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1 de Bengy Puyvallée, Antoine; Kittelsen, Sonja.
"Disease knows no borders": Pandemics and the politics of global health security. I: Pandemics, Publics, and Politics - Staging Responses to Public Health Crises. Palgrave Pivot 2019 ISBN 978-981-13-2801-5. p. 59-73
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2 Kittelsen, Sonja; Fukuda-Parr, Sakiko; Storeng, Katerini Tagmatarchi.
Editorial: the political determinants of health inequities and universal health coverage. Globalization and Health 2019 ;Volume 15:73. p. 1-5
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3 Kittelsen, Sonja; Keating, Vincent.
Rational Trust in Resilient Health Systems. Health Policy and Planning 2019 ;Volume 34.(7) p. 553-557
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4 de Bengy Puyvallée, Antoine; Kittelsen, Sonja; Storeng, Katerini Tagmatarchi.
Krise! Hvordan beredskapslogikk endrer global helsepolitikk. Tidsskrift for Den norske legeforening 2018 ;Volume 138.(16) p. 1-7
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5 Rushton, Simon; Kittelsen, Sonja.
Pandemics and global health. I: Routledge Handbook of Security Studies. Routledge 2017 ISBN 9781138803930. p. 224-233
6 Kittelsen, Sonja.
Segurança da saúde. I: Segurança Contemporânea. : Pactor 2016 ISBN 978-989-693-054-7. p. 165-178
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7 Kittelsen, Sonja.
The EU and the Securitization of Pandemic Influenza. : Aberystwyth University 2013 310 p.
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8 Kittelsen, Sonja.
Conceptualizing Biorisk: Dread Risk and the Threat of Bioterrorism in Europe. Security Dialogue 2009 ;Volume 40.(1) p. 51-71
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9 Burgess, J. Peter; Kittelsen, Sonja.
Between Prevention and Preparedness: The European Commission's Green Paper on Biopreparedness. PRIO Policy Brief, 3.. Oslo: PRIO 2007 4 p.
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10 Kittelsen, Sonja.
Beyond Bounded Space: Europe, Security, and the Global Circulation of Infectious Disease. European Security 2007 ;Volume 16.(2) p. 121-142
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