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1 Jasinski, Marek E..
Human Rights, Human Dignity and Trauma - A COST Network?. International Trauma Workshop; 2019-05-08 - 2019-05-10
NTNU Untitled
2 Jasinski, Marek E..
Migration Crisis and Heritage in the Making. Human Rights and Human Dignity in the Global Migration Crisis; 2019-03-28 - 2019-03-30
NTNU Untitled
3 Jasinski, Marek E..
Painful Heritage - Victims of Nazism and Communism in Archaeological Perspective. Guest Lecture; 2019-04-15 - 2019-04-17
NTNU Untitled
4 Jasinski, Marek E..
Terrorscapes - Materiality and Uncovering the Invisible. iC-ACCESS Seminar; 2019-10-15 - 2019-10-17
NTNU Untitled
5 Jasinski, Marek E..
The Seas as Cultural Factors - Maritime Archaeology and New Approaches. Guest Lecture; 2019-04-17 - 2019-04-17
NTNU Untitled
6 Spradley, Kate; Jasinski, Marek E.; Ossowski, Andrzej.
Giving them back their names and faces. DNA analyses and material culture studies of undocumented migrants from Central America and Mexico to Texas.. The 28th Congress of the International Society for Forensic Genetics, Prague, Czech Republic, 9-13th September 2019. Abstract book; 2019-09-09 - 2019-09-13
NTNU Untitled
7 Jasinski, Marek E..
Displays and Materiality on Contested Nazi and Communist Camp Sites - Approaches and Methodology. HERA IC-ACCESS Workshop at Falstad Camp; 2018-05-20 - 2018-05-23
NTNU Untitled
8 Jasinski, Marek E..
Falstad Archaeology – Results and Further Perspectives for Interdisciplinary Research. HERA IC-ACCESS Workshop at Falstad Camp; 2018-05-20 - 2018-05-23
NTNU Untitled
9 Jasinski, Marek E..
Painful Heritage - the Concept, Theoretical Framework and Case Studies. Gjeste forelesning - University of West Bohemia; 2018-11-07 - 2018-11-07
NTNU Untitled
10 Jasinski, Marek E.; Ossowski, Andrzej; Spradley, Kate.
Dead Bodies of the Enemy. Hidden Graves in the Falstad Forest. Amsterdam: University of Amsterdam, Accessing Campscapes e-journal_ACCESSING CAMPSCAPES_no3_ 2018 50 p.
NTNU Untitled
11 Jasinski, Marek E.; Ovsyannikov, Oleg V.; Bryzgalov, Viktor V..
Ob Otpustkie ot Arkhangelskovo Goroda na Morskije Rybnyje i Zviernyje Promysly. I: Trudy Arkangelskovo Centra Ruskovo Geografitsheskovo Obstshestva 6. Arkhangelsk: Arkhangelskij Centr Russkovo Geografitsheskovo Obstshestva 2018 ISBN 978-5-7536-0482-8. p. 11-62
NTNU Untitled
12 Jasinski, Marek E.; Wee, Christian.
Nye krigsfunn på fangeleirområdet på Falstad. Trønder-Avis [Newspaper] 2018-06-14
NTNU Untitled
13 Carr, Gilly; Jasinski, Marek E.; Theune, Claudia.
The Material Culture of Nazi Camps: An Editorial. International Journal of Historical Archaeology 2017 p. 1-7
NTNU Untitled
14 Jasinski, Marek E..
Predicting the Past - Materiality of Nazi and Post-Nazi Camps: A Norwegian Perspective. International Journal of Historical Archaeology 2017 p. 1-23
NTNU Untitled
15 Jasinski, Marek E..
Cultural Heritage of Exclusion and Extermination. Speaker Series; 2016-10-14 - 2016-10-14
NTNU Untitled
16 Jasinski, Marek E.; Bryzgalov, Viktor V.; Ovsyannikov, Oleg V..
Европейская Арктика: Морские звериные промыслы Выговского старообрядческого общежительства в XVIII-XIX веках: суда. кормщики,работные люди.. Pravda Severa 2016 (ISBN 9785753604569) 188 p.
NTNU Untitled
17 Jasinski, Marek E.; Søreide, Fredrik.
The Deepest Dig. Fagbokforlaget 2016 (ISBN 978-82-450-1920-9) 183 p.
NTNU Untitled
18 Jasinski, Marek E.; Søreide, Fredrik.
The Norse settlement in Greenland from a Maritime Perspective. I: Medieval Archaeology. Routledge 2016 ISBN 9780415718165. p. 123-132
NTNU Untitled
19 Ossowski, A; Kus, M; Kupiec, T; Bykowska, M; Zielinska, G; Jasinski, Marek E.; March, AL.
The Polish Genetic Database of Victims of Totalitarianisms. Forensic Science International 2016 ;Volume 258. p. 41-49
NTNU Untitled
20 Jasinski, Marek E..
Dokopac sie do prawdy.. Gazeta Prawnicza [Newspaper] 2015-05-15
NTNU Untitled
21 Jasinski, Marek E..
NTNU Untitled
22 Jasinski, Marek E..
German Soldiers on both sides of Barbed Wire Fences. Comparative studies of WWII POW Camps in Norway and Texas, USA. EAA 2015; 2015-09-02 - 2015-09-05
NTNU Untitled
23 Jasinski, Marek E..
Interdisciplinary Research on Victims of the Communist Regime in Poland 1939-1956.. Seminar - The Free University of Amsterdam; 2015-03-12 - 2015-03-12
NTNU Untitled
24 Jasinski, Marek E..
Memories of War and Wars on Memories: Painful Heritage of WWII in Norway - Archaeological Surveys 2007-2012. I: Painful Heritage. Studies in the Cultural Landscape of the Second World War. Trondheim: DKVNS 2015 ISBN 978-82-93175-31-5. p. 17-44
NTNU Untitled
25 Jasinski, Marek E..
Memories of Wars and Wars on Memories - Cultural Heritage of Exclusion and Extermination. Seminar - Texas State University; 2015-12-04 - 2015-12-04
NTNU Untitled
26 Jasinski, Marek E..
Painful Legacy on the Sea Bed. Shipwrecks of the Second World War as Heritage. NTNU Ocean Week 2015; 2015-05-05 - 2015-05-07
NTNU Untitled
27 Jasinski, Marek E..
REMEMBERING UTØYA – TERRORSCAPES, PAINFUL LEGACY AND CREATION OF HERITAGE. Seminar - The Free University of Amsterdam; 2015-03-12 - 2015-03-12
NTNU Untitled
28 Jasinski, Marek E.; Bryzgalov, Viktor V.; Ovsyannikov, Oleg V..
Архангельская губерния: Памятники отечественного древнего искусства по сведениям 1886-1893 гг.. I: Труды Архангельского центра Русского географического общества. Pravda Severa 2015 ISBN 978-5-7536-0447-7. p. 35-54
NTNU Untitled
29 ; Grini, Kristoffer Eliassen.
Ubåtbasen Dora i Trondheim. En samtidsarkeologisk analyse av krigens landskap inn i fredstid.. Trondheim: NTNU 2015 112 p.
NTNU Untitled
30 Jasinski, Marek E.; Sem, Leiv.
Painful Heritage. Studies in the Cultural Landscape of the Second World War. Trondheim: DKVNS 2015 (ISBN 978-82-93175-31-5) ;Volume 4 2015.132 p. Skrifter(4 2015)
NORD NTNU Untitled
31 Jasinski, Marek E.; Swiech, Andrzej.
Modern Methods of Research in Norwegian marine archaeology. Logistyka 2015 (4) p. 1667-1672
NTNU Untitled
32 Jasinski, Marek E.; Swiech, Andrzej.
Normy prawne obejmujące zatopione zabytki archeologiczne. I: DZIEDZICTWO, DOBRA KULTURY, ZABYTKI, OCHRONA I OPIEKA W PRAWIE. Krakow: Studio Cubus 2015 ISBN 978-83-942926-0-7. p. 191-2013
NTNU Untitled
33 Jasinski, Marek E..
Archaeology, REcall and Re-enacting the Painful Past of Europe. I: Beyond Memorialisation. Design for Conflict Heritage. Milano: Politecnico di Milano 2014 ISBN 978-88-95194-41-7. p. 33-50
NTNU Untitled
34 Jasinski, Marek E..
Competing Memories - Mapping Victims of Communism in Poland. Mapping War Heritage in the Era of EU Crisis: A Consortium for Access & Action. Horizon 2020; 2014-01-08 - 2014-01-09
NTNU Untitled
35 Jasinski, Marek E..
Gjør nye funn på Falstad. Trønder-Avisa [Newspaper] 2014-06-26
NTNU Untitled
36 Jasinski, Marek E..
Graver i jorda på Falstad. Nrk [TV] 2014-06-26
NTNU Untitled
37 Jasinski, Marek E..
NTNU Untitled
38 Jasinski, Marek E..
Identifying Victims of Communism. Polish Radio [Radio] 2014-05-12
NTNU Untitled
39 Jasinski, Marek E..
Ormen Lange Marinarkeologiske Prosjekt. Sjøfartens Kulturminne; 2014-09-23 - 2014-09-24
NTNU Untitled
40 .
Out of the Ice. Glacial Archaeology in central Norway. Trondheim: NTNU 2014
NTNU Untitled
41 Jasinski, Marek E..
The Dire Straits of Polish Modern History. Interdisciplinary Research on Victims of the Communist Regime 1939-1956. EAA Conference 2014; 2014-09-10 - 2014-10-14
NTNU Untitled
42 Jasinski, Marek E..
The Next Monument and Materiality of AtterocitiesThe Next Monument and Materiality of Genocide. The Next Monument; 2014-02-19 - 2014-02-19
NTNU Untitled
43 Jasinski, Marek E..
NTNU Untitled
44 Jasinski, Marek E.; Carr, Gilly.
A Tale of Two Camps. British Archaeology 2014 p. 44-49
NTNU Untitled
45 Jasinski, Marek E.; Ovsiannikov, Oleg.
Poslah Otrok Svoj v Petsheru. I: Trudy Arhangelskovo Centra Russkovo Geografitsheskovo Obshtshestva. Vypusk 1. Arkhangelsk: Solombajskaja Tipografia 2014 ISBN 978-5-261-00696-1. p. 147-171
NTNU Untitled
46 Bryzgalov, V. V.; Ovsyannikov, Oleg V.; Jasinski, Marek E..
Cholmogorcy v 17 i 18 Stuletiach. Novyje Dokumenty po Istorii Pomorskovo Goroda. I: Lodya 2013. Pravda Severa 2013 ISBN 978-5-85879-842-2. p. 46-260
NTNU Untitled
47 Eidshaug, Jo Sindre Pålssønn.
The Formation of Knowledge on Maya Cenotes: An Analysis of the History of Archaeological Research Regarding the Cenotes of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. Trondheim: Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet, Det humanistiske fakultet, Institutt for arkeologi og religionsvitenskap 2013 112 p.
NTNU Untitled
48 Jasinski, Marek E..
A Farewell to Utøya. Painful Legacy and Creation of Heritage. Islands Of War, Islands of Memory; 2013-04-05 - 2013-05-07
NTNU Untitled
49 Jasinski, Marek E..
Archeologia Morska - Obszary Badan i Metodologie w Perspektywie Norweskiej. Gjesteforelesning; 2013-05-27
NTNU Untitled
50 Jasinski, Marek E..
Koniec Prac na Laczce. Rzeczpospolita [Newspaper] 2013-05-31
NTNU Untitled
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