CO2, and their interaction. Conservation Physiology 2016 ;Volume 4.(1) p. -
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21 Lefevre, Sjannie.
Are respiratory effects of global warming and ocean acidification explained by a unifying OCLTT concept?. Society for experimental Biology Annual Meeting; 2016-07-04 - 2016-07-07
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22 Lefevre, Sjannie.
The transcriptomic response of crucian carp to anoxia and re-oxygenation. Scandinavian Physiological Society Annual Meeting; 2016-08-26 - 2016-08-28
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23 Lefevre, Sjannie; Bayley, Mark; Mckenzie, David J..
Measuring oxygen uptake in fishes with bimodal respiration. Journal of Fish Biology 2016 ;Volume 88.(1) p. 206-231
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24 Mckenzie, David J.; Axelsson, Michael; Chabot, Denis; Claireaux, Guy; Cooke, Steven J.; Corner, Richard A.; De Boeck, Gudrun; Domenici, Paolo; Guerreiro, Pedro M.; Hamer, Bojan; Jørgensen, Christian; Killen, Shaun S.; Lefevre, Sjannie; Marras, Stefano; Michaelidis, Basil; Nilsson, Göran Erik; Peck, Myron A.; Perez-Ruzafa, Angel; Rijnsdorp, Adriaan D.; Shiels, Holly A.; Steffensen, John F.; Svendsen, Jon C.; Svendsen, Morten B. S.; Teal, Lorna R.; van der Meer, Jaap; Wang, Tobias; Wilson, Jonathan M.; Wilson, Rod W.; Metcalfe, Julian D..
Conservation physiology of marine fishes: state of the art and prospects for policy. Conservation Physiology 2016 ;Volume 4.(1) p. -
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25 Nilsson, Göran Erik; Lefevre, Sjannie.
Physiological challenges to fishes in a warmer and acidified future. Physiology 2016 ;Volume 31.(6) p. 409-417
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26 Regan, Matthew D.; Turko, Andy J.; Heras, Joseph; Andersen, Mads Kuhlmann; Lefevre, Sjannie; Wang, Tobias; Bayley, Mark; Brauner, Colin J.; Huong, Do Thi Thanh; Phuong, Nguyen Thanh; Nilsson, Göran Erik.
Ambient CO2, fish behaviour and altered GABAergic neurotransmission: Exploring the mechanism of CO2-altered behaviour by taking a hypercapnia dweller down to low CO2 levels. Journal of Experimental Biology 2016 ;Volume 219.(1) p. 109-118
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27 Lefevre, Sjannie.
Snails in the fast-lane: Physiology and Climate Change perspectives. NBS-nytt 2015 ;Volume 39.(4) p. 20-21
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28 Lefevre, Sjannie; Findorf, Inge; Bayley, Mark; Huong, Do Thi Thanh; Wang, Tobias.
Increased temperature tolerance of the air-breathing Asian swamp eel Monopterus albus after high-temperature acclimation is not explained by improved cardiorespiratory performance. Journal of Fish Biology 2015 p. -
29 Lefevre, Sjannie; Nilsson, Göran E..
Temperature acclimation in jumping snails (Gibberulus gibberulus) reduces heart rate, but not oxygen uptake, and only marginally improves heat tolerance. Annual Meeting of the Society for Experimental Biology; 2015-06-29 - 2015-07-03
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30 Lefevre, Sjannie; Watson, Sue-Ann; Munday, Philip L.; Nilsson, Göran Erik.
Will jumping snails prevail? Influence of near-future CO2, temperature and hypoxia on respiratory performance in the tropical conch Gibberulus gibberulus gibbosus. Journal of Experimental Biology 2015 ;Volume 218.(19) p. 2991-3001
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31 Cook, D.G.; Brown, Eric Joel; Lefevre, Sjannie; Domenici, Paolo; Fleng Steffensen, John.
The response of striped surfperch embiotoca lateralis to progressive hypoxia: Swimming activity, shoal structure, and estimated metabolic expenditure. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 2014 ;Volume 460. p. 162-169
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32 Lefevre, Sjannie; Bayley, Mark; Mckenzie, David J.; Craig, John F..
Air-breathing fishes. Journal of Fish Biology 2014 ;Volume 84.(3) p. 547-553
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33 Lefevre, Sjannie; Damsgaard, Christian; Pascale, Desirae R.; Nilsson, Göran Erik; Stecyk, Jonathan Anthony William.
Air breathing in the Arctic: influence of temperature, hypoxia, activity and restricted air access on respiratory physiology of the Alaska blackfish Dallia pectoralis. Journal of Experimental Biology 2014 ;Volume 217.(24) p. 4387-4398
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34 Lefevre, Sjannie; Domenici, Paolo; Mckenzie, David J..
Swimming in air-breathing fishes. Journal of Fish Biology 2014 ;Volume 84.(3) p. 661-681
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35 Lefevre, Sjannie; Stecyk, Jonathan A. W.; Torp, May-Kristin; Nilsson, Göran Erik.
HOW TOLERANT IS AN ANOXIA-TOLERANT VERTEBRATE?. APS Intersociety Meeting: Comparative Approaches to Grand Challenges in Physiology; 2014-10-05 - 2014-10-08
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36 Lefevre, Sjannie; Watson, Sue-Ann; Munday, Philip L.; Nilsson, Göran Erik.
Golbal warming: Will jumping snails prevail?. SEB Annual Main Meeting; 2014-07-01 - 2014-07-04
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37 Wang, Tobias; Lefevre, Sjannie; Iversen, Nina K.; Findorf, Inge; Buchanan, Rasmus; Mckenzie, David J..
Anaemia only causes a small reduction in the upper critical temperature of sea bass: Is oxygen delivery the limiting factor for tolerance of acute warming in fishes?. Journal of Experimental Biology 2014 ;Volume 217.(24) p. 4275-4278
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38 Lefevre, Sjannie; Wang, Tobias; Huong, Do Thi Thanh; Phuong, Nguyen Thanh; Bayley, Mark.
Partitioning of oxygen uptake and cost of surfacing during swimming in the air-breathing catfish Pangasianodon hypophthalmus. Journal of Comparative Physiology. B, Biochemical, Systemic, and Environmental Physiology 2013 ;Volume 183. p. 215-221
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39 Watson, Sue; Lefevre, Sjannie; McCormick, Mark I.; Domenici, Paolo; Nilsson, Göran Erik; Munday, Philip L..
Marine mollusc predator-escape behaviour altered by near-future carbon dioxide levels. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Biological Sciences 2013 ;Volume 281.(1774)
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