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1 Nthiga, Thaddaeus Mutugi; Shrestha, Birendra Kumar; Sjøttem, Eva; Lamark, Trond; Johansen, Terje.
CALCOCO1 acts with VAMP ‐associated proteins to mediate ER ‐phagy. EMBO Journal 2020
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2 Birgisdottir, Åsa birna; Mouilleron, Stephane; Bhujabal, Zambarlal; Wirth, Martina; Sjøttem, Eva; Evjen, Gry; Zhang, Wenxin; Lee, Rebecca; O'Reilly, Nicola; Tooze, Sharon A; Lamark, Trond; Johansen, Terje.
Members of the autophagy class III phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase complex I interact with GABARAP and GABARAPL1 via LIR motifs. Autophagy 2019 ;Volum 15.(8) s. 1333-1355
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3 Hoem, Gry; Larsen, Kenneth Bowitz; Øvervatn, Aud Karin; Brech, Andreas; Lamark, Trond; Sjøttem, Eva; Johansen, Terje.
The FMRpolyGlycine protein mediates aggregate formation and toxicity independent of the CGG mRNA hairpin in a cellular model for FXTAS. Frontiers in Genetics 2019 ;Volum 10.
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4 Overå, Katrine Stange; Garcia Garcia, Juncal; Bhujabal, Zambarlal; Jain, Ashish; Øvervatn, Aud Karin; Larsen, Kenneth Bowitz; Deretic, Vojo; Johansen, Terje; Lamark, Trond; Sjøttem, Eva.
TRIM32, but not its muscular dystrophy-associated mutant, positively regulates and is targeted to autophagic degradation by p62/SQSTM1. Journal of Cell Science 2019 ;Volum 132:jcs236596.(23) s. 1-16
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5 Shrestha, Birendra Kumar; Rasmussen, Mads Skytte; Abudu, Yakubu Princely; Bruun, Jack-Ansgar; Larsen, Kenneth Bowitz; Alemu, Endalkachew Ashenafi; Sjøttem, Eva; Lamark, Trond; Johansen, Terje.
NIMA-related kinase 9–mediated phosphorylation of the microtubule-associated LC3B protein at Thr-50 suppresses selective autophagy of p62/sequestosome 1. Journal of Biological Chemistry 2019 ;Volum 295.(5) s. 1240-1260
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6 Fusco, Carmela; Mandriani, Barbara; Di Rienzo, Martina; Micale, Lucia; Malerba, Natascia; Cocciadiferro, Dario; Sjøttem, Eva; Augello, Bartolomeo; Squeo, Gabriella Maria; Pellico, Maria Teresa; Jain, Ashish; Johansen, Terje; Fimia, Gian Maria; Merla, Giuseppe.
TRIM50 regulates Beclin 1 proautophagic activity. BBA - Molecular Cell Research 2018 ;Volum 1865.(6) s. 908-919
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7 Hegge, Beate; Sjøttem, Eva; Mikkola, Ingvild.
Generation of a PAX6 knockout glioblastoma cell line with changes in cell cycle distribution and sensitivity to oxidative stress. BMC Cancer 2018 ;Volum 18.(1)
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8 Bhujabal, Zambarlal; Birgisdottir, Åsa birna; Sjøttem, Eva; Brenne, Hanne Britt; Øvervatn, Aud Karin; Habisov, Sabrina; Kirkin, Vladimir; Lamark, Trond; Johansen, Terje.
FKBP8 recruits LC3A to mediate Parkin-independent mitophagy. EMBO Reports 2017 ;Volum 18.(6) s. 947-961
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9 Rasmussen, Mads Skytte; Mouilleron, Stephane; Shrestha, Birendra Kumar; Wirth, Martina; Lee, Rebecca; Larsen, Kenneth Bowitz; Abudu, Yakubu Princely; O'Reilly, Nicola; Sjøttem, Eva; Tooze, Sharon A; Lamark, Trond; Johansen, Terje.
ATG4B contains a C-terminal LIR motif important for binding and efficient cleavage of mammalian orthologs of yeast Atg8. Autophagy 2017 ;Volum 13.(5) s. 834-853
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10 Jain, Ashish; Rusten, Tor Erik; Katheder, Nadja Sandra; Elvenes, Julianne; Bruun, Jack-Ansgar; Sjøttem, Eva; Lamark, Trond; Johansen, Terje.
P62/sequestosome-1, autophagy-related gene 8, and autophagy in Drosophila are regulated by nuclear factor erythroid 2-related factor 2(NRF2), independent of transcription factor TFEB. Journal of Biological Chemistry 2015 ;Volum 290.(24) s. 14945-14962
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11 Darvekar, Sagar; Elvenes, Julianne; Brenne, Hanne; Johansen, Terje; Sjøttem, Eva.
SPBP is a sulforaphane induced transcriptional coactivator of NRF2 regulating expression of the autophagy receptor p62/SQSTM1. PLOS ONE 2014 ;Volum 9.(1:e85262) Suppl. e85262
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12 Darvekar, Sagar; Rekdal, Cecilie; Johansen, Terje; Sjøttem, Eva.
A Phylogenetic Study of SPBP and RAI1: Evolutionary Conservation of Chromatin Binding Modules. PLOS ONE 2013 ;Volum 8.(10)
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13 Darvekar, Sagar Ramesh; Eriksen, Agnete Bratsberg; Johansen, Terje; Sjøttem, Eva.
Identification of two independent nucleosome-binding domains in the transcriptional co-activator SPBP. Biochemical Journal 2012 ;Volum 442. s. 65-75
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14 Alemu, Endalkachew; Sjøttem, Eva; Outzen, heidi; Larsen, Kenneth Bowitz; Holm, turid; Bjørkøy, Geir; Johansen, Terje.
Transforming growth factor-beta-inducible early response gene 1 is a novel substrate for atypical protein kinase Cs. Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences (CMLS) 2011 ;Volum 68.(11) s. 1953-1968
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15 Elvenes, Julianne; Thomassen, Ernst Ivan; Johnsen, Sylvia Sagen; Kaino, Katrine; Sjøttem, Eva; Johansen, Terje.
Pax6 Represses Androgen Receptor-Mediated Transactivation by Inhibiting Recruitment of the Coactivator SPBP. PLOS ONE 2011 ;Volum 6.(9) s. -
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16 Elvenes, Julianne; Sjøttem, Eva; Holm, Turid; Bjørkøy, Geir; Johansen, Terje.
Pax6 localizes to chromatin-rich territories and displays a slow nuclear mobility altered by disease mutations. Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences (CMLS) 2010 ;Volum 67. s. 4079-4094
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17 Jain, Ashish; Lamark, Trond; Sjøttem, Eva; Larsen, Kenneth Bowitz; Awuh, Jane Atesoh; Øvervatn, Aud Karin; McMahon, Michael; Hayes, John D; Johansen, Terje.
p62/SQSTM1 Is a Target Gene for Transcription Factor NRF2 and Creates a Positive Feedback Loop by Inducing Antioxidant Response Element-driven Gene Transcription. Journal of Biological Chemistry 2010 ;Volum 285.(29) s. 22576-22591
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18 Kristiansen, Agnete B.; Johansen, Terje; Sjøttem, Eva.
SPBP associates with transcriptionally active chromatin and interacts with RNA polymerase II. EMBO Conference Series on Nuclear Structure and Dynamics; 2007-09-01 - 2007-09-05
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19 Sjøttem, Eva; Rekdal, Cecilie; Svineng, Gunbjørg; Johnsen, Sylvia sagen; Klenow, Helle Bagterp; Uglehus, Rebecca dale; Johansen, Terje.
The ePHD protein SPBP interacts with TopBP1 and together they co-operate to stimulate Ets1-mediated transcription. Nucleic Acids Research (NAR) 2007 ;Volum 35.(19) s. 6648-6662
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20 Johansen, Steinar; Vader, Anna; Sjøttem, Eva; Nielsen, Henrik.
In vivo expression of a group I intron HEG from the antisense strand of Didymium ribosomal DNA. RNA Biology 2006 ;Volum 3.(4) s. 157-162
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21 Johnsen, Sylvia sagen; Sjøttem, Eva; Johansen, Terje.
SPBP: a putative co-activator of Androgen Receptor Activity. EMBO Workshop; 2006-05-05 - 2006-05-08
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22 Klenow, Helle Bagterp; Rekdal, Cecilie; Svineng, Gunbjørg; Sjøttem, Eva; Uglehus, Rebecca Dale; Johansen, Terje.
SPBP and TopBP1 interact to enhance Ets-mediated activation of the c-myc promoter. Lorne meeting; 2006-02-10
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23 Sjøttem, Eva; Klenow, Helle Bagterp; Rekdal, Cecilie; Svineng, Gunbjørg; Johnsen, Sylvia Sagen; Uglehus, Rebecca Dale; Johansen, Terje.
SPBP and TopBP1: Modulators of Androgen Receptor Activity. 7th EMBL Transcription Meeting; 2006-08-26 - 2006-08-30
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24 Haugen, Peik; Wikmark, Odd Gunnar; Vader, A; SjØttem, eva; Johansen, Steinar.
The recent transfer of a homing endonuclease gene. Tenth Annual Meeting of the RNA Society; 2005-05-24 - 2005-05-29
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25 Haugen, Peik; Wikmark, Odd Gunnar; Vader, A; Coucheron, Dag-Hugo; Sjøttem, Eva; Johansen, Steinar.
The recent transfer of a homing endonuclease gene. Nucleic Acids Research (NAR) 2005 ;Volum 33.
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26 Haugen, Peik; Wikmark, Odd-Gunnar; Vader, Anna; Coucheron, Dag H.; Sjøttem, Eva; Johansen, Steinar D..
The recent transfer of a homing endonuclease gene. Nucleic Acids Research (NAR) 2005 ;Volum 33.(8) s. 2734-2741
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27 Johansen, Steinar Daae; Andreassen, morten; Birgisdottir, Åsa birna; Coucheron, Dag-Hugo; Einvik, Christer; Fiskaa, Tonje; Haugli, kari b.; Lundblad, Eirik Wasmuth; Sjøttem, Eva; SkjÆveland, ingrid; Wikmark, Odd Gunnar.
Group I introns are very common in nuclear SSU rDNA and LSU rDNA of Myxomycetes. Scripta Botanica Belgica 2002 ;Volum 22. s. 43-
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28 Rekdal, Cecilie; Sjøttem, Eva; Johansen, Terje.
The nuclear factor SPBP contains different functional domains and stimulates the activity of various transcriptional activators. Journal of Biological Chemistry 2000 ;Volum 275.(51) s. 40288-40300
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29 Anderssen, Sølvi; Sjøttem, Eva; Svineng, Gunbjørg; Johansen, Terje.
Comparative Analyses of LTRs of the ERV-H Family of Primate-Specific Retrovirus-like ELements Isolated from Marmoset, African Green Monkey, and Man. Virology 1997 ;Volum 234. s. 14-30
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30 Sjøttem, Eva; Rekdal, Cecilie; Johansen, Terje.
Structural and functional analyses of DNA bending induced by Sp1 family transcription factors. Journal of Molecular Biology (JMB) 1997 ;Volum 267.(3) s. 490-504
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31 Sjøttem, Eva; Anderssen, Sølvi; Johansen, Terje.
The Promoter Activity of Long Terminal Repeats of the HERV-H Family of Human Retrovirus-Like Elements Is Critcally Dependent on Sp1 Family Proteins Interacting with a GC/GT Box Located Immediately 3´ to the TATA Box. Journal of Virology 1996 ;Volum 70.(1) s. 188-198
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